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Giggs: How Do You Replace Keaney? You Dont.

Ryan Giggs has reflected on what makes our club what it is, with it continually replacing the most important and effective player with someone else.

“Over the last 20 years, lots of good players have left United,” said Giggs. “How do you replace Keaney? You don’t. You are never going to get another Roy Keane, but different players come in and the team evolves that way. When Roy left, Scholesy took up the mantle in the centre of midfield and Michael Carrick also. They are different players, but still effective in different ways. It was the same with Eric Cantona. Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke and Teddy Sheringham all came and did well in his place. We’re not over-reliant on one player. Last year, we relied on Wayne’s goals, but people still had to create those goals for him. This year, while he has been away from the team, we have done OK. We haven’t been firing on all cylinders, but we have done OK goals-wise. The team moves on and that has to carry on if the club is to be successful.”

Interview with Mark Ogden

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  1. xbobbites says:

    Doghouse, You’re first post was absolutely fucking spot on. there’s the argument that the “game” is changing and you cant play as rough as he did but when you talk real leaders on a field, you might as well put his picture on the dictionary as A “midfield general” for all the youngings coming up to understand what that means.

  2. catotraa says:


    i lol’d x) spot on!
    And definetively most conserned about SAF.. I mean, not to talk bad about Edwin, but with SAF at the wheel we could have me in goal, and still win.


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