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Giggs Explains Why He Had A Go At Phil Neville

As Cristiano Ronaldo was scrabbling to stay on his feet, Phil Neville bulldozed in to our winger, winning the ball with one foot, planting his studs in to Ronaldo’s knee with the other.

Alan Wiley surely would have seemed to have had no option but to send off Wayne Rooney had he been guilty of such a challenge, yet it was clear from the moment the whistle was blown that no red card would be shown for Phil, despite the furious reaction from our players. It was reckless and needless, with Ronaldo struggling to get to his feet, let alone keep possession of the ball, meaning the force at which Phil ploughed in to Ronaldo with was entirely unnecessary.

Ryan Giggs chased after his former team mate to give him a piece of his mind, Rio Ferdinand doing the same. If there’s any way to win your fans over these days it’s giving Ronaldo, this country’s hate figure, a good kicking, but you’d have liked to think Phil wouldn’t have sunk to such nasty tactics. I suppose I’m being naive though and we could ask Jose Antonio Reyes all about what Neville is like to play against!

“Tackles were flying in and you accept that in these kind of games,” said Giggs. “But I felt Cristiano was on the floor and couldn’t really defend himself.”

Giggs, who was our man of the match, was disappointing to drop two points at Goodison Park, although concedes it could have been worse.

“We knew we needed that second goal because we expected Everton to put us under a lot of pressure after the break and that’s how it proved,” he said. “We should have been able to overcome that though because it’s something we’re used to. But unfortunately we couldn’t really get back into our rhythm and we just didn’t pass and move as well as we did before the break. When you go 1-0 ahead at a place like this you do feel it’s two points dropped,” added the 34-year-old. “But in the end we could have lost it. So we’re disappointed, but know it could have been worse.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. spencer says:

    It was a terrible challenge and made me lose a bit of respect for Phil. He could see Ronaldo was regaining balance, yet still did such a horrific challenge (a player who may I add is still not fully over his ankle problems). Rio was fuming and I am not suprised

  2. Fuglis says:

    Starting to get doubts over Nani. His progress over the 18 months or so he´s been here is less than at least I expected. What do you guys think? Am I being too hard on him? Or are we looking at a chase for David Silva next summer?

  3. gingerprince says:

    mate I do think ur being a bit too hard on the lad …maybe his progress so far has not been upto the mark but we all know what an exceptional talent he is ….n coming on after 60 mins doesn’t give you enough time to prove yourself …he is the raw version of Ronaldo and Fergie is the best man that can develop him…..N also i hope for our sake n his he stays …as for David Silva I don’t think he is right for us + I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to leave Spain

  4. Terry - EFC says:

    Ronaldo only rolled over 4 times…..What a tart he is

  5. Njhb says:

    I think Berbatov should taken off replaced with Tavez in 2nd half. Tevez can give different dimension defence & fast break. If you want tackle yr opp striker u got to get the ball from where striker did not see you. Tevez fit the bill, further Berbatov is not young while Tevez is full of energy. You dont have to take Flecther off because 3 – 4 midfield & defence can accommodate our solid 3 defence. I believe we lost because of lost of ideas of attacking. Even you can see Anderson in front of D area he did not want to take a short. Our corner kicks were quite poor because we do not varied the mode when we take our coners. We must install different style taking corners.

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Terry – EFC: Ronaldo’s a tart? Well at least he got studs in his knee. What exactly happened to Arteta to make him fly up in the air, flailing out his arms and legs, under no contact from Wes Brown outside the box in the 2nd half? Now HE’S a tart.

    No room for you to talk about such things today, I’m afraid.

  7. Terry - EFC says:

    4 studs? Are you having a laugh….He is a tart and you know it. As for your comments re Arteta I agree with you…..If you cant see Ronaldo rolled like a big girl today then you have a problem mate. Absolutley no need to carry on like that

  8. Terry - EFC says:

    If Chelsea win tomorrow its as good as over for you lot as you wont pull 8 points back

  9. Scott the Red says:

    The point I was making is that at least he got a boot in him to make him react like that. Arteta didn’t even get touched, so you’re in no position to have a pop at Ronaldo.

    8 points and a game in hand. Last season we were 5 points behind yet went on to win the League and European Cup double. We’ve got 30 games left to play. You’re a moron if you think the title can be decided in October. Thanks for your concern though. Good luck with an Europaaaaa League place.

  10. william says:

    Nani was a poor choice for Rooney but once again the poor play of Ronaldo all day should demonstrate to Sir Alex that Tevez must take his place. I am concerned that Ronaldo’s poor attitude is making his defensive contributions practically none existent. Hardgreaves is sorely missed.

  11. st33l says:

    i also think that nani havent progress almost at all…but for me i see our problem is on the right defence…today rafael in 18!!! years old is far the best one on that place…but when i anyway have to see that ashaming brown (it feels sometimes i would change him to anyone in the premiership)
    he have problem with the easiest passing…but anyway he is playing match after match…tell me if i am wrong and if you do i guess it must be hes girlfriend or something closer…

  12. Steven Ray says:

    Terry FC is gay. Simple. Gay as a pink doorknob. To say that Ronaldo is a tart. Grow up. He would smash your face in and break your legs in one second. Is that what you want? I know where you live and if you go on talking C*ap like that I will seriously injure you.

  13. Jose Musumba says:

    About the Ronaldo frailing tendencies. He is a tart and we all know it but the thing about Phil Man U made him what he is and for your bringing up his challenge on Reyes just shows that until now you had not seen the evil you had created.

    With all due respect to Sir. Fergie, I think this league is lost to Man Utd. I am a Chelsea fan and may be a bit biased but the Chelsea playing this season is not the same Chelsea you guys met last season. Avram Grant and LFS are totally two different coaches. The other challenge you are going to face is that of the departure of Sir. Fergie’s confidant and second hand man. Many did not realise how the pairing was good for Man Utd. But with him gone (remember when he left for Real) Man Utd is going to have to hand the trophy to Chelsea for a long long time.

    Word of Caution…finnishing in the fourth position this term has to be earned no longer are free offers going to be given out in the premiership (Arsenal Vs Hull).

    Good luck in Asia. Hope you win the cup cause it might just be the only one you win this season.

  14. Scott the Red says:

    Jose Musumba – We had Chelsea fans coming on here saying exactly the same thing when you were 5 points clear last season, but we all know how that ended. Don’t get too excited eh.

  15. ADH says:

    Terry EFC you’re such a knob, I guess it’ll be a good season for you if we don’t win the league. Carry on supporting a second rate mediocre club with no ambition and no chance of winning anything.

  16. george says:

    oh and I suppose giggs sliding in from behind on saha or vidic drop kicking him weren’t vicious or dangerous!

    grow up- it was a great exciting game yesterday and you didn’t win, tough sh*t, get over it.

    it is a shame you are all so bitter about getting a point away (more than 2 years ago) because you can still play the best and most exciting football in the league, and I hope you win it and pay us more money for rooney but you got to wake up and smell the coffee, this game is in the mind too and Rio, Giggs, the idiot and Ronaldo all lost their heads yesterday and but for Van der Saar’s brilliant save from Yak would have lost the game too. it was a great game and a fair result, but fergy must sort out the prima donnas in your side.

  17. ManU says:

    MU look tired in the second half after the CL match on wednesday and the three replacement should come in immediately. My choice should be Evans for Brown,Teves for Beber,and Nani for Pak.Everton came in second half with tough shackaling and flying tackles but MU players were only intimidated but did not retaliated except Rooney and Vidic just like the previous match against Liverpool at Anfield.The refree cant protect because he couldnt see the faults untill the player tumble down and injured.Linesman most of the time ball watching and penilised players for offside when actually it is not.

  18. JackenDasGrock says:

    Jose Musumba . funny you should say the premier league is lost to us. Xabi alonso put you on your arse. seems LFS isn’t so indestructable after all. And your bridge has collapsed. Shit, time to call the russian mafia to buy you a new superstar

  19. denton davey says:

    Neville should have had a red card for that challenge. It was violent and reckless – and he came in from the blind-side, too.

    That said, these things always look much worse on repeated, slow-motion replays. Phil had decided to go for the ball – that’s what a Manchester Terrier does – and you have to ask yourself: what fraction of a second “late” was his challenge ? I’m just astonished at the speed of the game today, compared with what I watched as a kid in the late-sixties and early-seventies. And, this speed is actually enhanced by the lighter boots, better-drained surfaces, and competitive drive of better-conditioned athletes. When you add these factors together, it’s simply amazing that “late” challenges like the one Phil Neville perpetrated on Ronaldo are relatively infrequent.

    Still, THAT should have been a red card but it seems that attacks on Ronaldo usually go unpunished or lightly punished; he must be the most-fouled player in the EPL. He is one of the players who puts bums-in-the-seats and he should be protected – it’s a travesty that he’s actually victimized so frequently, with such feeble protection from the referees.

  20. erico says:

    tevez should start every united game. he is much better than berbatov.berbatov did totally nothing.

  21. theo says:

    very funny how all you guys say phil neville should have been sent off…. i bet all u guys loved it when he used to tackle and kick the arsenal players but now coz hees tackled that diver ronaldo all of u are pissed off….. typical man united fans. rooney kissing the badge and provoking everton fans was really childish. did u see sol campbell do that after he was abused by tottenham fans? ferguson did the right thing to take him off

  22. Ben Dover says:

    It was unneccesary for ronaldo to roll around like he did, but as far as i can see it was a straight red card for phil. In that run ronaldo was fauled two times BEFORE neville got in. I think there should be more than one player who got carded after that run, and i think neville should have been sent off.

    No wonder we sold that prick…

  23. john ferry says:

    I think Terry – EFC, might be the real John Terry. Chelski looked bad against the scousers. The ref should have awarded a free kick after Neville fouled Evra, then seconds later he fouls Ronaldo. WTF. That idiot ref let the game get out of control. Although, I must say Ronaldo rolled around like he was on fire, it should still have been a red card-considering that phil committed 2 fouls within 5 seconds.

  24. adil says:

    this comment is for scott the red… u said u have 8pts and a game in hand and last season you guys were 5 points behind… let me tell you something… last year arsenal deserved it and due to the Fa(ferguson association) they got robbed… they dropped points in games where they deserved to win but the refs due to fergusons bitching punished arsenal(birmingham it never was a penalty… adebayors goal against middlesborough and allidiere being offside… against aston villa agobohlar was offside agaisnt chelsea the first drogba goal was a clear offside…) so u stating that u guys made a big ass come back doesnt make sense… u guys got lucky… n we all know it… even in the champions league… wateva the case i tell u this time kiss ur title good bye cause it aint coming to trafford…

    how lucky huh?? even against celtic u need all that luck and u guys call urselves title challengers… or even versus bolton… lol… and what do u guys do when u play the one of the top 4s?? sit at the back huh… hahaha wussies

  25. reyals says:

    It’s funny how all the united haters seem to be drawn to united fan sites…and by the way Terry EFC is a twat. Though it is nice to see how excited everton fans get when they get a draw….i suppose they’re thinking “it’s better than a loss….so yippe kay yay”

  26. suhayl says:

    Adil you muppet thats the biggest oad of rubbish ive ever heard…we could and should and this and that…fuckin clown.

    The team that finshes top always deserves to win the title. And you manager fuckin wenger admitted that and congratulated us on that.

    Your birmingham result happened because your ‘ wussie’ captain was crying like a baby on the touchlines…..who didnt want to play …who felt upset at clichy…..who was fuckin sulking all season. Thats why you lost and the fact you never took your chances. And let me also correct you muppet….pre and post that game you were struggling anyway…it got allll tooooooo much for te kids and teams were really starting to bully you….boro, villa, all these teams starting racking up point against you…and you were scraping draws in the last minutes if i remember correctly.

    Fuckin muppet… couldnt hold onto your lead…not our fuckin problem.

    And as for decisions????????

    We had goals disallowed v pompey v boro…dodgy offseide v boro….adebayor handball…..carrick dodgy pen….rooney and ronaldo 3 clear pens disallowed v blackburn….i could go on you muppet.

    We had some stinking decisions go against us…but muppet it alll evens itself out. And IF YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH YOU WIN….IF YOU AINT YOU END UP LIKE YOU.

    Champions of England and europe…

    Eat shit dickhead….and dont fuckin come on here again

  27. suhayl says:

    And adil you clown….let me just state some facts.

    Big 4 we sit at the back????????? thats why youve had to come back twice to scrape results againt us at the emirates???? lol

    Thats why we have the best points tally in the head to heads v the top 4?????? lol

    And thats why strachan said ” yes 2 close offside calls…but rooney was onside for his disallowed goal….and no matter what im a football man and i have to admit we were hammered today….absolutely pummelled…78% possession tells you that. and that was the best performance ive ever seen..we have played some top teams in europe…but they are the best we ve faced”"”"”"” i go on muppet…thats the celtic manager…lol lol

    Bolton…..20 shots to 5…69% possession…12 corners to 2…76% territory..lucky???? rooneys goal lucky???? lol lol lol

    Lucky to win the leage and champs lge?????? lol lol

    most goals scored in prem…most goals scored in clge….least goals conceded in prem….least goals conceded in clge. Best player in the world….top scored in both comps. We beat the champs of france…top team in barce…top team in roma…and the rboys…plus held and hold the record for best home clge wins + most points in group stage..lucky?????


    Seriously youd better not come back on here..because i;ll fuckin hunt you down myself…you ignoramus illiterate peice of shit


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