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Glazers Listen To Yanks… But Not Us

Joel Glazer made the mistake of attributing lower ticket prices at Tampa Bay Bucs to listening to the fans complaints a couple of weeks ago.

“We have spent a lot of time listening to fans at a time when our team is thriving and our economy is not,” said Joel Glazer. “As a result, we are now offering several pricing changes in response to our community’s needs.”

This sparked a MUST campaign where close to 30,000 United fans e-mailed Joel Glazer to ask him to listen to us too, and lower our prices.

Today, the Glazers have confirmed that ticket prices will increase at Old Trafford next season, after this season’s price freeze.

The prices will go up £1 per game and the Glazers claim the decision has been taken as a direct result of the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%, having absorbed the initial rise since the turn of the year. This means the most expensive season ticket at Old Trafford next season will be £950 (£19 more than it is this season, illustrating the £1 per game increase).

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as they have taken up an idea put forward by the Fans Forum to reduce ticket prices for 16 and 17 year-old’s, capping them at £20, as part of the transition from a junior ticket to a full adult.

If we compare this to Arsenal, a club who haven’t won anything for six years, spend less than us in the transfer market but don’t have a problem with debt, there are some interesting findings. Their cheapest season ticket for next season will be £951 (although this does include cup games) after an increase of 6.5%.

According to The Telegraph, when taking into account the new prices, and this season’s freeze, United’s tickets will have increased on average by 5.8% over the last six years. In the six years before the Glazer take over, the average was 5.9%.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Berbatov's Love Life says:

    the problem is that in Tampa nobody goes to the football games, in Manchester you will sell out almost every game regardless of price!

    Nobody is forcing the Glazers hand here

  2. classwithabrass says:

    simple supply and demand. People will always pay to see the best football club in the world

  3. bruce thomas says:

    It’s only 2% FFS — that’s less than the rise in V.A.T.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Glazers, but you’d pay over £100 for a premium ticket at Arse to watch those tippy tappy twonks.

  4. I AM NOT A MAN says:

    I have said all along, the only possible course of action that the Glazers will pay attention to is if they find the stadium half empty. If you keep buying season tickets then they dont give a flying fuck.
    You will hear of all sorts of big money signings coming to United now it is time to convince us to pay for thre season tickets again. If we win the league this year we will get a new goalie and that will be it.
    Fergie and Gill will get a nice fat bonus and we will be expected to pay top dollar to watch Gibson again.

    The reason they dropped prices in the States is because they need a minimum attendance level to appear on the TV and get the share of the NFL telly money – These guys only make financial decisions and not anything else.
    Dollars and cents. If you threw the Glazers a Football they would be able to put a value on it as it flew threw the air but they wouldnt fucking be able to catch one or kick one.
    No matter how much we sing or wear “protest” scarves if you keep “providing revenue stream” they couldnt give a solitary fuck.

  5. SteveG says:

    yea in tampa they specifically have blackouted games because incredibly empty stands, basically think of their football team as City, with all those empty seats and reduced prices the only available option

    United on the other hand would sell out even if they were increased 50%, dosnt make it right, but im just saying thats the logic behind their price drop and uniteds increase

  6. wayne says:

    Its the trickle down effect in a economy were most people are
    struggling players wages keep getting jacked,the goverment is broke all they know how to do is increase taxs.its always the fan that pays
    Need to get a movement were fans from every club across europe stop going to games,I find players wages grotesque,the owners and players would soon smarten up if stadiums were empty

  7. Stenis says:

    Sound like decent news to me. Hope we won’t see any more hefty hikes in ticket prices.

  8. willierednut says:

    Tippy tippy tippy on the left hand shoulder, I’ll be your master. Not so bad. Just as long as the Glazers give Sir Fergie some dosh in the summer. Just like to point out, Darron Gibson didn’t cost that much, if anything, give him a break.

  9. WHAT ??? says:

    Read about this before, but you can’t compare Tampa Bay to Manchester United, two different Fish.

  10. unitedyankee says:

    Their seats are empty. My brother went to a game last fall and bought tickets for less than face value.

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    5.8% rise with the Glazers 5.9% before? Is this correct? Guess we would expect the london clubs to be way higher. Interesting to compare Liverpool maybe, if someone has the stomach for it, at least they sell out.

  12. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Enter the cunts who will say

    ” They are just putting up prices to be in line with other clubs”
    ” There’s increases everywhere so its not that bad. ”
    ” Supply and demand, deal with it”

    And more shite on the same lines. As far as I’m concerned the twats who have these views you lot can get on you hands and knees and go rim your mommas arsehole. If shes dead and buried exhume her grave and do it. If shes cremated just find a canine. Th bitch was probably ugly anyway.

    Fuck the glazers. Just as I sent my letter stating they should reduce ticket prices today.

  13. fergie is the boss says:

    well PPL moan about the prices, has anyone seen the prices of an asrenal ticket and they have won nothing in close to 10 years, has they enter their 7th year of a potless season. The bucs stink worser than fatbastard taking a dump, and while united have been up and down, united if they do their jobs right will win another major trophy. So while no one is ahppy with this regim, this story is just covering old ground.

  14. ManChestHair says:

    the bucs suck…united don’t…no need to decrease ticket sales when supply is so high…they are business men after all

  15. Red Canuck says:

    The NFL is currently locked out be owners. As it stands, there propably won’t be an upcoming NFL season. This price drop is nothing more than a PR move and The Bucs are an awful losing team with dwindling attendance. Were lucky not to have to deal with this as United supporters.

  16. mattbw7 says:

    So tickets for 16-17 years olds are to capped at £20 does that mean that my daughter who turned 16 last year and I had to fork out for a full price ST, will now get a reduced ticket. I must ring the club, there’s bound to be a catch.

  17. wayne says:

    Its just basic economics business overhead goes up product goes up,higher wages and taxs,higher ticket prices its up to the consumer to decide if its still value for far as I know utds prices are in line with other top clubs and cheaper than london clubs.
    As a fan if one thinks the product is overvalued don’t go

  18. hammons says:

    Do not group everyone from America with these fucking tits. They are fucking complete morons and have completely lost touch with reality…… The prices for the summer tour are fucking outrageous as well…. They are making a pretty coin

  19. King Eric says:

    I AM NOT A MAN – Here mate, no offence but if you aint happy watching certain players, you know what to do.

  20. Goyo the RED says:

    Tampa Bay sucks

  21. andymufc says:

    “Supply and demand”

    “but Arsenals cost 1800 million”

    Fuck off. It’s got fuck all to do with ‘supply and demand’, it’s about affordable ability. IMUSA 2005, the ticket deal between the fans and the club. If any of those who think ticket price increases are fine. Google that. You’ll soon clock on to that fact it has fuck all to do with anything other than greed and failure on the Glazers part to communicate with the fans. There has been fuck all said. On Arsenal, their fans have protested their ticket prices and their chief Ivan Gazidis has said their fans are already being priced out of the game but their new ticket prices. Now clock on to the fact this has nothing to do with Liverpool, Arsenal or anyone else. Our ticket price increases can be blamed on one group of the people. THE GLAZERS. THEY IGNORED IMUSA. THEY FAILED TO TALK TO THEM. THEY CANCELLED THE DEAL. THEY ARE TO BLAME. FACT.

  22. Zombie Cucumber says:

    Comparisons between the NFL and the PL are misleading. Revenue sharing of the national TV contract and licensed apparel guarantee that even the lamest NFL team (the Bucs, for example) are incredibly profitable. Throw in the plague of publicly-financed stadiums and ticket revenue becomes an afterthought. The Glazers can cut Buccaneer seat prices simply because they can afford to.

    The fun part is watching the NFL owners cut the throat of their own legal monopoly with the latest lockout. It’s complete greed-inspired madness and it could well ruin their whole business model.

  23. brett1985 says:

    Do we have to engage in this stupidity. Supply and Demand is what is is about. MUST are a bunch of cock suckers who treat united fans like retards. United fans have nothing to complain about when it comes to ticket prices. It’s just whinging for the sake of it. I can’t believe uniteds most dedicated fans who presumably spend many thousands of pounds to travel to all the away matches will noticed a paltry 1 pound per game increase given their costs for ticket, travel and hotels for 60+games per season.

  24. Hargo's Curly Hair says:

    Hey lads,looks like the Glazers are here to stay,as much as I’d like to think otherwise,I have to admit that currently there isn’t anyone who seems like they would fork out the money for hands to change ownership,uhm remind me what happened to the Asian consortium or the Red Knights,seems like they just came up with rumors to get exposure themselves as enterprises.

    Today seems quiet on ROM,but a definite is as soon things don’t go well,negative bastards come on here to spout shit and when we do well,it’s the exact opposite,and need I remind you,this happens a lot and it’s like something we’ve become accustomed to,I’m sorry but if any plastic comes here and says negative things like we’ll lose against Chelsea or Barcelona,I swear I will be on a massacre! It’s sickening to see all the pundits wank over barca and for those plastic barca fans talking rubbish and the media,but seeing our own fans bring negativity,it comes to a point where you just know they’ve crossed the line.

    Oh and lads speaking of Barca the only reason now why they have “fans” is because 90% of them only came out after May 2009 and that just says that they just a bunch of bastards who climb the bandwagon just because they’ve won things recently,I feel plastic bastards fans have no place not only in football but in SOCIETY!,but I guess there’s not much we can do.

    I recently read the last thread of ROM reads and Alan Hansen that silly scouse bastard should have learnt his learn when he ruled out Fergie’s fledgings in the mid 90′s but hey since he’s deluded he can be forgiven,we can all have a laugh at him,I mean his wankfest over Barca is fucking unbelievable,not to mention last night the commentators were sickening it’s like they were having an orgasm almost everytime Messi was on the ball and when the diving Spanish bastards were attacking and were about to shoot,don’t get me started when the commentator said No UCL final is a real final without Barca what absolute piss take
    Seems life isn’t greener Ronnie anyway it felt like at times he was playing alone as he did in 2009,guess some things don’t change,anyway his post match comments were bitter and although you could say that he had a point,saying that they might as well give Barca the title.

    Oh and another thing that’s been bothering me is this talk of transfers when the season isn’t over yet,like we should get Sneidjer and in the meanwhile our own player is getting bashed eg. Gibson, anyway I hope we can finish off Schalke tonight and thrash the cockney bastards on Sunday then I believe and hope that we play our youngsters against Blackburn maybe 2 or 3 to be in the squad,I’d be delighted,oh and let’s not jump too much into transfer talk,we have young bright talented reds in our ranks! :)

    Come On United!!!

  25. devro says:

    Its this simple if you dont like dont fucking go i am sure they can fill your seat. As for the Glazers why the fuck is every1 so heated about it we are winning silverware is that not what really matters.

  26. I AM NOT A MAN says:


    That is right mate – I am in fact not going to renew next year and have decided to give up my Stretford End seat. It breaks my heart but I am not prepared to be FORCED to buy a high priced ticket to see a garbage team play Crawley in the FA Cup and try and find excuses for Wayne Rooney having been shit for a year, embarassed the club with his behaviour and then held a fucking gun to our heads threatening a move to City. You may want to chant Rooney after a few improved performances but I wont.

    The Glazers can fuck off – I am not going to give them another fucking penny. It is a massive deal for me to not go to the games, I can afford it thankfully, but I have to put my money where my mouth is and simply stop putting money in to the Glazers financial gang rape of 75,000.

    Until all the BELIEVE/LIFESTYLE/IAMTHEBIGGESTFANEVER Reds do the same and actually use their brains to get the club back on track by boycotting games and STOP GIVING THE GLAZERS MONEY. Sure some people will be quick to fill my seat but so fucking what.

  27. wakey says:

    RE: Buccs
    I’m curious, do any of those people who come out and say the Bucc’s suck actually have a clue about American Football or for that matter where the Buccs have come from before the Glazers took over.

    Since the Superbowl win they have won their division twice and last season missed out on a Playoff birth on strength of victory which saw Green Bay get the place (and they went on and won the Super Bowl). I think many who write off the Buccs do so without understanding American sport and think if they don’t win the Superbowl they are failing. Its setup to spread success more evenly and the setup also allows for teams to take years ‘off’ to rebuild which you don’t get the chance really in sports like Football where religation is an issue.


    Pretty much every club has used the VAT increase to raise tickets but come on be fair to the Glazers for once. While the others have raised prices by well over the 2.5% rise in VAT, Uniteds increase of £1 per match is between 2% (for most expensive seats) and 3.5% (for the cheapest).

    Do you really think they should be


    I wouldn’t be too surprised if that is the case tbh. The PLC increased prices every year at a fairly consistant rate.

    The Glazers on the otherhand had a large jump and then scaled them down each year with this year being a freeze and next whats effectivly a freeze (as its a tax rise). So the 5.9% vs 5.8% could very well be correct


    I would have thought that tour prices are set by the operater of the staduim that the games are played with United getting a set fee and probally a cut of concessions. Atleast thats how sporting events usually work

  28. james21 says:

    Fuck the Glazers. Bring on Shalke.

  29. wakey says:


    You AREN’T giving the Glazers money, you are giving the club money. If you have a problem with spending money to watch a ‘garbage team ‘ then your beef should be with SAF. He is the one who has over 100mill their to be spent and who chooses when to play weakened teams.

  30. andymufc says:

    @brett1985 it fucking isn’t. It’s about communication, the glazers and IMUSA. Do a bit of research!

  31. james21 says:

    I opt out of the Carling cup because I know SAF Will rest or change certain players and play youth or fringe. As for Crawley, Yes Utd were awful that night but he picked a half decent side who should have crushed them just like the team that got beat 4-0 at West Ham. You’re right SAF Picks the team and I’m sure he has faith in the one he picks.
    The Glazers arn’t accountable for the form of the players either. Fletcher, Carrick or Rooney amongst a few. Its the Debt that pisses people off and unlike yourself most of us don’t deal with cash and finances so maybe don’t always understand. I’ll be renewing for a number of reasons but the main one is I want to watch Utd simple as. (Not saying I’M NOT A MAN is any less of a fan, I actually applaud people for standing up for their beliefs)
    As for the price hike well we just have to look at the petrol hikes, food and raw materials in general. Nobody is getting a pay rise but things are skyrocketing.

  32. Wint0 says:

    Once again none of you understand that the NFL is going through a lockout right now and that there will most likely NOT BE A NFL SEASON THIS YEAR. They’re lowering ticket prices as a publicity stunt to encourage people buy tickets in HOPE of a season.

    Most of you are just as ignorant as americans.

  33. willierednut says:

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck about NFL. Not my thing, ya see.

  34. james21 says:

    :D We agree on that one.

  35. wakey says:


    Nah the reduction was announced before the lockout seemed like it could destroy the season. They were simply concerned with the fact that last year their home games were blacked out in the local area due to not enough tickets being sold. They want to make sure they maximise their tv revenue

    And remember no games and they will have to refund

  36. brett1985 says:


    Supply and Demand is exactly what it is. Supply is the cost of the tickets and how many season tickets are available. Demand is how many people will buy season tickets at said price. If not enough people will buy tickets because they are too expensive then the ground wont be a sellout and the glazers will have to reduce the price to make more profits. Of course it is about greed. But we live in a capitalist society so you might as well get used to it as it is everywhere.

    I don’t know why scott thinks he is making a good argument and that MUST deserve to be quoted. They are a bunch of idiots who think they can come to nonsensical conclusions and just expect the fans to accept them. Anyone with a brain can see that the Tampa issue is completely different.

  37. philhealy88 says:

    I love the fact everyone is gettting on their high horse about what a disgrace this is, and how the Glazer’s have screwed us over regarding ticket prices since they’ve been here……

    Are all those complainers just ignoring the undeniable facts that the increase in ticket prices has been basically constant (maybe even slightly lower) since the Glazer’s took over compared to the same length period before they got here? If you don’t like the Glazer’s fair enough, but try and base it on some factual basis rather than some perceived slight they’ve done you.

    I’m not their biggest fan, and I think the compulsory cup purchase thing is a bit shit (even though most of you on here would be going to those games anyway), but we have it so much better than the London clubs regarding ticket prices and we get to watch an infinitely better team! Imagine having to pay over a grand a season to watch Spurs piss away their potential. You don’t realise how lucky you are…

    p.s. Whilst the Bucs haven’t been great since they won the Superbowl, they did really well last year and only just missed out on the Playoffs. Likely to be strong contenders again this year, the ploy is probably in the belief that a stronger support from home games will help them…


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