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Giggs: Chelsea and Liverpool Missed Their Chance

Ryan Giggs has taunted title rivals Chelsea and Liverpool for not making the most of our time away in Tokyo. United were supposed to return exhausted but instead have come back and got straight in to winning ways. We’re now top of the table, despite playing a game less than the two clubs.

Liverpool dropped more points yesterday, meaning they haven’t won a single match since Rafael Benitez’s press conference slating Sir Alex Ferguson.

“We had to go to Tokyo but no one really capitalised on us being away,” said Giggs. “It has turned around quicker than we expected.”

With United still in all four competitions, the final of the League Cup approaching, Giggs recognises that the toughest part of the season might still be yet to come.

“The testing time will maybe come with the last stages of the Champions League and the FA Cup, along with important league games.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. jamos9 says:

    You’ve gotta laugh at the Rat eating Dipping Fat Spanish Waiter clowns Team!!

  2. Stephen says:

    It is a simple case of someone taking their eye off the job in hand, the FSW seemed to think his team were equipped to win the league, with quaility, er Lucas and Dossena anyone, and mentally, they are obviously weak in that area as they havn’t won the league in over 200 years.
    Making the jibes at Fergie was suicide for the FSW as it gave Fergie the incentive to gee us on, as we were stuttering a little before the outburst.
    So thanks Rafa we owe you one, the title we will win this year and equal you very precious record, all us Mancs will dedicate it to you.

  3. Manc Cpt says:

    Who let the devils out? These rentboys and scousers talk to much. First Lampard then the FTW. Wonder who’s next. Hey Wenger would you like to have a go now? You know your little kids can’t go all the way.

  4. Siraj Saidi says:

    Mind games are good but if you use them in an uncalculated way, you may as well shoot yourself in the foot!!! Just ask Rafa.

  5. costas says:

    Giggsy is right.After the Tottenham game in December i was telling a Scouser friend of mine:”You better take advantage of our trip to Japan beacuse United won’t be so shit by January”.However,like Giggsy,i wasn’t expecting such a quick revival.I thought we would reclaim the top spot by March at the earliest.

  6. Big Goon says:

    Mancs are full of themselves eh? Your day will come.

  7. debrabs says:

    Not full of ourselves… but we’ve gone from being 8 points behind to being top and in a decent position.
    We know how good our squad is and we have faith in them, the gooners clearly dont have faith in Wenger, I’ve read countless times this season fans calling for his head and essentially you’d blown your title chances by November.. your day has come

  8. cherry says:

    Hahahahaha aahhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s really a good time being a United fan. I was totally convinced that dippers will drop points yesterday.
    A scouser called me last night after their game and the next fact is ‘UNITED HAVE BEENG PAYING WIGAN PLAYER’s WAGES” he reminded me of last season when wigan equalised in the last kick of the game against rent boyz,at the former bridge. We wrapped up the title at the JJB last season. We are going to win on saturday and then celebrate the title.

  9. Klauq says:

    hard to swallow eh Big Goon?

  10. costas says:

    What a rich club we are!We can afford to pay the wages of other club’ footballers?The Scouser conveniently forgot that they played half the Wigan team that gave us a run for our money earlier in the month.Kirkland,Palacios,Valencia and Heskey were all missing.

  11. OTRed says:

    Oh my…big goon…was Arsenal mentioned in this blog again? Seriously, rival fans DO really have an obsession with Scott’s views, even though they keep calling this blog shite.

  12. micheal says:

    giggs has not taunted arsenal liverpool and chelsea he has pointed out facts.

  13. Kings says:

    Big Goon: There was no mention of Arsenal in this article, so why the fuck are you on here? obviously obsessed with United.

  14. gotta hate tiny tears says:


  15. chrispus says:

    Sometimes I wish that the FA could read this blog!

  16. phillyb says:

    They probably do!

    Best team in England, Europe, The world!

    Best player in the world!

    Best city in the world!

    Best football fans blogg on the internet!

  17. Ali Zafar says:

    What SHIP has never docked in Liverpool?
    The PremierSHIP!!!

    Hahahahahaha! Suck on that you scouser fools!

  18. denton davey says:

    “What SHIP has never docked in Liverpool?
    The PremierSHIP!!!”

    Nice one. Try this -

    “How much is that scouser in the window ?
    The one that’s out on bail.

    How much is that scouser in the window ?
    The one that’s going to jail”

  19. Red-Manc says:


    fuck off gooners you soft southern ponces.

  20. swurv on says:

    Big Goon is a bum sniffer, watch out, you’ve been warned.

  21. marvsharpe says:

    He’ll win it 11 times,
    he’ll win it 11 times.
    That boy Giggsy, he’ll win it 11 times!

  22. suhayl says:

    Big muppet..sorry big goon…why dont you just fuck off….save yourself the’re really discrediting yourself here and have become a laughing stock. Have some pride and decency if you have any…dont become a sure you parents raised you to be a person of self worth. So jog on and keep what little self worth self respect you have.

    bye bye

  23. socamad689908 says:

    @ big goon, they have been my team since the mid seventies,I’ve had my disappointments pal and I’ve been gloating for the last 15 years or so now, bar a little break of 3 years recently.

  24. Big Goon says:

    Your day will come Mancs, enjoy the glory while it lasts because the time for you to fall will come and you will fall hard.

  25. olusanjo says:

    big goon, you will do yourself a big favour by keeping quiet. you guys claim you only respond to blogs that have something to do with arsenal. now this story has nothing to do with you guys and you are here slating us again. now i see why ROM was named the best fans website on teh internet. the mere fact that fans of other teams cannot do without coming here proves the fact.

  26. manufan32 says:

    big gooner….
    yes i believe we will fall someday…
    it will be a sad day indeed when we win only a FA cup and nothing else….
    fuck off ye prick….
    champions of england
    champions of europe
    champions of the world….

  27. Big Goon says:

    Olusanjo, i only found out about this blog yesterday when i came across an Arsenal article. I dont plan to stay long, and it will be deleted from my bookmarks by tomorrow. I must say that this blogger spews a lot of BS though.

  28. phillyb says:

    Given enough time any team will ‘Fall’

    We fell down a couple of divisions, we fell to mid table mediocrity, hell we even ‘fell’ for a few seasons back around 2004-2005 when arsenal and chelsea kept us quiet.

    But we came back.

    Your the ones falling right now as we speak and maybe that’s what you need to realise big gimp or whatever your name is.

    Our futures bright, yours is probably filled with more of the same skilful but lightweight football that wont win a premiership.

  29. Big Goon says:

    BTW, i come across hundreds of Mancs and Yidds on Arsenal blogs so get off my case.

  30. manufan32 says:

    big goon….
    love it that you have the time to write on this blog….
    it just means that i dont have to go to any of the arsy fartsy blogs of urs to slag u off……

  31. Big Goon says:

    Our fall is because of injuries to key players. Try living for a least 3 months without 4 very important players and see how you cope. eg Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Flatcher.

  32. edwin says:

    Injuries to key players? Wenger’s too busy raping the kids to buy you a squad!

  33. TonyBee says:

    Big Goon…. you sad deluded man you….. The Arse-nil has had there time… injuries are not taking toll as you say ….it is Arsole Wankas crap transfer dealings….. and not building a decent squad with enough quality players in it…. All teams have injuries throughout the year as have we…. Ronaldo, Neville, Brown, now Rooney but still our squad rallies together and fights for the team

  34. edwin says:

    And your captain’s a disgrace to the human race. What do the French call him? Pierre Richard? The French MR BEAN?

  35. Big Goon says:

    Our captain is Fabregas matey, get your facts straight. And if you were to lose Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Fletcher to injuries all at the same time for 3 months at least, you would drop to mid table in no time. Remember when we batterd you in November? We had 8 key players on the injury list and a RvP suspension, thats the story of our season, injuries, injuries and more injuries.

  36. Kings says:

    Fuck off Big Goon you silly cunt. We have had to shuffle our back four on numerous occasions and still kept 11 consecutive clean sheets. Please don’t use injuries as an excuse. Why don’t you save any ounce of dignity you have left by losing yourself from this site, you are clearly making a fool of yourself.

  37. Big Goon says:

    Ahem, im not a low life scum who spews lame insults like you Kings. I’ll leave y’all and your pathetic little blog in peace. Wishing you all the best for the season.
    Cheers Mancs.

  38. Laos Red says:

    Fellas, We should welcome the big loon. Could you imagine the amount of activity going on in a looner blog?? I would rather chuck a beer and watch paint dry. Maybe he hasn’t got anything better to do……..??

    So welcome bud, thanks for coming and better luck next year….

  39. adnani says:

    u talkin about injuries we aint got: rooney,ferdinand,evans,evra,anderson,hargreaves,nani and we still reached the top of the table cus we got strength in depth so fuk off arsenal scum ur a one man team and cant play without fabregas

  40. Drew Vader says:

    Since when is a 2-1 win at home a Battering? Get the fuck out of here you ignorant prick. A battering, mate, is 4-0 in the later stages of the FA Cup, when its so fucking easy we have 20 year olds out their practicing their Seal trick.

  41. Ojijo says:

    Couldnt have put it better know a team is headed 4 obscurity when the only they brag about is beating united.even derby did it does that make you guys better or lesser than derby?and i see its nowadays upto injurries and not immaturity.i agree we will fall one day but lookng at the likes of foster, rafael,fabio,welbeck, possebon,ando,nani,evans ,rhyn devis etc,i can confidently say that it wont happen in big goon’s generation

  42. Red Rooney says:

    I see Big Goon is attracting all the attention eh? Nontheless, let him know that when united will meet arsenal at old trafford, he should prepare himself to get his arse seen by the doctor coz it is going to hurt him down there after the match.

  43. StevieMe says:

    i would love to see liverpool win against chelsea. not because i’m stevieme, but i think chelsea are the main challenger for manchester united. so lets hope liverpool take three points off chelsea, and when we play them later at old trafford, i believe we can make them realize that their title hopes is decades away

  44. Drew Vader says:

    I see your logic Stevie, but Pool are in a bit of a freefall and a win against Chelski could give them that confidence boost that could see them go on and grab a few extra points… I think a draw would be best for United. That way Pool fans can keep bitching and moaning about Rafa and his boring tactics, and Chelski will only gain one point.

    None of that really matters though unless we can get all 3 points against Everton.

  45. King Eric says:

    A draw for the rat eaters and rentboys and reckon we will do Everton 2-0. As someone else said earlier on another blog we are playing Everton at a good time as they have had 2 tough games against the dippers, Arsenal the other night and then the Fa Cup replay on Wed. Reckon Moyes will have one eye on that. Was listening to 5 live on my way home and now Lawrenson and other pundits state that the reason for the dippers decline is not FSW s rant but the fact he can’t get support and communicate with Gillette and Hicks? You could not make this up. Then they went on to say he is good enough as he won the league with Valencia. Unbelievable, always living on past glories. Even dragged the night in Istanbul up. Forget the past and concentrate on the present you bitter deluded fucks.

    Thought I would put Talk Sport on and the subject was “Small Team Syndrome” and how smaller clubs don’t get the decisions against the big teams. Ok I thought but then for the next 35 minutes all the wife beating dogging cunt Collymore could go on about was……………………yes you guessed it United! He referred to the Ron pen against Bolton (again) the sending off the other night, the game against Stoke on Boxing day etc etc. Absolutely no mention of other “big clubs” like Rentboys, dippers, Villa etc. It is about time these ABU scumbags were forced to provide a balanced view point. But then as they say success breeds jealousy!

  46. Keano says:

    I m new here, so can anyone please tell me what the **** FSW means?


  47. Scott the Red says:

    Fat Spanish Waiter


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