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Giggs, Rio And Rooney All Richer Than Ronaldo

Football’s Rich List

1. David Beckham £125M

2. Michael Owen £40m

3. Wayne Rooney £35m

4= Rio Ferdinand £28m

4= Robbie Fowler £28m

4= Sol Campbell £28m

7. Ryan Giggs £23m

8= Michael Ballack £20m

8= Frank Lampard £20m

10. Steven Gerrard £19m

11. Cristiano Ronaldo £18m

12. John Terry £17m

13. Didier Drogba £15m

14= Nicolas Anelka £14m

14= Damien Duff £14m

16= Dimitar Berbatov £13m

16= Ashley and Cheryl Cole £13m

16= Fernando Torres £13m

19= Emile Heskey £12m

20. Gary Neville £11.75m



  1. luke says:

    he might be living up to full expectations but me reckons berbatov is a united player :P

  2. luke says:

    * might not

  3. Eujen says:

    What’s this list based on? Salaries, image rights etc? or general wealth

  4. sirryangiggs says:

    isnt it scary how real are willing to pay £80mil for ronaldo when he’s only got £18m in the bank now? theoretically he could buy out his contract come june. can we really blame him if real offers him 50mil to do so?

  5. denton davey says:

    Ronaldo’s marketing potential is just huge; and, I am convinced that that is one reason why he feels “at home” with UTD – the link-up with Nike is key. Of course, in this new economic environment all predictions are pretty dicey but if I had to make a bet on this sweepstakes then I would argue that Ronaldo can expect to reach a level closer to Beckham than Rooney/Owen.

  6. Deltron 3000 says:

    “sirryangiggs Said,January 7th, 2009 @15:39 isnt it scary how real are willing to pay £80mil for ronaldo when he’s only got £18m in the bank now? theoretically he could buy out his contract come june. can we really blame him if real offers him 50mil to do so?”

    Don’t you have to be over a certain age and only have a certain amount of years left on your current contract before you can buy yourself out of your contract?

  7. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    why isnt Berbatov name highlighted

    and “john” its gimp like you
    with comments like that that give football fans a bad name

  8. RedDevil says:

    How can Owen be above Rio, Rooney or Lampard? And how can Damien Duff make more money than Torres?! Wierd…
    I think Ronaldo, with all his trophies, has more money. :wink:

  9. King Eric says:

    Red Devil: It all depends how players have invested it ie Fowler owns Liverpool slums. Duff has had a few huge transfers has as Owen. Didn’t think Rooney would be worth all that in third place.

    Gotta hate tiny tears: Who is “John”

  10. invertedquestionmark says:

    I think Rooney has so much money because his wife is rich as well. As for Ronaldo and Torres – they’re young, check the list again in a couple of years.

  11. scoop says:

    Either way the amount of money these days players are on for wages, sponsorship deals etc etc is vulgar.
    Anyways not going to go off on that debate again!

  12. Gary says:

    Who actually cares what they earn?

  13. gloryglorymanutd says:

    Berba, world class united player!! Football entertainer!!

  14. AlexofMancunia says:

    Surprised Cashley and his fine piece of ass Cheryl aren’t higher up to be honest.

    I mean she’s in a girl band and is all over the tele, and with him…

    …well it’s all in the name really.

  15. Sketch says:


  16. Costas says:

    An absolutely disgraceful performance.Roy Carroll’s first contact with the ball was after a poor Carrick header in the 92nd minute.I am so fed up i am about to break everything in the living room.

  17. dk says:

    what is the football-field drug sniffer , fowler shit doing out there. bullshit. bloody bullshit for a scumbags like him

  18. w says:

    Ronaldo will be much higher later on, the other’s have invested over time. Maybe, who’s Ronaldo’s agent – the same retard who represents Morinhio, is stealing all his loot.

    Owen must have made some shrewd investments, Fowler is k now to own a lot of property.

  19. bobkoh says:

    These footballers are immuned to anything the global economic crunch throws at them. Though many times poorer, we are their fans & supporters. Just think about it, poor ‘supporting’ the rich! Of course I don’t begrudge them and they provide me with days & weekends of entertainment, not just on the pitch. If not for football, my life and that of all 9 to 5 workers will be pure drudgery.


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