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Giggs: The World Is Focussing On Manchester

Ryan Giggs scored for Manchester United in the week against Middlesbrough, providing a cool finish when one on one with the keeper.

Giggs is one of the few players, who are still playing, that can be happily referred to as a legend. He has won more league titles than any other player in the history of English football, he has played more games for Manchester United than any player ever, and has won two European Cups.

After moving to Salford as a 7-year-old, playing for Manchester City’s youth team before joining United, Giggs is a player with a sound understanding of our city. Whilst it may be hard to believe for some outside of Manchester, generally the fans of the two clubs get on fairly well. When United beat Chelsea in the Champions League final, I had plenty of blues confess to me they’d rather it was us and not the rent boys crowned Champions of Europe.

The banter has been pretty impressive over the past few months, following the takeover of City, United’s situation in debt, City’s exit at the 2nd Round of the Carling Cup, and United’s position as Champions of England and Europe.

Whilst the banter isn’t always friendly, it is undeniable that Mancunians are very proud people and love the city.

Today, Ryan Giggs has spoken out about the possibility of a competetive rivalry with City, as well as what it means to Manchester to have both teams in the spotlight.

“Right now Manchester United are still the top team,” Giggs said, in light of the City takeover. “It’s not very often that someone leaves here to go to City and I couldn’t see it happening at the moment. It all depends on whether City bring in the players they say they will. But I think that over the next couple of years the top four will remain the same.”

Giggs has said it’s important that we don’t underestimate City though, as the amount of money they now have has to be taken seriously.

“You have got to take notice when something like this happens,” he added. “The new owners at City are talking about a lot of money. They already have a good manager in Mark Hughes and are already a decent team. Time will tell. If they spend that money then they have got to be taken seriously. It is great for Manchester to have the football world focusing on both of its teams.”

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  1. Anant says:

    i’m from india . and i do not understand this – ”Whilst it may be hard to believe for some outside of Manchester, generally the fans of the two clubs get on fairly well” .
    i thought citeh along with liverpool are our most hated rivals . people from manchester , your views on this ….

  2. nagraj says:

    For them to be hated, they’d actually have to be moderately successful, like the bin dippers and leedscum

    Where in India are you from? Delhi? We should make an Indian MUFC club; we could organize viewings for games like MUST does…

  3. Tom F says:

    To be honest Anant, you can’t just hate people you have grown up with and live amongst. Though, on match day, at the game, it’s a lot easier.

    Most football supporters in Manchester would generally be Red or Blue, sometimes in the same family Red or Bue. Reds go to work with Blues and they drink together. During a football match, there will always be some sort of hate but before and after the games it’s always banter, unless something really serious has happened then the hate will last a little longer. Michael Ball for example.

    What would I know, I only travel to Manchester. I grew up and live in West London. My family are generally QPR, Arsenal, Spurs or Chelsea fans and in my first school everyone supported Liverpool, while I supported and grew to Love United.

  4. Penguin says:

    Bear in mind, with Giggsy, that he came to us from City’s youth scheme. Best thing the blue half have ever done for us, but it does mean that Giggsy’s comments aren’t necessarily representative of the views of dyed-in-the-wool United fans.

    My take on the City situation is that I hope they fail horribly in the long run, but that Mark Hughes “does well under difficult circumstances” and emerges with his reputation enhanced…I still would love to see him as a future United manager.

  5. Anant says:

    i belong to delhi dude . currently studying in manipal . like your idea of a supporters club

  6. Wilfred says:

    good to know that anant but im from the silicon valley in india (bangalore)and since Man shitty haven’t been competitive over 35 years now we’ve
    mellowed down on them a bit but i now feel with the deeep pockets of the
    Sheikhs from the east they are goin to be as formidable as the rent boys,coz i have worked in the middle east couple of years back and the sheikhs over there are quite good at getting what they want coz end of theday they have unlimited resources compared to US …..So lets hope someday we’ll be taken over by a Sugar daddy!!!!

  7. FailsworthDevil says:

    Glad to see India has got some common sense and supports united.. keep up the good work lads.

    City will never be as big as united… doesnt matter how much they throw at it… they just do not have the glamour, the magical element what united has… even the brazilian Ronaldo when he scored the hat trick at OT and got a standing ovation… said he had goose bumps from our atmosphere and stadium… that pretty much says it all doesnt it..

    Theatre of Dreams… it is… every time i go… which is a fair bit… i always get goosebumps walking down Busby Way.. its not just the ground… its the smell, the noise, the aniticpation.. its just everything combined which makes united special… city dont have that.. they have a grey stadium… even greyer fans.. and it big dock off stupid “explosion” that looks like a giant rusty conker and afacing ASDA… not very glamourous is it…

    And what history do they have… coz they defo aint wrote any in 33 years… and nothing exciting to say about them..

    United create history… every year.. every decade.

    We are Manchester… There might be 2 teams in Manchester.. but there is only 1 real football club..


    We are united the cock o the north… we hate the scousers and cockneys of course……….. and leeeeeeeeeeds….

    We are united without any doubt… WE ARE THE MANCHESTER BOYS..

  8. PeeJay says:

    Mancunian supporters might hate City but the players probably don’t. In the Vieira days they might have hated Arsenal but I know Anderson’s friendly with parts of the Brazilian contingent and there generally isn’t that much animosity between players.

  9. Tom F says:

    Times have changed. There will always be rivalry, yet when Tevez and Mascherano come up against each other, they don’t hate each other, they just remain professional.

    The years of folk only supporting their local team is over. I grew to support United through certain circumstances and I am loyal as well as passionate about how my club is run and how the team perform.

    News travels too quickly these days, that is a problem!

  10. suhayl says:

    sorry giggsy have to disagree…i hate shitty and all thier fans and club.

    Esp now…seeing their fairyland eg has gone through the roof…

    hate em

  11. suhayl says:

    i meant fairyland ego


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