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Giggs: I Got Hit By Chelsea Fans

Earlier this season, Manchester United beat Chelsea 3-2 at Stamford Bridge, with the blues reduced to nine men. United had gone 2-0 up early on only to see Chelsea claw two goals back. With quarter of an hour remaining, Javier Hernandez scored the winning goal.

Our Mexican isn’t very popular with Chelsea fans because of how regularly he scores against them. Last season, before he was stretchered off the field after Ashley Cole took him out, the travelling Chelsea fans sang “let him die!” on repeat.

Following his goal against Chelsea this season, he ran past the Chelsea fans with a smile on his face, making a ‘C’ with his hand for his sister, as he usually does. The Chelsea fans responded by hurling down coins and ripping up their seats to throw at him. Their reaction was so over the top that they even injured one of their stewards, who had to be taken to hospital. Little was made of this in the press though due to Chelsea’s false double claim of racism against referee Mark Clattenburg.

Several Chelsea fans argued that the United players deserved to have these things thrown at them because they purposefully provoked the fans. It seems incredible to me that a grown man can’t bear the sight of an opposition player scoring a goal against them, so feels as though it is entirely justified to lob coins and seats at them. If seeing a player celebrate a goal is too much for you to handle emotionally, maybe football isn’t the sport for you.

Football fans believe they’re entitled to sing about players dying, their kids dying, their wives leaving them, being shit footballers, a waste of money and so on, but if a player celebrates a goal, they are fair game for stuff to be thrown at them. How precious is that? If you give it out, you have to be man enough to take it. From Rio’s perspective at Stamford Bridge, given the fans there boo his every touch and idolise the man who racially abused his brother, why on earth shouldn’t he celebrate in front of them? When did football fans get so soft?

Ryan Giggs has reflected on the game at Stamford Bridge and revealed that he was one of the players who got hit by the coins and seats that rained down on them.

“It happens,” Giggs said. “I think it’s tough for someone to get hit in the face, for everyone to sort of make a big a thing out of it. I got hit at Chelsea when Javier Hernandez scored. It’s not just one club, it’s not just City, it’s not just Chelsea. Every club, the excitement and the passion we all want but we don’t want it to tip over the edge. A centimetre either side and Rio loses an eye, it’s so dangerous. We don’t want to see it. It is up to the clubs and the police, the FA to do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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  1. Costas says:

    The away section at OT is also seated close to the home section but I don’t remember coins being thrown at Stevie Me or any other opponent when they celebrated in front of their fans.

  2. evisu says:

    United after Walcott? This must be a joke.
    Lets NOT sign another overrated english player for a high price….

  3. AlphaRS says:

    To be fair Craig Bellamy got hit a few times when taking a corner a few seaons ago when playing for City. That was also disgraceful.

  4. Costas says:

    Oops, posted the previous comment in the wrong thread.

    The Chelsea game was a different story in itself but it doesn’t excuse the Chelsea fans’ behavior. You can celebrate in front of your opponent’s fans without provoking them. That’s what Hernandez did.

  5. AlphaRS says:

    Theo Walott isn’t half the player Nani is. I just don’t understand SAF sometimes.

  6. Costas says:


    Could be right. To be honest, our home support doesn’t strike me as passionate enough to resort to that. But there’s a good chance I missed an incident or two as it happened.

  7. evisu says:

    Alpha: Yes im still amazed we sign A.Young for that kinda money, but SAF always had a crush for english players for some strange reason.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    2 blogs on very similar topics…. sigh….

    Reposted from last Oliver Holt has a spot on piece in the mirror on this exact topic where supports Rio and blasts unruly fans.
    He also points out that United supporters are not above this and threw missiles at Craig Bellamy when City were at Old Trafford in 2010. A scene I watched myself.

  9. Kisiin Ek says:

    Shit of a fan base. Their Russian sugar daddy has not provided them with enough ammunition to run the league continuously. I remember thinking of Marko Marin as a great potential for one of the world’s top wide attackers. Recently, it took me a minute to remember where exactly he had gone. Good example of the pointless spending on their owner’s part. In my opinion, Chelsea lost potency when their account came up 50 million short. All this is causing their dilution, they are losing their grip on the game of football. Going through so many managers, no real depth in the squad, not to mention no youth players making the step up and having an unwnted manager. It is all adding to the frustration of the fans at not being the force they think thy are in the league. These ‘provoking the fans’ allegations are so fucking ridiculous it sickens me. We took the 6-1 defeat to city in the chin and moved on. No need to throw coins at that ‘whine always me’ clown. No need to trash SE, rip seats and hurl them on to the pitch. Ridiculous and pathetic behavior is only displayed by ridiculous and pathetic individuals.

  10. Ash says:

    I would hate to lose nani and that to to arsenal but the point is if he has made up his my mind then its better we sell him. Still I would try to keep him.

    Speaking of walcott. Actually I am not surprised that we are linked with him. The moment I heard nani was going to leave the first player who came to my mind who could replace him was walcott. Not a big fan of him but you cannot deny that walcott is consistently improving. He is 23 so scope of improvement is still very much there. He has a tremendous pace and does score goals consistently. When we can spend 18 million on young (No disrespect) then I don’t see any harm in spending 6-10 millions on Walcott who will fit into the right hand side easily. I know all these report may turn out to be rubbish but if we are selling nani then I hope we buy someone who fits into our team. So if by chance we do manage to sign walcott (Which I still don’t believe) then I will be happy.

    But my priority would be to tie nani to long term. If not then buy Zaha or walcott. No point spending 30 millions on rodriguez or any other winger. It would be better if we spend that money on a proper midfielder than on a attacking player.

  11. wayne says:

    Walcott is one of Le Arse’s better players with very little support,he’s still young so 6 to 8 mill would be a bargin signing with little or no downside

  12. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    I think Nani is better than Walcott but that said, if the Nani situation can’t be remedied then Walcott isn’t a bad replacement because to me he looks like a very talented footballer that just needs a little tweaking and he could become a top player. Ideally I’d like to see Nani happy at United, I know he’ll always be a little hot and cold but by jaysus when he’s hot he’s almost unstoppable. I am not in favour of holding onto players that have fallen out of favour for whatever reason no matter how good and if there’s no solution then getting Walcott and 10-12m wouldn’t be bad business considering.
    The only worry is that I can’t see him playing up front and that means he’d be sharing the right wing with AV7 and we’d only have Ashley on the left wing.
    Walcott & Nani aside I’m looking forward to Kagawa getting back which will be like a new signing. Hopefully he’ll be 100% fit and raring to go. We have only seen glimpses of what he can do and I’d love to see him get a run in the team behind Rooney and RvP to see how they link up.

  13. Costas says:

    Walcott could be a good backup for Valencia but replacing Nani with him would signal an obvious drop in quality. If we don’t want to give Nani what he’s asking for, then we should keep him around until the summer and use him as if he’s actually a part of this team and not a reject. And then we can look for a proper replacement. Despite our current position, we can’t go on another 6 months with just Young and Valencia. We need Nani.

  14. Marq says:

    Nobody is suggesting that our fans are saints, but to argue that our ‘fans’ had a history of throwing stuff as reason enough for them to throw anything, is just plain bull. Everyone who throws anything should get a life ban, period. Football has gotten really sick in recent times. Fans think they are entitled to sing & abuse people just because they paid a few quids. That in itself is already ugly in the worst sense, yet it is being tolerated.

    If they want to suggest players holding back on celebrations, I say catch the ‘fans’ who sing vile songs & chants first.

  15. dasilvatwins says:

    sign nani down on a long term deal!. at this stage in football nobody decent wants to united and the ones that do are no where near nanis class.

  16. wayne says:

    I’ve read over the last few days about Nani not getting enough support being underrated etc etc.Simple fact is Nani hasn’t shown much form for close to a full season his inconsistency is his downfall don’t think there’s any fan who doesn’t think on his day Nani is one of the best wingers in the world
    I should point out its not the fans picking the team its Sir Alex who has lost faith in him. imo Nani’s attitude has let him down demanding a 40 percent payrise 2 yrs into his current contract and going public with ‘I love Man Utd but who knows what the future holds’ bollocks in the summer,plus instead of knuckling down he’s spent most of the season sulking and one could argue his worst run of form since joining Utd
    Time and time again players have their contacts renewed with no fuss,Nani has created a large part of this situation himself

  17. bayoRed says:

    Why would Nani WANT to go to Arsenal? I cant think of a reason.

  18. Olesrightfoot says:

    Theo Walcott is not half the player Nani is? He must be utter garbage then. Nani has had one good “half season” in the last 4. He is proligate, lazy and is awful at decision making. K stand goes on permanent “duck” standby when he gets the ball at his feet. Walcott maybe incosistent and not living up to his potential but neither is Nani and he’s two years older. I’d take it in a straight swap and no mistake

  19. wayne says:

    Yeah RVP is a bum and Kagawa fuck me all Utd sign nowadays is shit oh wait both Footballers of the year last season

  20. dasilvatwins says:

    i cant believe people are contemplaing walcott as a reasonable replacement for nani..thats a joke in itself. if nani wants to leave and fergie wants to sell him . let him go at an inflated price 20 mill plus. screw the straight swap for walcott

  21. wayne says:

    Utd aren’t going to swap Nani with Walcott,Nani wanted 11mill a year to move to Russia Le Arse can’t afford him.If Utd can sign Walcott for less than 10 mill its worth taking a chance he’s actually playing ok this year and is still improving

  22. Ash says:

    I doubt if anyone would be a huge fan of walcott but I think it would be stupid to spend 25-30 million on a winger. If nani do leaves then we will sign a winger or an attacking player in mould of nani. The players that come to my mind are Zaha ( Would love to sign him) or sneijder ( would not prefer him as we have got kagawa) or rodriguez ( Very expensive for a 20 year old player) the next option is walcott. No doubt nani is better than walcott but if we have to replace him then we have to look at cheap option . I would spend 25-30 million on a central midfielder than on a winger.

  23. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    why the fuck is ANYONE taking Chelsea fans seriously? They are the LAST people I would believe on ANYTHING. Oh Hernandez celebrated with a “C” so he MUST be calling us cunt surely? If I was a United player when we score against Chelsea i’d throw the C up just to piss the mugs off. The double standards in football is irritating. The fans can abuse the player, his wife and his children. they can hope that he gets cancer, hope that he dies, call him ugly, hope that he loses his job and his career is finished but when someone throws up a “C” or swears in a camera EVERYONE takes the moral high ground. Fucking twats.

  24. invertedquestionmark says:

    As much as Chelsea fans and officials deserve criticism, Giggs specifically said “It’s not just one club, it’s not just City, it’s not just Chelsea.” That’s his main point, and the title of the article does not do it justice.

  25. United Till I Die says:

    @Costas – spot on about Walcott – I was thinking the same thing, he’d be a good understudy for Valencia as their games are similar. Theo can run to the line and put in a top cross, and he can keep possession, I’ll give him that. But he wants to be a striker and he’s not good enough to break into our top 4. It would be a step down to bring him in as a replacement for Nani. Heres hoping its all bollocks, unless we’re signing him AND keeping Nani, that would be good business!

  26. ronnie says:

    think walcott would be a decent punt not a big transfer fee and created shed loads of goals for van persie last season.nothing to lose on this one and he’s english.i think walcott would relish this and fits in perfectly with fergies change of emphasis on fast counter attacking

  27. gazzer says:

    If Walcott would play in the same position as Valencia, then I don’t want him.

  28. Simon says:

    This is the first I have heard of this, is it true?


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