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Giggs: Money Can’t Buy City A History Like United’s

Ryan Giggs, a lifelong United supporter, started his career at Manchester City’s youth team. When he turned up at training, he’d show up in red shirts and be told to take them off. He didn’t think twice about leaving when Sir Alex Ferguson came knocking.

He has today reacted to City’s transfer, claiming it doesn’t matter how much money they have, it won’t be able to turn in them to the World’s biggest club.

“City have the richest owner in the world but I still see United as the biggest club in the world,” said Giggs. “United have a status and history that it has taken years to build up. It stretches back to the Busby Babes, to players like Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best. It will be very interesting to see what happens at City, but what we have at United is very special. You see it when we go abroad in pre-season, you appreciate how popular United is. We have fans in India, China, South America. That popularity is a result of our history. Money can’t necessarily get you that.”



  1. james f says:

    8 years ago I’ve bought a replica t-shirt with his name and number on the back and I haven’t regretted it since. The man is a legend and after all these years playing for United he has seen a lot. Not many footballers today talk like this about their club. He deserves utter respect and total love.

  2. Kevin says:

    Can it buy success? While I agree history is something United have bags of, while City has little history they care to remember, does that mean City can’t convince other players like Robinho to come and play there, especially if they have even the smallest bit of success? Some players don’t care about history and some ignore history in favor of success. City’s money won’t buy me but it might get some people, its just a new problem United have to deal with. We have dealt with clubs doing this in the past, very recently in fact, and I am confident we can continue to do so.


    to be honest i dont think robinho really cared where he was playing as long as it wasnt madrid, had derby had the money im sure he would have gone there! i just think while some players may just go for the money others will look at the more established clubs like united, liverpool, asnl, ac milan etc…

  4. Robinson Macgregor says:

    Right on the nail Ryan………….City have already started to screw it up……….by claiming they would buy Ronaldo,……next it will be Kaka
    ….next it will be Ruud Van Nistleroy……These clowns have made their intentions known………They will buy not so much players….but Prostitutes
    ………City will be known as ‘The Chicken Ranch’…..Manchester’s biggest Brothel………………

  5. Wiggsman says:

    The thing is, is this….Europe has 2 handful of ‘big’ clubs who are generally reguarded as the biggest and best because of the way they play football, the history of winning trophies, great players, great fans worldwide and consistency. Who am I talking about:

    Man Utd, Real Madrid, Juventus, Ac Millan, Barcelona, Bayern, The Dippers, Ajax

    Those clubs will never be looked at in any other light than big clubs with heritage. Now there are other clubs who are big and have/are forging themselves into that bracket, your Arsenals, Inter Millans, Chelsea, Roma etc

    Now – just having money will never be enough you need to have the package and sure you can become a big club. Could Villa and Forrest become a European giant…sure – will they, unlikely.

    Will Man Citeh ever become a “big” club – Never coz they got no history, no class, no style, no trophies and no players.

    17 Leagues, 3 European Cups = Busby Babes – Fergies Fledglings!
    Red Army

  6. Giles Oakley says:

    How right the all-too-often under-estimated Ryan Giggs is about the history and traditions of United, especially when compared to city. Mind you, we shouldn’t forget city have had some wonderful players in the past. Think Billy Meredith, Matt Busby and Denis Law. Oh and Peter Barnes.

  7. Jimmy The Weed says:

    That’s it. No amount of Galactico buying can turn them into a ‘big’ club in the way that United, Real, AC, Juve etc are. That will take them another 30 years of trophy winning to achiev parity, and they would need to dominate for the next 30 years..aint gonna happen

  8. Robinson Macgregor says:

    No 50 years and who’s going to be using oil then?

  9. Manchester Man says:

    History is good, but the future is more important !

    Would you prefer to remind people what you have won, or would you like to show them what you will win ?

  10. blocole2000 says:

    As a United fan since the days of Law, Best (RIP) and Charlton (Sir), I have never once doubted that United IS the greatest club in the world! The club believed in grooming their own youths that would ensure continuity of producing fantastic footballing talents (such as the Nevilles, Scholes, Butt and of course David Beckham!) They are still around entertaining the fans though some may be with other clubs now. Also couple with their home grown talents were other brilliant footballers in the likes of Cantona, Robson, Keane, Giggs, Denis Irwin and now Christiano Ronaldo, the latest being Berbatov. There is always vision in Managers such as Tommy Docherty, Ron Atkinson and Sir Alex, to take the club to a higher level, not just in winning trophies alone, but to play great football! To this, I fully agree with Giggsy that money alone can’t assure success, and a history like United! You’ve got to have consistency to achieve this and the Sheikhs may feel that their wealth may bring them success with City. Only half truth, but it won’t last forever. Carry on playing Giggsy and keep it up, Red Devils!

  11. Scott the Red says:

    Mancheseter Man – er, is the question to that question as obvious as I think it is? I’d rather show people what we have won, not what we might win. We can go to Old Trafford and see the European Cup and Premiership trophy. Yes, yes, I’d far rather that.

  12. Drew Vader says:

    Let citeh splash the cash on non-comitted whores, then we can swoop in sigh up that young left footed striker Danny Sturridge or whatever his name is.

    And I cant wait to see just how hard Robinho tries when its pouring rain on a mud soaked Wigan pitch in January….

  13. Robinson Macgregor says:

    That’s easy…..he’ll be calling a news conference to get out of the country

  14. Jimmybob says:

    Roinho smacks of a panic buy to me, just for citeh to flex their new found financial muscle. They were after berbatov a 6ft 2 centre forward who can lead the line and who has 2 years prem lge experience then they end up signing a 5ft 6 brazilian winger/forward who has never kicked a ball in the prem lge in his life hardly a similar style of player?

    good luck to citeh if they think having a team with kompay as the holding midfielder and a front 5 of elano swop petrov robinho and jo will work they will get over run by any decent prem lge midfield and while their tea cost wearing new owner tells us all the players he is going to sign their team will slide

    good luck sparky but youll be out on your ear within 12 months


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