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Giggs: Players weren’t happy with me for dropping them

Ryan Giggs has revealed that whilst being made Manchester United manager is the proudest moment of his life, he faced his difficulty when deciding which players he had to drop for yesterday’s victory over Norwich.

“I didn’t sleep last night,” he revealed. “Leaving the likes of Juan Mata out of the starting 11 was a difficult decision, it was a position I’d never been in before. I’m interim manager, but I’m also one of their team mates, so leaving them out was tough. I told them all individually before the game, a few of them were upset and rightly so. But they didn’t sulk; you saw the response of Juan. That’s a true professional, to not moan and come on to produce a performance like that for half an hour. I said before the game that I could have played two teams, because the response of the players has been brilliant, I trust them all. It was really difficult to choose the team, but Rio and Nemanja have got that experience, as well as Patrice. I wanted experience in the team, because I knew that it would be an emotionally-charged day and that we wouldn’t have it all our own way. Norwich are fighting for their lives, I know these players and they didn’t let me down.”

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  1. united till i die says:

    Well done Giggsy it never hurts to stroke their egos a little bit in public too keep them happy. It sure is better than criticizing them in public like some managers do.

  2. Chris Paschal says:

    Well done United! Let’s finish the season on high, get into Europa, attract good players and get our tittle back. That’s United way!

  3. Dan Young says:

    the more i see of this the more it makes sense for giggsy to take over permanently. i would still love to have klopp but with how long giggs has played under the best manager in history then he could possibly be even better then klopp. in alex fergusons most successful years he actually took a bit of a back row seat for gameplay and coaching. one of his biggest assets during the end of his managing career was the fact everyone at the club loved him and the first face you think of when you mention manchester united is alex ferguson. now that he is not an option for us the next closes match to that kind of person is giggs. almost everything about yesterday was perfect. the gameplay looked like manchester united and in my honest opinion kagawa was used better under giggs then he was under both moyes and SAF. not to mention the fact giggs made a point to play players that are favourites to leave the club this summer (cleverley, rio, vida, evra, young, chicharito and arguably valencia) aswell as make bold decisions that paid off (leaving mata out and bringing him on quite early in the 2nd half)

    not to mention this…

  4. Jagpal Singh says:

    Hats off to players for playing great second half. Having said that, what UTD truly need is a foreign coach who will pick players on merit not on loyalty. I did not like the name Cleverley on the team sheet and he dint do justice to Giggs either, he was piss poor, even booed !!!
    Look what we have made of Nani, he is automatic start for Portugal and he performs unlike our Mr Young. I do feel there is something going on behind scenes to push our players into English contingent for World Cup. I may be wrong otherwise I see no reason of Mr Clev and Mr Young in our starting eleven!!!
    I know its a fresh start but fresh to the extend only that Moyes is gone. Who will Giggs drop when Persie comes back?
    Regarding Mr Giggs playing under sir Alex, may I add Sir Alex was never a master tactician. His USP was Man Management and trust me his legacy had to play a lot of role. Those who were dropped to the bench could complain but nor sulk. Something which will be happening(sulking) sooner or later under Giggs if we decide to persist with him. Modern football has changed as one has to play against Pep s and mourinho s of this world.
    I would personally have had more faith on giggs if he wouldnt have started with Cleverly tbh.

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about Giggs getting the job full time. He has 10 months of coaching behind him while still being a player which is limited to say the least. I know the players and fans alike love him, but things can change for the worst once the honeymoon period is over. There have been far more club legends fail at management at their respected clubs than succeed.

    I’d be much moire comfortable with Louis Van Gaal getting the job on a full time basis. Van Gaal is not as naive as Moyes to rip up the entire coaching staff and he will keep Giggs in a coaching capacity so he can continue to take stock and learn all he can.

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yea I must admit to be very surprised to see Cleverley starting ahead of Mata. The gulf in class between those 2 players is frightening.

  7. oohahhrom says:

    Dan – Klopp isn’t going to come.

    And plenty of players have played under Fergie – we’re still waiting for one of them to be a great, world class, top top, whatever you want to call it manager.

    Giggs is a romantic choice. There’s a lot to commend him – looks comfortable, knows the players etc. But how good a manager is he? No one knows. He hasn’t the experience of that world. Moyes had plenty of managerial experience and was so far out of his depth. Moyes was inexperienced at a high level – do we really need another manager with less experience? Jobs for the boys?

    But isn’t it all a bit like Ferguson is bigger than the club? Wanted Moyes, now he wants Giggs who he can control a little. It’s hard. A club legend, or a world class manager with big club experience? If Giggs can stomach it, couldn’t he continue to learn & prepare, the way Zidane has under Ancelotti?

    In Britian we’re so big on personalities and legends. Giving them jobs because of who there are – look at Shearer at Newcastle. What world class managers have Britian produced in the last 20 years? We go for personality, for romance – a good player must be a good manager! Keane learned from Fergie and Clough, was a leader and had high standards – but how has management been for him?

    Moyes was appointed because Fergie saw something of himself in him. The scottish grafter. Forgot to look at the credentials.

  8. oohahhrom says:

    That said, things might not be too rosy with Van Gaal. This article goes through how things went wrong and unravelled at Bayern. It’s written by Rafa Honigstein, who WAYNE BARKER doesn’t rate as a credible journalist – of course, this means he is very credible and very goof journalist.

    One of the VERY FEW journalists who knew & confidently predicted we would finish around 7th when we appointed barker’s pick Moyes.

  9. Sharif Inusah Dao says:

    congratulations to you Sir Ryan Giggs for guiding the team to victory. Please I think you should try to maintain Chicharito because he has shown us that when given the chance, he can score more goals expecially considering the fact that he has scored more than 5 goals against the most defensive team in the world ( chelsea )

  10. Unagi says:

    The problem with making Giggs manager is that Glazers already once gamble on this and totally trusted SAF.

    As much as it is said he will have influence on choosing new manager he will be treated most likely with more distance.

    Giggs was perfect candidate to replace SAF last year instead of Moyes. Now there will be hunt for proven manager with CV worthy Manchester United.

    I still would love it to be Giggs and succeed.

  11. Xyth X says:

    You cant’t argue after a 4:0 win, but surely Mata and Januzaj should be ahead of Cleverly and Young!

  12. wayne barker says:

    oohahhrom you’re just a complete and utter fucking idiot,i don’t even know who the fuck Rafa Honigstein is,you’ve posted 5 comments and 4 of them is having shots at me,get a fucking life or comeback with your proper username instead of hiding behind a new one,anyone can write nonsense and attack someone you fucking tit.

  13. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I guess Giggsy is just showing everyone that they’re starting from a clean slate, but in all honesty a Young and Cleverley shouldn’t be in the squad and definitely not at the expense of players like Mata. Mata has more league goals at United in his last 4 games than Cleverley has in his entire United career. Cleverley brings next to nothing to the team and hasn’t improved since his return to the club. I’d let Martinez have him at Everton.

  14. oohahhrom says:

    @wayne barker

    The troll doesn’t like it. You throw the word ‘troll’ around all too easily, but you’re a classic WUM.

    Isn’t a troll a Man Utd fan who defends the Glazers, despite everyone else knowing how many hundreds of millions it’s cost?

    Isn’t a troll the guy who follows Ferguson’s plea that we stick by our new manager, even when it’s hurting the club and the people high up in the club are having doubts and eventually letting him go? Therefore supporting Ferguson, not the club, admitting that a man is bigger than the club, even when Fergie is probably having doubts??

    Isn’t a troll the guy who says Fellaini is better than Thaigo because… Fellaini plays for Belgium! A generation who have only just qualified for their first tournament, where Thiago as a youngster had to displace Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta – one of the most successful midfields in the game’s history.

    Isn’t a troll the guy saying “there’s no value in the market” for years, when other clubs are finding midfield value – Gundogan for a few million, Cabaye a few million, Khedira and Vidal 10-15 million.

    Isn’t a troll the guy saying Man Utd have fallen to 7th this season because VAN PERSIE was injured. That’s it. Never mind that it’s our lowest position for OVER 20 YEARS! And never mind that Moyes’ training and game management has been questioned by ex-players, current players, journalists and coaches as a reason for fitness and injury problems. You worm your way out by saying if none of us were there on the training pitch, how can we know? Why even bother commenting on football at all, then?

    That’s some examples. Everything you say is troll worthy. If you are for real, and your opinions are genuine, I’m gobsmacked.

  15. wayne barker says:

    listen idiot first of all you’re a coward for changing your name instead of coming at me with whoever the fuck you used to be so says it all but i’ll answer the stupid points
    Never defended the Glazers for taking money out of the club,i’ve pointed out Football wise they’ve never interfered,it’s not a ego thing with them strictly business.They’ve also increased revenue dramatically which wasn’t there before they took over,these are just facts
    Wasn’t just Sir Alex backing Moyes he was still employed i’m a Utd fan and back whoever the manager might be,so you’re wrong again don’t know why you’re attacking Sir Alex but because you are this is more than likely JOHN because you’ve had no problem insulting and attacking Sir Alex
    I never said Fellaini was better than Thaigo that’s just a lie,just like the Rafa Honigstein point,that i was happy with the 80 crosses against Fulham and that i wanted Mata dropped ALL LIES which also points to JOHN because he lied and attacked people all the time
    Again you’re being just a moron

  16. wayne barker says:

    Gundogan has been injured for a season Khedira wanted Real Madrid anyone can go through signings and look at the bargains that came good and say why didn’t Utd sign him,it’s easy having 20/20 vision after the fact.The truth is over the last 4 or 5 seasons with the emergence of City,PSG and Monaco the transfer market and wages have been excessively high because these teams were building squads,this is just a fact
    By the way you’re miss use of the word troll is laughable in itself,always with the semi truths and distortions.I said if Utd had been missing RVP for most of last season along with Rooney and Carrick for a large part plus all the orher injuries Utd wouldn’t have won the league.RVP,Rooney and Carrick i believe were missing together for 10 games or more this season Utd have had major problems putting a back four together,Kagawa was injured at the beginning of the year a whole host of other players.If you don’t think that effects a teams performance you really are a fucking imbecile

    Everything you’ve said that supposedly makes me a ‘Troll’ are either out and out lies or half truths,so do me a favor and fuck off

  17. oohahhrom says:

    You think I have to lie? You supplied all the material, pal – no shock to see you backtrack a lot, change your opinions, deny what you’ve said. Everything is a half truth with you, so you can hardly blame me for that.

    I disagree with you and your way of talking to people like a gobshite. So much for the comment policy on this site.

    But that’s enough now, we’ve both said our piece. Good luck to you.

  18. wayne barker says:

    yeah pretty well everything you said about me is a lie or out of context,simple as that i haven’t backtracked on anything,you want to write shit about what i supposedly said show me quotes or don’t say it at all.Every point in your 12.51 comment is either taken out of context or a LIE,simple as that,none of it makes sense anyway,you’re just some old TROLL with a different user name looking to cause trouble so like i said do me a favor and fuck off,lying sack of shit

  19. wayne barker says:

    tell you what i’ll give you a simple one show me the quote we’re i’ve passed any comment on Rafa Honigstein,because i’ve no fucking idea even who is so that’s a out and out LIE

  20. oohahhrom says:

    Well, that’s probably it – you didn’t realise who you were on about. I rate him and his comments, you don’t. From a video posted in the thread where he said he’s lost the dressing room

    “Some cunt earlier posted a link to a video by ESPN some fucking Italian or whatever telling everybody why Moyes has lost the dressing room,bet just like most of these cunts hasn’t spent 2 minutes inside the club”

    “Mav what is his connection to the club? and why would he have any knowledge about what’s going on,if he works for Utd and is behind the scenes please forgive me.Did he have actual quote from players or staff? i didn’t see any.Why not point a camera at anyone,’respected journalist” is someone who has facts and direct quotes,did he have any of these?”

    Just cause a guy ain’t been in the club, doesn’t mean he’s clueless – probably got contacts and it would be silly for him to reveal them. He’d risk being shut out and that’s just not how it goes most of the time.

    I thought it was obvious Moyes had lost the dressing room but you seemed to be in denial. It seems like you’re a troll sometimes. The Olympiakos away game? The fitness issues?

    The theory is that after we lost to Liverpool at home the fans’ singing 20 times 20 times motivated the players to pay them back and go on a run and they did have some good performances but as soon as we played Everton again last week they forgot the fans – this was Moyes big game. It was about him and they didn’t want to fight for him. I reckon it’s been going on a while.

    I reckon there were signs of this. This is what Honigstein’s point was. Your reaction against him probably weren’t personal but imo it was wrong. And that was a heated thread. You can see I ain’t lying but is all this worth it? This has taken ages to find this and write this. I’m willing to drop it and not get involved again.

  21. wayne barker says:

    ?????? wtf are you showing me there mate don’t see anything about Rafa Honigstein????? show me the Rafa Honigstein article i past comment on you said i don’t rate him as a credible journalist,show me were i said that ??????? all you’re showing me is a comment i made to samuel
    Is samuel Rafa Honigstein because no one told me

  22. oohahhrom says:

    “Respected journalist’s don’t go to print without back up,what back up does he have,
    did anyone see the Alien autopsy,myself i figure that shit is real”

    From the thread. Honigstein was the guy in the ESPN video posted in that thread, who you called some fucking Italian (he’s German, close). And a cunt. And questioning his credentials and respectibility. You watched him speak and dismissed it.

    It looks like the truth. The guy said we’d struggle with Moyes. Said he’d lost the dressing room. Looks pretty fucking incrdibly true to me.

  23. wayne barker says:

    k mate show me were i called Honigstein a cunt and questioned his credentials and respectability because i’m not seeing it,i didn’t call him a cunt and questioned what his connection was to Utd to have a inside track on what’s going on behind the scenes
    Again mate just being stupid because 90 percent of the articles was negative towards Utd so i can give you articles from any rag you want by just about any journalist and it’s going to be negative does that make them all credible? of course not
    Everyone was putting the boot in,all the Abu’s and trolls in this world is their best season ever.So let me get this right because i stand behind Utd and our personnel that makes me a Troll in your eyes ok mate sure.

  24. oohahhrom says:

    Yeah – you were calling the poster names. You were questioning the credentials though – totally dismissing him because he doesn’t have facts and direct quotes. He would have them, just not giving them out. He’s a footie journalist, not writing a paper on climate change. A quick google search would show he’s not some troll and maybe he’s worth listening to.

    Nah, it’s good to support the personnel but they’re saying (on podcast) that all the big important names at the club were in on the conference call after the Everton match questioning Moyes. So some fans are supporting Moyes because we were asked to – yet those that asked us have given up on him.

    Just reckon those in control at the club can fuck things up. Calling them out on it isn’t slagging off United, or trolling, it’s just a different way of reacting. They said they were going to be well prepared for Fergie leaving and then Gill left at the same time and things went rotten. Being pissed off about it doesn’t make a troll. I know I would stick by United if they stayed in 7th place for the next 20 years- but there would be no excuse for that. It would be mismanagement and pointing it out doesn’t make anyone a troll either.

    That’s why I said good luck to you,I reckon you’re a different but proper red and would stick by this club no matter what and a lot of fans have only known success and maybe they wouldn’t. I’m off, reckon we should leave it and not pick up on it again.

  25. Tommy says:

    Players massively respect Giggs but how long will it be before players are moaning that their mate is dropping them, I dont believe appointing Giggs will work at this moment in time, Its got to be a man with experience as someone pointed out on here, the Glazers wont want to gamble at this moment in time after Moyes


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