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GNev: City or Liverpool for the title? Neither thanks! But I wouldn’t mind Arsenal…

With both Manchester City and Liverpool in the race to win the title this season, Gary Neville has been asked which side he would prefer. Like the rest of us, he hopes that neither do, and would prefer it if Arsenal did.

“I’ve been asked who would I rather win the title, Liverpool or Manchester City? Neither!” Neville said. “There’s no ideal answer for a United fan, on one hand it would give City a second title in three years and further confidence but if Liverpool win it they would get closer to United’s title haul. Arsenal are the team I’d like to see win the title if it isn’t United. I see similarities between the two clubs. They’ve shown patience with a manager for a long time without winning a trophy, which I believe are the correct values in football nowadays. By building for success over a long time Arsenal have seen the bigger picture. The last eight or nine years have been important to them for creating a magnificent stadium and now would be a great time for Arsène Wenger to win a trophy, whether that is the FA Cup of the Premier League. 1,000 games in charge is a great achievement for Wenger. He’s been a fantastic manager and introduced a new culture to football in England. In my opinion, his teams have always played football in the right way and he’s been a great servant to the English game and an ambassador for it.”

There’s no way Arsenal are winning the title this season but they would be my preference, even if not for the same reasons as Neville. It makes little difference to me that they’ve stuck with Arsene Wenger, I just dislike them the least out of the four teams who stand a chance of winning the league.

So, really, I am hoping for Chelsea to win the league, which is fairly painful. Wanting John Terry and Jose Mourinho to lift the trophy is a fairly painful predicament, but is preferable to City or Liverpool.

After them, I would go for City, but the team I really hope doesn’t win the league is Liverpool.

Gary Neville was speaking in his fortnightly column for EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Read the full column here:

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    Preferences don’t mean sh*te!

    Team with the most points IS CHAMPION. Full stop.

    “Preferences” are for the Footy manager crowd.

    I can see why the Gaz is wallowing in this type of crap as it sells his image as a pundit.
    But there is no solace for us other than to admit we are not good enough this year.

    Agreed Liverpool will be the most painful. By a margin. But there is no “good” result unless United overhaul the League :twisted:

  2. Chris Bulmer says:

    Interesting to read an honest comment on this (I’m a City fan). To ask a little deeper, if it meant City winning at OT and ultimately winning the league, or losing and Liverpool winning the league – then which one would you choose?

  3. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Lol non of the three for me

  4. Red_devil3212 says:

    I agree with you Scott. I think it’s city’s to lose tbh.. Although having ousted United at OT is something the Scousers hold as an advantage over city at this point.. The Manchester Derby might decide the league this year..

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – i think gary neville is plainly stating which teams he would rather not touch the title.. i think liverpool is definitely one as we would not hear the end of it.. it would be ”liverpool are back”.. ”rodgers knocked united off their stride” plus they will be closer to matching number 20. That’s why the club has to get its act together and find a way out of this mess.. stagnation brings no progress.

  6. m09538061 says:

    “Gary Neville is a Red,is a Red,,is a Red..
    He hates Scousers”.

    When we play Bayern Munich maybe somebody
    Should remind David Moyes that Kagawa played
    In Germany.I would like to see him play the
    number 10 role against them.

  7. Fletch™ says:

    Gary is being a hypocrite.

    Liverpool also doing it the “right” way if you must be brutally honest.
    Backing their manager.
    Not paying rediculous transfer fees and wages.

    Have to eat my socks, but full credit to them it they win it.

    We only have outselves to blame for the pathetic position we are in.
    If we had ever drawn v ‘pool they would be miles from the title. Make not mistake.
    City’s title was our fault for not brining in a fit CB and MF that season.
    ‘pool would be as much our doing this season.

    As Samuel says: “the club has to get its act together and find a way out of this mess.. stagnation brings no progress”

  8. Jackie Spain says:

    I wouldn’t want the Bin Dippers to win the league, for obvious reasons. And I wouldn’t want Arsenal to win it either; the Gooners would be just as unbearable as the Scousers.

  9. Fletch™ says:

    Fact is, unbearable improves the league. Fans banter shouldn’t be just one way.

    I grew up with Leeds, Notts Forest, even Everton and Derby county in with a shout of the 1st division.

    Gods be good I never live to see Leeds lift another crown. :twisted:

  10. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Spot on, Gary. Either Arsenal or Chelsea would be much less disgusting than Liverpool or City.

  11. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Hey Fletch if we could be ‘brutally honest’ you’d also agree that moyes has shown half the amount of promise Rogers did in his early days. I totally get your argument but Like Sam stated I think Gary Neville was just been a typical fan by saying what any other supporter would say which is certainly biased and understandable but not hypocritical.

  12. Fletch™ says:

    Rukky, Think that is exactly what I said mate.

    Liverpool, hate em or dispise them, IS doing it in as “right a way” as Gary is saying of Arsenal.

    Just ONE team I hope to never see lift another title! Ya, them lot that sold us Rio, Smith and a certain frenchman ;)

  13. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Sorry fletch I actually meant to type ‘hasn’t shown half the promise’. Rogers had a visible style even if they struggled

  14. Stuart Campbell says:

    Arsenal are the team I’d like to see win the title if it isn’t United – If did you say if ? – priceless

  15. Bjorn Gunnlaugsson says:

    In my opinion, his teams have always played football in the right way

    Are you on drugs Nev?

    Keown bodyslamming Ruud after the missed pen – means Arse will never be considered other than subhuman in my opinion.

    That said, I’d hate to see the scousers win it. City I couldn’t give a toss about. Whatever they’re doing won’t last. Nor the rent boys.

  16. Martin Thomas says:

    Anyone but bloody Liverpool! It would hurt (badly) if the Berties did it. But those Scousers winning it would bring back all those bad memories…

  17. Martin Thomas says:

    Best title winning side I ever saw (apart from United) is that Everton side from 84/85. A cracking team, they were. We did them in the Cup Final, and there was a classic draw at OT, but they battered us at Goodison and they deserved their rise above Liverpool…

    We (still) all fucking hate Leeds!

  18. NBI Red 21 says:

    Liverpool not to win is the most important – they cannot equal our number of 20 titles just a year after we finally bloody got it.

    Agree with @ Fletch though – Liverpool have done things the right way – fired Hodgson, fire Daglish when results were poor and third time lucky hired what seems to be an absolute top manager in Rodgers whose style and intent were clear from the start. Keeping Suarez was also key. Sturridge by Rodgers was a masterstroke in hindsight and he has made average donkey like Liverppol players like Henderson look like world beaters. He has improved every player in that team and made the team greater than the sum of its parts. Also a good core of young British players coming through. That said, no way should they swan in and get 20 titles!

    City, or Chelsea I don’t care if either win.

    It would be nice if Arsenal won to take the pressure of Arsene, I think he might leave if Arsenal lose and the EPL would be poorer without him, always enjoyed watching the way Arsenal played, they have players like Henry, Cesc, RVP when he played, Ozil, Ramsey, who just make you enjoy watching the game. I don’t find Chelsea great to watch. City, reluctantly, you have to give it to them they are the playing the best football to watch this season. Liverpool the second best. Then Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea.

  19. Xyth X says:

    I agree with Garry 100% .

    If Chelsea and Shitty win it, it will always be hollow , as without their filthy sugar daddies they would be in the Championship or extinct. Their achievements remind me of dumb blondes that marry rich old man and then brag about around how successful they have become (doing whatever)! [There are calls for Abramovich's assets to be frozen in the wake of Ukraine/Crimea crisis. That would be quite interesting!]

    If Arsenal or Looserpool win it, you’d have to say well done, although I hope I never see Gerrad lift the premiership trophy!


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