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Gill: Season Ticket Sales As Normal

David Gill has claimed that are season ticket sales are in line with every other season, despite calls from organisations like MUST for fans to delay renewal.

“There haven’t been any boycotts. Every game at Manchester United has been sold out,” said Gill. “Our season ticket sales and renewals for this upcoming season are on track with previous years – our executive ticket renewals are on track. We’ll have to see at the start of the season but we’re envisaging sell-out crowds going forward for Manchester United.”

If you are going to renew, DELAY until closer to the deadline. You have until June 13th so for the sake of our club, regardless of whether you know for certain that you are going to renew, just sit tight.

“The owners that we have at Manchester United have been true to their word since they took over the club in 2005,” Gill continued. “They’ve brought commercial expertise and commercial benefit to us in a number of areas and we’ve seen our revenues grow significantly. The structure that we have in place in terms of the bond that was issued in January of this year means that our interest costs are set for the next seven years. The revenues coming into the club, but also into football, are significant and we easily can meet those interest payments. So we’re very confident that the business model we have in place will be secure and will ensure the club can continue to compete at the top of football for many years to come.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. suhayl says:


    mate that glazer article had me in tears….it fuckin pains me to death.

    However gill or people on here want to mask it as much as they like…..the simple facts are they fuckin put us in tons of debt and are royally fucking our club over……something we were free from before they came.

    And that is just not me saying it, but government ministers, chief economists, media experts, ex players, top company ceo’s and even our ex chairmen martin edwards and sir roy gardner…

    fuckin parasite bastards

  2. suhayl says:

    K Eric..hope you read this mate…dont mate….i came back on here for people like you, fally, stephen etc etc…even though most have gone and have been replaced by the immature young student brigade

    Back in the day it was only a handful of us..a small family on rom……..always so peaceful and brilliant, a happy little family, then rom got bigger and more famous etc etc and more widely known, hence came more exposure, hence more variety of poster.

    In a way its good that ROM is bigger…….but we have lost that close knit family feeling. Like a football club getting bigger to gain more exposure and revenue etc, in turn we are going to have to accept the prawn sandwich brigade.

    Dont go mate…your posts never offend anyone….

  3. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:


    Its always been hate the man at the top. I remember every thinking Edwards (martin) was a cunt and seemed over the moon when Michael Knighton tried it on, then we entered the stock exchange and watched as we never received money for transfers unless it went through the board first. Kenyon was a god (fuck who was wrong there i wonder – fucking duped the lot of us). Don’t forget the payments to shareholders at the end of each financial year, they mounted up to a fair old bob or two. United fans have always hated the powers that be, i try and forget it and concentrate solely on the footy. I know its ball breaking but when all is said and done we have absolutely no fucking power or control over it. Its like when your dad dies, before it happens its not something you think about (unless a long term illness is involved) but if it happens you can only deal with it when it happens. Sounds defeatest but if you concentrate too much on how something dies you never enjoy the life.

  4. suhayl says:

    you’d better reply to my post mate…or else i’ll be offended…..please make sure you do….ive known you on here for many a year and i APPRECIATE AND RESPECT YOUR POSTS MORE THAN MOST…

    PLEASE reply to mine atleast..

    PROBLEMS CAN ALWAYS BE SORTED OUT…..BELIEVE ME……where do you think i was for a whole year?

    get me drift

    reply mate

  5. suhayl says:


    i agree to some of what u say…but the man at the top has to take the blame…that is part of life….if you’re at the top, you are their to be shot at.

    countries wrongs = PRESIDENTS PRIME MINISTERS
    peados in the church = top priests or the pope
    army fuck ups = generals
    movies = directors
    companies = ceo’s

    nature of the fuckin beast



    so whats the glazers compared to that

    u think we cant topple those bastards………the debt, pains and brings tears to my eyes, thats how much i love utd, i cant speak for others, but i will do my utmost with every breath i have to fight against them… vain or not…..

    my beliefs are too strong for this forum

  6. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    whos the one that gets shot at, the one strangely enough holding the gun. I wish you luck and more importantly happiness watching years more of united success under sir alex.

  7. suhayl says:

    goat……na mate….i aint gonna get hit…lol

    we’ll win this one mate

    take care and goodnight mate

  8. suhayl says:

    love and peace out to all utd fans and brothers… whether we agree or disagree

  9. jujugs says:

    We dont need any additions.This team can win both major trophies

    rafael rio vidic evra

    valencia nani

    berba rooney

    subs: scholes giggs hernandez wellbeck smalling o shea kuskcak

    whats wrong with that team.

  10. Gudjohnsen says:

    I’m sure David Gill can get a job at the Icelandic banks, he seems to love debt and taking big risks…..

  11. Firestarter says:

    Okay, this is not a defending glazers post but i noticed a few things.

    1. A substantial part of our loss is non-cash ie Depreciation and amortisation of goodwill. Goodwill is a massive figure in our accounts which has nothing to do with United’s popularity as some of you who are not from the financial background might presume.

    When the glazer’s took over, they obviously paid over the assets value in the accounts, hence, its just a balancing item being written off.

    So that does not have an effect at all.

    2. The glazer’s are fucking cunts. We can afford to lower the tickets prices but they are just being safe and providing for if we have a bad season.

    3. In honesty, the media reports are bullcrap. If they were taking money out of United, it would have been in the Financials and notes thereof as it would constitute payments to Directors which is related to profit, so wonder who had that brainwave to write that.

    4. Fergie has the money and to me it appears he will sign a few players but he ll decide the price and not the agent/club. He has been there, done that, will do what he wants, his own way.

    5. Last season, we had two players left out of the ‘Magic Quartet’ and would have been held for ransom. This season, we have just lost the league on 1 point and two offside goals. We decide the terms a tad bit better. Its not that Glazers won’t give us money.

    6. Glazers are here for the long term. Else, they would have accepted the bid. Our value is at its peak. Even if we win a treble for the next three years its going to grow at the normal rate. The exponential increase occurs in a gap of a decade not every year after you reach the peak.

  12. PissedOffRed says:

    Glaziers are c*nts. Big bloody c*nts. They are not planning to save for any disasters. They are just lining their pockets and pilling all the debt and loan pressure on the club.

    Like all American Corps. when the going gets tough, they bail out or re-structure.
    Basically, if Man Utd fails, you will see the team getting torn apart. The stadium will go, the training ground will go, the staff will go, the players will go. F*cked Up.

    Sigh. I’d be happy if we sign Rodwell this season. I know there are definitely no WC players coming to our squad. I hope Hargo gets a miracle cure, Anderson gets brainwashed to play like a brazilian & Berba starts hammering in wonder goals. I am baffled how a truly talented player loses his touch.

    Did the F*cking Glaziers cut down on our training staff and training budget for cost-keeping? I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, backroom changes are not publicised.

  13. Firestarter says:

    We don’t need Rodwell.

    We need a long term replacements for Scholes, Giggs and Neville.( As in numbers terms to fill up the squad) Last season guys, there ll be tears and there ll be drama.

    Why do we get so hyper?. Our movement is in the right direction but we need to believe. I have full belief, nothing will happen to United. NOTHING. Glazers go, it gets better, they don’t, its not going to be worse than a few years ago but of course not the United we want it to be.

  14. Marq says:

    I’m putting in a word for King Eric here for Paul Parker. If you would just look at people’s comment about Anderson with a clear and calm mind, you would find that nobody is dismissing Anderson, all that was said, was that he has alot to prove, and rightly so. I feel you have over reacted.

  15. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Jesus whats happened on here last night?

    King Eric – Hope you have not left for good mate that would be a crying shame! Your one of the few posters I can talk sense with.

  16. ash says:

    To king eric
    I dont post regularly but i am a regular visitor of this blog.I am following this blog for more than one year and have to say scott is a genious,i just love his thought and analysis and his love for our team.I almost read every post written by all of you guys.And i love the comments writen by ghtt,costas,king eric,aig,giles oakley and many more.So i request to you to please come back and post regularly.We need knowledgeable fans.PLs comeback.

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    North Stand, Fred,Red Manc, Failsworrth, Red Manc and King Eric

    DRopping like flies because people think people run this blog so they act like the big dig against them. whats next Redscot has left before Costas and myself have gone. whats next Giles Oakley .

    this is scotts blog with scotts views and everyone else are just visitors but some visitors are respected by other and some get on them just because. like other fans calling the red nev a twat.

    King Eric Does not rate Modric thinks he’s over rated and doesnt want him anywhere near United, I think thats bollox and would love to see the guy at United. Doesnt mean I just give up on Neil and discount everything he said. Fred is a guy That I either mostly disagree with but then end up learning from because he makes valid points. he has only just left. There are (dont mention the war) Berbatov haters on this blog that I love reading there posts when they are talking about other things. there are berbatov supporters that get on my tit and piss me off. thats the great thing that makes a football fan. BUt I hope some people return. . .

    as for on topic David Gill doesn’t see a problem with us not buying too many big players

    “Hernandez and Smalling are signings we’ve already made and the other point to bear in mind is that the Premier League is bringing in squad limits next year of 25, which we clearly operate in European competitions but is now coming to the Premier League. There will be unlimited under-21s and other rules and we’ll be taking all that into consideration.”

    United plan for the future which is fantastic but the present is here and the debt is widing. Gill said that the bonds(which help our owners not our clubs debt) will help the intrest rate stay steddy over the next 7 years . 7 FUCKING YEARS. and we are ment to be happy with that . let me take you back 7 years . The super super super leeds went from 5th in the table and a season out from champions league semi final to just above the religation zone 7 year ago and with there debt that kept growing and the fact that they had to sell big players to help balance the books till today when they are happier to get into the championship then they ever were to get in to the champions league semis.

    today we are the richest club in the world the only sports team worth a billion so a sale needs to be done while there are buyers. while its worth the glazers time listening. they turned down a bid of 1.5 billion by a japanese business man which could clear a there debt and sort out the club i love. but they dont and the longer Gill stands by and defends them the more he losses dignity in my eyes. he may hate the glazers but te longer he gets out and speaks like everything is hunkydory then its like me wearing a Team Terry T-Shirt with pride

  18. theboogeyman says:

    suhayl- “even though most have gone and have been replaced by the immature young student brigade”

    Was that a shot at me? Just kidding mate. :D

    King Eric- Mate don’t quit the blog.

  19. King Eric says:

    Suhayl, gotta hate, boogeyman, giggs11, goatinaunitedshirt, kel, Marq, bigphil and all the others . Thanks for the words and I won’t be going anywhere . I miss the people like you lot too much.

    Paul – I agree to diagree. Ok?

  20. King Eric says:

    Scott – Cheers for removing my number. It was a bit rash of me. It was my actual number. Probably get some freak calling me!!

  21. Scott the Red says:

    Lol no worries. Check your e-mail mate.

  22. King Eric says:

    Scott – Will do mate.

    Oh my god I forgot Costas. One of my favourites on here. The most level headed man I have had the pleasure of blogging with.

  23. MG says:

    To King Eric

    Just been reading – glad your back – you’ve just saved me the mother of all explosions : )

    To us all

    At the end – we are all here for the same purpose – we will agree – disagree – but it’s just an individual opinion that we can share with one another for the purpose of connecting with our team – nothing more.

    When it becomes personal – it doesn’t help none of us

    It is ridiculous that certain words are said – there is no need for anything to be of that level – and for anyone to feel that they have to walk away.

    It is both sad and infuriating that at times common sense just does not prevail here – it’s been a blast for myself in that I have connected with great bloggers – and they know who they are – we are all passionate for our club and we have all tried to support one another – and that is the best thing about being here – and that is how it should be

    No matter what happens – this club will never die

    The London press do a great job of telling us otherwise – the Glazer’s might be making a lot of money but are letting it out like nothing – the Red Knights have done a good job to pick up supporters but now might be quietly walking away

    So what? – we are all here still supporting United – we are the ones that can make the difference – and again if it comes down to it – there are people out there that will always buy United – the Glazer’s are just stubborn beyond belief and it’s bite the bullet time and see where we get to in years to come.

    But all that becomes irrelevant when you have the best manager in the world – and most of us are right behind him – and as long as he is there nothing else matters

    I could carry on – This shirt is a symbol of defiance – sometimes we lose sight of that defiance and choose to believe others

    Wake up and stick together

  24. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    I don’t usually call you that, but thanks Neil. Likewise. Good to have you back.

    Scared me a bit with your outburst! It must have been building up for months. And kudos to Scott for showcasing VDS like reflexes and removing your number! :P

  25. suhayl says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh……………………sunny day and all is well on rom again…..i love the soap opera that is rom.

    great to hear and see that things have been clarified and been put to bed

    great to see KING ERIC is back

    boogeyman…..c’mon mate, do you have to ask??? you’re a top mate of mine, never would i hurl or disrespect you, never mate…you along with a few others are like brothers to me…so remember, next time i have a shot at the student brigade, you are immune from that.

    and by way K Eric…i took ur number down and now im going to bombard you with weird texts…ha

  26. theboogeyman says:

    suhayl- It’s all one big family here on RoM. :D

  27. willierednut says:

    Fook me, it’s a bit brokeback moutain on here today lol. Lets knock all i’ll meet you, at such and such on the head for fooksake. Any – one disagrees with me, i’ll meet them at, only joking lol.

  28. Costas says:

    Come on willierednut! I thought we stopped being homophobic ever since Neville planted one on Scholes. Feel the love in here. :P

  29. willierednut says:

    Costas – ha ha ha

  30. King Eric says:

    Suhayl and Costas – Cheers lads. Yeah must admit it was rather silly of me to put down my actual phone number, I was just furious at the time.

    Willirednut – Are you calling my wife a slag? I will meet you in August!!!! Only messing mate. Good that we all get on like this, have arguments but always make up. Bit fruity I know but we are a family of sorts on here.

  31. King Eric says:

    MG – Thanks mate. Wise words as usual from your goodself.

  32. theboogeyman says:

    Costa- Haha good one mate. :D

  33. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    @King Eric & Costas.

    Im glad your homophobic views are relaxed Costas and King Eric, I’ve got your number. What are you wearing lol, up for a bit of a chat later after hours.

  34. Wakey says:


    So you think that spending £30mill+ on a world class striker to sit on the Bench next to Berbatov for 90% of the season is worth it just incase Rooney gets injured

    And that’s what would have to happen because the player would have to be one with Rooneys qualities rather than someone to compliment him otherwise when it comes to the situation you have described we end up with the Berba situation of a striker who can’t play in the 4-5-1 formation that’s preferred.

    If SAF didn’t seemingly prefer the 1 up formation then yes another World Class striker is needed BUT he doesn’t and another world class striker simply doesn’t improve the squad, if anything it weakens it because you give both Owen and Berba confidence knocks (If both had a problem last season it was they snatched at chances as they were too eager to prove their worth and to ensure they stayed in the team) and it also kills off any chance of Kiko, Diouf, Hernandez and Welbeck (and the generation below them) developing because they will get nothing but the generally weak reserve league outings

    When the players say Rooney needs more help with the goals they are right but that doesn’t mean you need another striker. Having half the strikers in the world on their books hasn’t exactly helped City has it. We need the right player for the setup rather than overloading in an area and that right player is the guy between Rooney and the Centre Mids

    “However gill or people on here want to mask it as much as they like…..the simple facts are they fuckin put us in tons of debt and are royally fucking our club over”

    The problem is the simple facts aren’t as simple as many United Fans, United Bloggers, MUST and the media like to make out. Look at the £400mill wasted figure, they lack context both to the plc and to other clubs.

    After their initital bullshit about wanting to do a Barca style ownership the Red Knights started holding Lerner at Villa as the perfect example BUT what people don’t often realise about Lerners buyout of Villa is the cost of the buyout and wiping out the debts came to nearly 100mill. This 100mill is secured against the club in the form of Preferential shares which pay a set dividend every year. If the clubs sold these preferential shares would still need bought out on top. Villas debts have now risen back to the same kind of level they were before they were wiped out. Chelsea and Citys debt reduction was done in the same way.

    These clubs though aren’t the easy targets so they are ignored when they would add context.

    The figures look bad and there are some things to be concerned with BUT figures on their own don’t tell the whole story as there is no context to them. As andersred has amended for example but MUST haven’t there are accounting write off in that, write offs that actually make savings such as £86mill of corporation tax and there are fees that the PLC paid anyway so its hardly a loss.

  35. Wakey says:

    The Glazers could maybe afford to lower ticket prices but the simple fact is they really aren’t overpriced. There is only so much uproar over them due to the rate of the rise that was needed to bring them inline with the market.

    At the end of the day the people at fault really for the steep rise are the PLC and the board at the time who were quite frankly so up their own arses that they were shortsighted. Match day revenues are English footballs main income stream and they just sat back and assumed it was tied up so why keep ticket prices in line with the going rate (And also liked boasting about the ridicoulous waiting lists). They then got caught out by Abramovich getting the one up on them and suddenly meaning we couldn’t gazzump any offer. We now have City with money as well not to mention Barca and Real getting TV deals that you can’t get in England. The PLC should have been kept ticket prices more in line with the market. The PLC would have had to have increased them at a steep increase too and anyone taking over was always going to bring them inline with Liverpool.

  36. Wakey says:

    Its easy to believe this but lets for a minute take emotions out of the equation and you are now Glazer. At this moment you have spent over 100mill of your own money getting to 30% (we don’t know the exact amount as we don’t know what he paid for the first 30% but the remaining 70% costs 800mill). As part of the buyout not only did you spend some more money yourself BUT also have a PIK loan in your personal name for around £200mill.

    You have also at this point yet to take a single penny in Dividends. The only drawings that have been made are management fees which in the grand scheme are tiny.

    Now if things go tits up the club will lose value and it will be unable to pay you any future dividends. That will almost certainly take down the rest of your business empire with it.

    Now no matter what we feel about the Glazers personally we have to realise they aren’t idiots and they didn’t buy the club because they were fans like they did the Buccs. They bought it as a business and that means they either need to increase the value significantly so much that they can sell up for massive profits OR they need to take it as a business to the next level. Both things are controlled to a degree by achieving a certain level on the pitch.

    It is easy to label them as clueless idiots and to blame them for everything under the sun BUT then peoples views become pointless hysteria and ultimatly worthless. Yes there are issues with them but blowing things out of proportion, using facts/figures without context and blaming them for anything (Yesterday one blog decided to bring up the Sacked steward thing again, despite the fact that the flag was confiscated for being bigger than is allowed and while the steward claimed to be returning the Flag he hadn’t. He took it without permission and took it to his car which in any company is considered theft and is an instant dismissal. Why blame the Glazers for a Steward stealing a confiscated item which he knew were against his terms of employment). All it does is undermine every valid point anyone makes about the Glazers ownership

  37. Wakey says:

    @Gotta hate tiny tears
    Fred going is a good thing. Here we have a twat who spouts so much bullshit and insults around but then throws his toys out the pram. And not once does he ever try and debate anything. While many of the others who have quit were an asset he wasn’t and I for one am glad he is gone

    “The super super super leeds went from 5th in the table and a season out from champions league semi final to just above the religation zone 7 year ago and with there debt that kept growing and the fact that they had to sell big players to help balance the books till today when they are happier to get into the championship then they ever were to get in to the champions league semis.”

    Comparing us to Leeds isn’t really fair. The problem with Leeds is they were paying silly money without the infrastructure to support it. We have the infrastuture to support it.

    “turned down a bid of 1.5 billion by a japanese business man which could clear a there debt and sort out the club i love”
    Do you seriously think anyone buying th3 club would actually remove the debt? They may ‘restructure it’ perhaps in the way that Lerner and Abramovich has but the same outgoings would almost certainly be there, probally higher. People with money, be it 1million or 10 billion have money because they know how to make money not by effectivly giving money away. Its where we need to be careful when we start wishing for x, y or z to buy the club because we feel it makes it filnancialy stronger because while on paper it may look better the chances of that being the case under the surface are unlikely

  38. Wakey says:

    @King Eric
    I know its pedantic but you aren’t blogging. Scott blogs you aren’t. You are commenting :)

  39. suhayl says:

    Wakey….i havent got time to go through all your posts…but yes we need a striker who can score goals….i didnt say he has t cost alot or 30 mill as you say…someone that can just hit the barn door unlike berba….a huntelaar eg would do the job…maybe not in the top bracket of worls players, but a player who can score some goals….we deffo lack that. Along with that goal busting midfielder with a bit of sparkle.

    Hard to get i know……but we lack it.

    Youngsters????? lets be honest here, i go to and watch many many academy and reserve games….these youngters are raw, they dont look anywhere near 1st team level bar kiko. These youngsters are off the same conveyor belt that the golden gen of scholsey, giggsy, becks, butty, nevs popped out from. The sad facts are in the last 10 years we have loaned out or sold 99% of ‘ the so called potential “.

    SAF knows this, that the youth isnt stepping up to that level and i say if your good enough, you’ll make yourself heard as did the golden en, as did wazza at everton etc etc etc.

    The reason they get loaned out or sold eg welbecks….possebon, tosic, cleverly, drinkwater, richardson, bardsley, shawcross, zieler, etc etc etc…is because they aint good enough. The list is sooooooooo huge it is deafeaning.

    In todays game you cant have time to wait around…the world is a fast moving place and so i s football….success is wanted yesterday, the competition moves quickly, you cant stand still and wait…you do that and you’re doomed..SAF even says that numerous times…..hence you have to buy and buy well. And we need those 2 players in my opinion

  40. suhayl says:

    By way this is my opinion…alot of people dont agree with me..some do, alot may not. Some have a falling out etc etc. But ive notice something with your posts…have you taken a step back and notice that you’re being slightly pedantic, judgemental and condescending.

    I mean i dont agree with alot of what people post and sometimes you raise an objection or a debate….fair enough its all about discussion and debate with fellow reds. but ive notice theres something of a school teacher headmaster about you…how you indirectly belittle people on here…you may not mean it…..but believe me you do it. I mean ok, you disgree with odd posts. But you seem to nitpick and go through post after post with a fine toothcomb and reply and “correct’ then all’

    Surely everybody…cant be corrected or ‘wrong’.

    People post their opinions the best way they can…not everybody on here has a phd in economics….so what fred rants…so what some arent articulate…no need to dissect all their posts…and you do that pal…..ive notice from a far, how you reply to post after post singeling things out.

    Esp when it comes to the glazer debates…im not one for conspiracy theories….but you have appeared and have been quite vocal since the glazer shit started.

    Like i said i aint perfect…fucks sake, some people hate me on here, i can rant and let expletives off etc etc etc….

    But im just summing up my opinion on your posts…….like i said im all up gfor debate….and agreeing disagreeing…….but i dont think you notice that to quite a few on here you seem very headmaster type, pedantic and condescending……quite a few have said it.

    I appreciate your posts and give you credit for the stuff you know esp the glazers etc….but remember not everybody can be incorrect or wrong….and thats the way you come across at times….indirectly as it may be.

    By way..on the glazers…forget all the technical jargon…are they good or bad for our club/ were they good or bad for our club???

    Just one word answer please….good or bad?… beating round the stats bush

    I dont want to have an argument with you, hence put this the best way i could….just my honest opinion pal. Like i said i have many failings and man people point those out and have a go at me too. Just some constructive criticism. You seem a very intelligent guy, hence i hope you take what i say on board. If you dont, then fair enough. Just my honest insight


  41. Dave Mack says:

    Wakey … I read your posts and think I wrote them !!!

    LU – IFIT


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