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Giggs’ Cardiff City Remarks Worked!

Earlier this month I was drawn to headlines which suggested Ryan Giggs was on his way out of the exit door, but most alarmingly, to our hated local rivals. “Giggs Attracted By City Move”. What the fuck?

“I always look at Cardiff City’s results because they are my home-town team,” Giggs told the South Wales Echo. “I’d like them to be in the Premiership. I have been asked many times whether I would play for my hometown team, although I don’t know what the future holds for me. My contract ends in May so we will see. At the moment there have not been any talks on a new deal.”

Ok, so not Manchester City, but Giggsy was sewing the seed. Just a week after his brilliant display against Chelsea, our Ryan has a word with the Welsh newspaper to let everyone know he’s off at the end of the season if the situation stays the way it is.

Two weeks later, Sir Alex Ferguson confirms Giggs will be offered a new deal.

“Ryan will be offered a new contract of course. He has been fantastic for us this season – he seems to be getting even better with age,” said Ferguson. “He could win the Footballer of the Year award and it would be fitting if he did after the career he has had. He seems to be one of those rare people who find that age and injurie#s don’t catch up with them.”

I’m glad it’s looking like Giggs will be staying on for at least one more season, but footballer of the year? Come on Fergie.

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  1. Drizzter says:

    Vida must be prime candidate now for Footballer of the season .. not Giggsy haha … but I’m glad he’ll get another season with United .. Legend!

  2. clj7 says:

    His brain supports Man Utd, his heart supports Cardiff. It’s as simple as that. He grew up in Cardiff.

  3. Mic says:

    His heart is with United too! We know he’ll sign, he’s too good to go down to the Championship, he fits perfectly into our team.

  4. invertedquestionmark says:

    As long as Cardiff are in another league, his heart can support both teams. The same applies to Tevez and Boca Juniors, Berbatov and CSKA Sofia, and so on, for example.

  5. Jake says:

    grew up in cardiff? he was at dean sports from a pretty young age wasn’t he? sounds like a manc…he is a manc

  6. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    He moved to Manchester when he was seven

  7. Jenn says:

    He was born in Cardiff and grew up in Manchester (started at Deans really young; you’re right, Jake)…I believe he refers to Cardiff as his hometown club, but to himself as always being a Man United supporter.

  8. denton davey says:

    Once a Taffy, always a Manc.

  9. hassan says:

    footballer of the year no, footballer of the decade definanetly.

  10. clj7 says:

    well, if you watch his DVD – apparently he didn’t want to leave Cardiff. He was very pissed off that he had to leave. I think that’s why he changed his last name from Wilson to Giggs. Cause his Dad made him move, I dont kno. But he was glad he did it in the end. He moved when he was 7

  11. Jake says:

    he changed his last name because he used to hate his dad..that’s why he was quite keen to play for wales…i moved to blackpool aged 2, left aged 8 and cried for 4 months because of it…but i was eight and cried about anything, like when United lost to Villa in League cup final, think it was 92…point is I didn’t grow up in Blackpool, nor did Giggs grow up in Cardiff leaving aged 7…


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