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Gill: I’d Prefer Red To Green and Gold

David Gill has revealed that the Manchester United players have not been distracted by the green and gold protests which have been taking place inside Old Trafford for the past few months. Whilst our chief executive would prefer to see the stadium full of the traditional red and white instead of green and gold, he cites Sir Alex Ferguson’s stance which is everyone has the right to protest.

“I’ve asked the players and they say they are not distracted, but if your question is ‘Would I prefer all red and white instead of gold and green when you have a full stadium and you are playing host to famous opposition’, of course I would,” Gill said. “If the question is ‘Would I prefer not to look out of my office and see the scarves they are selling on the street’, of course I’d prefer that. But as Alex has said, people have a right to protest. Nobody is going to stop that, and in the ground itself we are not going to stop that, but I do object to the obstruction of peoples’ view by some banner when they have paid good money for their seats.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    He’d prefer united fans just sit and take his bosses rapeing Manchester united than the fans having there say

  2. 20moscow08 says:

    judas gill
    green and gold till the club is sold
    make sure we stick to our word
    look out for must’s last game of the season protest plans


  3. RedMegleeker says:

    Relevant I guess. He’s gotta say something I spose, he’s hardly going to comment on the new Ironman movie now is he.

  4. mags the red says:

    We would all prefer red but there has tobe some demonstration of disapproval otherwise what do fans like us do? I am glad he is unsettled by the green n gold protests that was the plan.

  5. vishnu1729 says:

    utter rubbish post from scott the red………WHY? before this statement Gill said they will be providing the war chest for alex to battle the transfer arena……only after that he made this opinion….also almost 90 % of the united supporters would like to see the red and white scarfs…why blame gill????
    If you compare united to other clubs this club is highly professional…..remember after 2006 saeson united bench strength rised rapidly by the introduction of many good players,,,,,,wait till the start of next season…..we can all clearly understand the stand of glazers against or with us!!!
    What happens to the transfer market will point to the satnding of glazers..united till die…..

  6. Costas says:

    And I’d prefer it if the club was debt free. What can you do though?

  7. mauly says:

    Fuck off Gill… like you give a shit about the fans!

  8. kel says:

    Dont talk too much. The more you talk the more mistakes you make.

  9. Maik says:

    @vishnu, why is this post utter rubbish? Scott only posted what he said, as he does with players, coaches, SAF, etc… There was no judgement whatsoever

  10. Always Be Closing says:

    Piss off then vishnu, no one is asking you to come here.

  11. Marq says:

    No talk of anything such until the season is over please. Green or Gold or Red, that is the RK to show their hand, until then, it is United against the World!

  12. vishnu1729 says:

    @ ABC…r u always like this…..then u should just quit from here…i think u should be the head of manchester u can do all u want..**** off…let the season come to closing..wait for that

  13. GaydanBarai says:

    I love the green and gold and think the fans have shown a lot of class in the way they’ve protested. Vishnu1729 – you show no class at all, if all you want to do is criticise you should fuck off and support Liverpoo, you punctuate like a bindipper already.

  14. audiods says:

    he’s gonna die
    he’s gonna die
    malcom glazer’s gonna die
    how we kill him, i don’t know
    cut him up from head to toe
    all i know is glazer’s gonna die

  15. Fred says:

    The wolf is at old Gill’s door.


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