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Giggs: I was lucky to play for Fergie

Ryan Giggs has revealed that he feels lucky to have played for Sir Alex Ferguson. Giggs was just 17-years-old when he made his début against Manchester City and has sung the praises of the manager for trusting in youth.

“We were lucky to play under a manager who believed in playing young players,” said Giggs. “I think, when you have someone like Sir Alex believing in you, you do not want to let him down. So, you try hard and you try and to do all the right things. You are not going to play well every week. If you do not play well, you go back, you practice and try and play as well as you can in the next game.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Big Carl from Urmston says:

    First at last….

    Use your powers giggs to lure bale to us. Bale and baines down our left would be some attack.

  2. kk says:

    We all were lucky to have had sir alex as the manager of this club

  3. medumtum says:

    And we were lucky to have both.

  4. RedScot says:

    Ryan just has the perfect attitude as you can read in what Scott has provided for us to comment on; dedication to do better if at first you don’t succeed. Try again.
    I know we can sometimes be critical of Ryan Giggs as his career is in its twilight none the less he has been a magnificent club servant and one that merits respect.
    Having reached a 1000 career appearances against Real Madrid last season becoming just the fourth man to do so in English football.
    Graham Alexander, Peter Shilton and Tony Ford the incumbents of that 1000th milestone.
    Ryan may not be so influential as he was once to the team, but with 12 starts and 10 substitute appearances in the league campaign last term he still has a key role to play; not withstanding his two league goals.
    As United morphs into a new era under David Moyes having Ryan’s fantastic knowledge of the football club around Carrington to integrate new and younger players to the ethic’s and history of the club are vital.
    We as United fans can only hope and believe from his History at Everton that David Moyes also embraces the policy of giving youth a chance to prosper and blossom at United.
    The early sign’s look promising with our recent capture of Verela if he was involved in this signing, while on holiday.
    As ‘Mike Phelan ‘ said before his departure on Ryan Giggs ” He turns in a performance every time he plays, wherever he plays, simply because his preparation and his longevity have been fantastic.
    His attention to detail is first class.”
    Its great to get a chance to write about a United legend rather than read, think, consider the current regurgitation of United’s transfer plans.
    It’s like a snake in your sleeping bag, impossible to pin it down, and trust it.

  5. Redneck says:

    Hope giggsy stays on at united after he eventually hangs up his boots. It is vitally important that players like himself and Paul scholes pass on all that they have learned to all of our post Fergie signings to keep up the fantastic standards and levels of professionalism laid down by sir Alex. I’m not suggesting that David moyes won’t have his own high standards but it can’t hurt to have players around who have learnt from the best.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the new manager did the same.

    We have some phenomenal players in the Academy and reserves. The manager has to show more willingness to bring them into the first team for another round of youth to come through.

    Busby Babes
    Fergies Fledglings
    Moyes’ Marraders

    Better than muppets anyway ;)

  7. RedScot says:

    @ Fletch the Man: Good one mate Moyes’s Marauders. Sorry to correct the Sphelling Fletch.
    The bugger is in the detail. :)
    Have a great night on ROM.

  8. iDon says:

    And we are lucky to have you still (at least another year)

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    As time passes, united will feel the absence of fergie, he was the captain that sailed the ship single handedly and took the full brunt when everything went wrong. He is the best manager of all time.

    On giggs, possesses legendary status that can’t be questioned, his experience will be valuable but I expect his game time to dwindle next season, the younger players have to be trusted more and united have an abundance of them.

  10. obiDred says:

    Well said giggsy

  11. bob says:

    Giggs the legend!

    Hope he manages to still have a huge impact next season.
    Great role model for the younger players.

  12. thefukka says:

    surely it has to be moyes’ boys

  13. Alansmith14mufc NigerianRed says:

    Lucky to have you too giggsy

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    RedScot. Cheers.

    Moyes’ Marauders then. HA!

  15. wayne says:

    fuck me can’t believe someone mentioned Tony Ford used to play against him at school and played on the same team as him South Humberside under 18′s years ago

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    David DeGea also interviewed and saying that Fergie was the best ever.
    Also he is gunning for top spot in next years prem!

    Keeping Pellegrini, Mourinho and all other interested parties……. OFF OUR PERCH! ;)

  17. medumtum says:

    Off topic, I hope along with the title we really have a go at the FA cup this year. The double seasons have a special feeling. Those sides that we won the cup with stand out as being mentally tough. The League of course is the priority. It really has been a while since we had a double and those seasons really stick out. If we sort out the midfield, not counting departures of course, we look like we have the squad depth for competing on all fronts and winning. And what a way it would be for Moyes to really stake his claim to the managerial seat…

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Hopefully start winning and then just make a habit of it. Be very disappointed if we don’t kick off with a a win for the Shield. We are on our 19th Shield so it would be a cracking time to win it for Moyes and ring out the 20 time song again.

    But we do owe ourselves an FA Cup. Neither Nemaja or Rio has won it, and it is high time we got it back.
    My view, we don’t have a CL winning side yet. To young, so we should put minimal (but respectable) effort in that and really go all out for the FA Cup.

    Sort of think it won’t play out that way. Moyes will want to make a show of playing the youngsters and you never know will be our montra again.

    Moyes Marauders….. Win what we want! ;)

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Moyes has £60m for transfers, plus what he can bring in on sales.
    Ronaldo would be a separate deal as well.

    Claudio Marchisio and Thiago please!
    Then sell the portuguese contingent Anderson to Porto, Nani to Monaco/Juve, Bebe to Sporting, and go for Bale if it is feasible.
    Probably need a young CB as well as a bit of cover.

    Bring through Angelo Henriquez Zaha Powell and a couple of the youngsters. . .

  20. Wakey says:


    I would imagine that Bale (or Ronaldo) wouldn’t be included in the £60mill if that’s the official amount given. Its usually the case there’s a transfer kitty and then extra funds set aside for ‘exceptional’ transfers and I would imagine Bale would come under that

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Telling you right now, if bale, ronaldo or fabregas sign up then i’ll skin a live cat and eat it.. It will never happen.

  22. LexxytheRed says:

    But really Giggs should move into coaching this summer and stop impeding the youngsters from getting valuable playing time

  23. LexxytheRed says:

    But really Giggs should move into coaching this summer and stop impeding the youngsters from getting valuable playing time

  24. TheCANTONA says:

    if the youngsters were really ready for the first team spot they should try to take it no to be given to them. as i long remember danny wallace and lee sharpe didnt give their spot easily to giggs back in early 90′s. otherwise do u want us to become arsenal? plays more unexperience kids but won nothing?
    experience is gold, furthermore having senior players like giggs and ferdinan who can influence younger playersin this transisition period is something we really craving for.

  25. bayoRed says:

    @Samuel, get ready then, coz you are gonna be eating a cat come 31 July. I think Moyce will get one between Bale and Fabregas. The Owners need to do this to reduce the presure on the club going into the post Ferguson era.

  26. Costas says:

    Don’t know what’s more depressing. Fergie’s retirement or Giggs’ receeding head and chest hairline. :lol:

  27. Sam says:

    Its an arms race on twitter with the ITKs – Happens every year.

    The pertinent point here is that united have a well balanced squad in place already – a good mix of youth and experience, good spirit and harmony in the dressing room, and the younger players all have great potential. We just need two top players.

    United have amazing squad depth, which makes us very fluid tactically. With the right players to complement what we already have; we’d be able to match or outplay any team in Europe. Strengthen the midfield and we’ll be in business, along with a good ball playing center half (January or next summer). I’d doubt our wingers would have another dire season.
    We don’t really need a Ronaldo, but who’d turn him down – We’d be starting 1-0 up in most games with him in the side.

  28. medumtum says:

    Agree with you there. Do think if we do get that marquee+midfielder signing that we can actually make a run at the champions league as well. Lol @ Moyes Marauders, knowing our creative press they will probably be coming up with a far less complimentary moniker, Moyes’ munchkins maybe? MInd you as long as he is able to bring on the youngsters we shouldnt’ complain

  29. WeAreUnited says:


    this is for the last thread. I did not say that you bashed DDG, but yo ublow it out of proportions. why?

    I understand that City is not a great team, and it’s not obviously, but a spanish player won’t bash them, they don’t care that much about the rivalty after the games has ended.
    Secondly, like I said, probably DDG knows Isco is going there, and that’s why he said what he said about him going there.

    Otherwise he would ask “him” to come here. I give you another example. DDG talking about Thiago, another U21 player who plays with DDG and is a friend of him. Did he say anything about City or that it would be great if Thiago goes there? NO. DDG said that it would be a great addition if we could get Thiago.

    There’s the difference. Nobody talks shite about others, unless there are heated gams like the past 10 Madrid-barca games, where you clearly could taste and smell the hostility.


  30. TheCANTONA says:

    now now now i really want us to sign one of bale, ronaldo or fabregas just for the sake of THIS…

    samuel – united WE stand says:

    Telling you right now, if bale, ronaldo or fabregas sign up then i’ll skin a live cat and eat it.. It will never happen.

  31. AlphaRS says:

    In regards to Alcantara and his release clause. It was always 18 Million Euros. If he plays the required number of games this release clause rises to 90 Million Euros.

  32. medumtum says:

    Hmm interesting to see how this story develops. Marchisio is an important player for Juventus, maybe with Pogba emerging they dont see him as integral. And the Italian sides are cash strapped atm so it could be purely about money. King Eric pointed out earlier how he fits our needs, and short of Fletcher returning to full fitness this could be the the midfielder signing that best suits us.

  33. AlphaRS says:

    Alcantara showing some nice touches. His close control is excellent as expected with all players who come through their youth system. I wonder whether he would get to do this in the Premier League though. I can imagine players just diving in studs showing…!

  34. kk says:

    I am with Canton. I want to see Samuel eat a cat hehe

  35. Ash says:

    We Are United

    Again you have not understood my post from last thread. Where did I say he should bash City. City are not a great team and its a fact. Isco may be headed for city and that is a loss to us but atleast de gea could cause a confusion in his head by saying you could join us. By saying City are great it sends a wrong signal. Its not like city are like lIverpool.
    Its not about rivalry but its about challengers. City are challengers, our main challengers. So by asking a talented Kid like Isco to join your challengers. I am in no way bashing De gea. WHy should I. But My point is you dont need to call a shit club great.

  36. Kings says:

    We have been blessed.

  37. bayoRed says:

    Thiago Alcantara seems to e very talented would be interesting to see him wwork with Kagawa. Cant wait for July to see what Moyce is planning to do.

  38. Wakey says:

    With Cesc I’m pretty sure you are safe. Due to the deal with the gooners Barca will want way too much for him, if he was a regular for Barca who Barca were completely eager to keep £40mill may be fair but just like the situations lowered Nani’s real value Cesc isn’t worth near £40mill in the real world (especially as we would be handing free money to a league rival). Thiago is imho a much more likely signing from Barca

    Bale I think you are safe simply because Levy will probally make it impossible for any English club to Realitically afford him.

    Ronaldo I do think is a possibility IF Real get Bale

  39. WeAreUnited says:


    I did not say you are bashing DDG.

    I am saying that you should udnerstand that Isco is going to City, like it or not. And that’s why he gave this answer. City is well the noisy neighbour, but what confusion could DDG give? If the case were that Isco is chosing between City and United, then it would be a mistake, but Isco has not been linked with us, and Pellegrini is the new manager of City so isco is going there. 90%.

    And where do you see DDG asking Isco to go to city? he gave an interview and obviously DDG knows something more and said that about City. we all now they are challengers, btu no-one will bash any of the rivals anymore, unless something happens between the clubs.

    anyway agree to disagree. peace.

  40. 20Times says:

    Oh my fuck that picture :( :( :(


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