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Giggs: Nani red was biggest shock I’ve ever experienced

Ryan Giggs has reflected on the moment when he saw Nani sent off against Real Madrid on Tuesday. According to the FIFA Law 12, the consequence of dangerous play is a caution, but Nani was sent off. For a challenge to be considered serious foul play there has to be excessive force, which obviously there wasn’t when Nani was simply attempting to bring the ball down.

“I’d initially gone over to tell him Nani was looking at the ball,” Giggs said. “I’ve gone back to my position on the edge of the box, because they’ve got a free-kick. I was actually looking at the referee when he did it (showed the red card). I’ve never, ever experienced a shock like it on a football pitch because I just didn’t expect it. And I’ve never seen a stadium in shock like that.”

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  1. Ravi says:

    you and me both, giggsy.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This comes from a top interview Giggs gave to Gary Neville.

    Everyone should read the entire text as it is full of top quotes.

    A good one at the end:
    Giggs: ” There’s never been completion in my football career because I’ve always been striving for that next thing”

  3. Marq says:

    I think the magnitude of the game makes it hard to take, but to be honest, it wasn’t the worst peice of refereeing against us. There were plenty more shocking decisions against us before

  4. Stenis says:

    I think there were plenty of controversial decision all over the two legs, but this really was a devastating blow to us and ruined our chances to compete with Real on similar terms. I feel for Ryan and the others alot. This was his 1000th game, he has been a great player for so many years and plays the game the way it should be. Him, above all, did not deserve this by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. Redneck says:

    The whole country was shocked along with Giggs at the decision to send off Nani. Only the most biased of rival fans and the odd bitter TV pundit would agree with the referee. Whatever the latest guide lines given to referees say about high feet and dangerous play, surely the ref should be able to make the distinction between a bad tackle and a coming together with no intent other than to control the ball and bring it down. Had this incident happened during an easy victory against a lesser side in the premier league then it would still have been a bad decision, however that it came in a game of massive importance and one in which United had played their hearts out and were on top, was a huge shock and disappointment. If it can effect a player like Ryan Giggs then imagine what it could to younger players. Thankfully at united we are blessed with a manager and senior players with the experience to insure that nobody at United is allowed to dwell on what happened or what might have been. Today’s game hopefully will be the perfect opportunity to put on a fantastic performance and make Chelsea suffer for the injustice of that poor decision.

  6. VA says:

    Yes, one of best pieces of conversational interview I have read in a long time.

    Every word is worth reading..

    NEVILLE: Have young players changed in the last 20 years?

    GIGGS: Yeah, they have. They’ve got more power.

    NEVILLE: Is that good or bad?

    GIGGS: Well, they’re still decent lads who want to improve. But bottom line now, if they want to get the best deal they can for themselves at an early age, there’s nothing you can do about that in this environment, because they have the power.

    NEVILLE: Do you ever think: ‘I need to pull them into line’?

    GIGGS: Oh yeah, yeah. I think you do. But I’ll do it in a sarcastic way. Rather than pull them aside and say: ‘What are you doing? Sign that contract.’ The way I am, I would be like: ‘Who do you think is going to buy you? Where are you going after here?’ With a straight face, you know, so they’re waiting, thinking: ‘Is he serious or having a laugh?’ And then I’ll laugh and walk off. It just puts a seed in their heads — ‘was he serious or was he joking?’ — rather than straight off saying: ‘You’re not going to get better than this.’

  7. parryheid says:

    Well I’ve gave my unwelcome view already,forget the herd think man think.

  8. James7t7 says:

    Lets use that injustice today!!! Hope all will be pumped today!!!

  9. kel says:

    Not only you. Me too! Shock!

  10. Freelance Writer says:

    I can’t believe it really happened. till now.


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