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Giggs Takes Beckham’s Team GB Place

Stuart Pearce has named Micah Richards, Craig Bellamy and Ryan Giggs as the three over-23 players in the 18-man squad for Team GB at the Olympics.

David Beckham, who was part of the team that helped secure the London Olympic bid, has missed out.

“Naturally I am very disappointed, but there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me,” he said. “And like everyone, I will be hoping they can win the gold. As a Londoner, I will have been really proud to have played a small part in bringing the Olympics to my home town as part of Seb’s team, and I can’t wait for the games to begin and enjoy every moment along with the rest of Great Britain.”

United told the FA in May that the only over age player they would allow to be considered was Ryan Giggs, ruling Rio Ferdinand, Jonny Evans and Paul Scholes out.

Tom Cleverley and, if recovered from injury, Chris Smalling, will likely be included in the squad.

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  1. TonyBee says:

    and Beckham is a cunt……..

  2. CedarsDevil says:


    You are just too daft and boring mate……. Here I said it, now bite me

  3. CedarsDevil says:


    Come ON Germany? Traitor!! ha ha ha ha

  4. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Samuel, Again, see I don’t have a problem with you saying that Beckham’s best days are behind him. That is your opinion and you’re welcome to it. However, why should people stop feeling bad for Beckham just because you find it annoying. This is the same way you said you find it annoying that people wanted Sir Alex to give Berbatov a chance. Both of those reek of you trying to shove your opinion to other people. We can all agree that maybe not picking Beckham was the right footballing decision. But the way the F.A. have used his brand value is just disgusting and there’s nothing wrong in feeling sorry for Becks, whether you agree with it or not.

  5. james21 says:

    What’s a complete Foot? You been on the turps again. :P

    As for Beckham. Thought his statement was pretty fair.
    Actually can’t see what he’s done wrong in his career. Beckham is a brand like most top footballers, club and country have made a fortune out of his name. If he wants to model underwear or anything else for that matter then good luck to him.
    Maybe he could also teach Milner how to cross a ball while he’s at it.
    He loves Utd and Utd fans thats good enough for me.

    Come on England!

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Jimmy James you fucking beauty…………Missed you here

    oh and Come ON UNITED

  7. james21 says:

    Cyprus had to put up with me for the last week. I think I bailed their finacial asses out on my own with my bar bills.

    Fuck the EU. :)

    Come on Reds.

  8. CedarsDevil says:

    Jimmy James

    Drag your RED ass over to the new thread…………I did hear about you being arrested though?

    Long Island iced Teas my ass

  9. redseattle23 says:

    I love how samuel says “i’ve only ever judged players on their ability” and then goes on to judge Becks about everything but his ability. what a dumbass, although that seems to be stating the obvious.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Cedars – don’t make lose the respect i have for you. Personal insults are not the best moves. It’s one thing disagreeing with me and posting your points and another stooping to that level with that rubbish. Now i’m not one to keep a grudge, i’ll just turn a blind eye to that one.

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    In all honesty I do not give a flying fuck mate………I say it like I see it

    Getting respect from you is the last thing on my mind

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Redseattle – yeah i’ve judge everything but his ability, that’s why i’ve clearly posted that i do not think what he offers on the pitch match the hype around him. Dumbass? you should think well before you fling insults my way because you’ve seen a glimmer of opportunity, you’d be made to look a clown if you tried to question my footballing knowledge you fool.

    I must have touched a nerve on here, it won’t stop me posting again though. it’s a free world.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Cedars – fair enough if you want make a storm inside a tea-cup. You don’t respect me and i don’t respect you. You call it how you see it and so do i. Let’s set boundaries. Nothing more to discuss, the debate ends.

  14. redseattle23 says:

    Samuel – never questioned your football knowledge, but you took a blatantly hypocritical stance on the issue and that’s where my comment is coming from. Don’t make such comments if you don’t want to be called out for them.

  15. King Eric says:

    Durham is apoplectic that Becks not picked. Fuck off you abu cunt. Said ” When I heard Becks’ was playing for team GB I thought I would love a bit of that” Daft cunt.

  16. King Eric says:

    Got a lot of time for Becks and I will get stick for this but I would put him over Ronnie in my United 11. Did the business for 8 or 9 years not just 3. All the wanking last night too over Ronnie;’s free kicks and how the stance should be cast in Bronze outside the Bernabeu? He misses 9 out of 10. Becks for me was THE free kick taker. Top lad.

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    I fucking salute you

  18. King Eric says:

    Cedars – Thanks pal. I loved Ronnie and he was one of best players I have ever seen live but for me Becks edges it on the time he delivered at United for.

  19. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    Furthermore Becks was one of ours, came through the ranks and loves the club with a passion

  20. Cantona53 says:

    should have been Becks Giggs and Scholes, fuck defending!

  21. Fred says:

    LOL good shout. :) Fergie told them that Giggs was the only one of our players they were allowed to pick though. I think Bellamy was chosen as a token Welsh player, but Giggs has got that covered already. Becks should have got Bellamy’s spot.


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