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GNev: Arsenal Lost Because They’re Too Emotional

After ending Arsenal’s unbeaten run earlier in the season, Manchester United went on to thrash the Gunners 4-2 at Highbury. In the run up to the game, several of their players were talking to the press about getting revenge for the result at Old Trafford.

“The problem in this game was that Arsenal had got carried away by the press in the run-up, saying that we had bullied them at Old Trafford,” he said. “They felt that I’d been aggressive against Jose Antonio Reyes. The reality was that Arsenal took it too personally and Patrick Vieira got wound up before the match had started. The problem in the tunnel before the game was that Patrick had already said something to me and then he said something to Roy Keane, causing the confrontation. These incidents – the pizza-throwing and the tunnel bust-up – created the myth and legend that went with those Manchester United-Arsenal games of that period of time. To be honest, Arsenal lost that night because of their emotional state. They were too wound up and too hyped up, while we remained quite cold about it all. I always remember that when they went 2-1 up through Dennis Bergkamp, they celebrated by running past me and screaming at me. I thought: ‘There’s an awful long way to go yet.’ Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in the second half and even though we had Mikael Silvestre sent off, John O’Shea scored our fourth late on.”

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  1. WHAT ??? says:

    Everybody knows the scaremongering surrounding the Glaziers was just that. SCAREMONGERING. People were trying to bring the Club down from the outside and sow discord. A lesser Club would have fallen. Some supporters have genuine grievances, no doubt, but on the whole, our OPERATING DEBT is being reduced, we’ve spent a fortune since they signed and we put in a huge bid for Villa, so we clearly have money to put on the table. So all is well. You see, thats the thing with having a Manager of the Scotsmans stature. He allayed a lot of fears by coming out in support of the Glaziers, and time has proven him right.

    Shouldn’t you be somewhere talking up your pink shoe wearing best striker in the world. What a pussyhole of a Club you represent. How did you go from Henry and Viera to that Moroccan and that Brazilian with the silly goal celebration we haven’t seen in a while. Too many players don’t show up for Arsenal, its a wonder your still in the top 4. Alot can happen in 4 games mate. All the Best and all that.

  2. Ash says:

    Lol another united hater.I bet you don’t support any team.You must be a unsuccessful guy in your life so you hate all of them who are successful.
    Go and get a life moron.

  3. james21 says:

    That Mutton dressed as Lamb woman sounds more like a Bertie to me.
    :D :D :D Classic mate. :D
    The Media helped along the scaremongering regarding the Glazers. You only have to look at that Poor excuse for a programme the BBC Showed.

  4. Raizzen says:

    Oshea! Hahahaha the composure. The celebration. Like the King himself!

  5. Redbeard says:

    Morning Reds!!

    Carol, do you not see the irony of coming to another team’s website to call their fans pathetic?? Do you really have nothing better to do??

  6. carol vorderman says:

    No I’m not a gooner, I just speak the truth. Cantona is not the king, Giggs is. Giggs is the one behind utd’s success on the pitch

  7. Raizzen says:

    Of course Giggsy is on par if not better. But the King is the King because he was the catalyst of it all.

  8. T4M says:

    Man United team v Arsenal: Van der Sar; Fabio, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Park; Rooney, Hernandez.

  9. james21 says:

    Carol you speak shit. You speak shit because when you read your comments they reek of Hatred and bitterness. Eric Cantona was a genius End Of. Goodbye Bertie.

  10. Saad says:

    The day Arsenal died.

    If I could time-travel, I’d go back in time to see that game @ Highbury. Damn! What a classic!


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