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GNev: Eikrem will do well with Solskjaer

Gary Neville has spoken about his former team mate, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has just taken up the position of manager at Cardiff, under their controversial owen, Vincent Tan.

“He was the kind of player that would write down all the training sessions when he was coming towards the end of his career,” said Neville. “Even after he had retired and moved up to coaching, I used to see him around the club all the time… I remember one time him playing a game in a reserve team match and him saying he’s playing a 4-2-2-2 system, I was thinking: I’ve never heard of that before! Two midfield players in front of a back four then two in front of that and two in front of that! How’s that going to work? Who is going to move wide?”

This week, Solskjaer already dipped in to the transfer market. His first signing was Magnus Wolff Eikrem, who started his career at Molde when he was 12-years-old. He then joined United as a 16-year-old and later played for Solskjaer in the Reserves. When Ole returned to Molde, Magnus went with him and is now playing for Solskjaer for a third time at Cardiff.

“The Scandinavian market will be one that he thinks he knows rather well, and we can see with the signing of Magnus Wolff Eikrem that it is something he’s going to do,” Neville added. “He’s known Eikrem for a long time, he’s a skillful player and someone who can control the ball. He’s developed as a footballer since he’s left United and Ole knows him very well. On the plus side from a FUT perspective, they’re both Norwegian and if you apply a Manager League Switch item to your Solskjӕr item transferring him to the Barclays Premier League, then you will benefit from the chemistry boost you receive on the player.”

Gary Neville was speaking in his fortnightly column for EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Read the full column.

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  1. warrored says:

    Great to see Magnus back with Ole, hope they do well.

    Moving off piste, Rooney is out and gone on holiday with his family…. Great so he will be drinking smoking eating lard then cone back out of form and shape…RVP still out injured….

    Fuck me has Moysey ran over a black cat?

  2. wayne barker says:

    yeah Rooney comes out with the big speech about how fans need to get behind the players then fucks off on holiday lol.

  3. warrored says:

    Apparently he is having warm weather recuperation with his family and Tony Strudwick in tow. One outlet says it’s in the USA…’s colder there than on Pluto so I doubt that’s true.

    Why would we send our top fitness coach?

    Has he been on the drink and fags again over Xmas?

    Surely if he has a groin injury then you would send our physios?

    It doesn’t add up. Unless there is no injury and Moyes is indulging Rooney. He did say a couple of weeks ago that he has to give Rooney a rest soon.

    Maybe the games v Swansea and Sunderland were the ideal time thinking we could cope and come through them OK

    If he’s back for Chelsea fit and firing then it will have been worth it.

    If he is in the USA at that NIKE centre then it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t discussing a new contract at the highest level.

  4. slim says:

    Lol can’t wait to see the melt down on ROM should Solskjaer comes to OT and gets a win with his Cardiff side.
    Huhh? Rooneys on holiday? that nice……………………………NOT. Maybe a sneak preview of life without Wayne.

  5. wayne barker says:

    Obviously the abu’s are like pigs in shit at the moment the latest about how the Glazers are hard businessmen but considering it’s supposed to be the biggest disaster ever Utd are still only 5pts out of 4th and into the last 16 of the CL which are the two big money events anyway.
    Everyone freaking out about Utd getting knocked out of the FA Cup in terms of revenue has little effect on the bottom line same as the defeat to Sunderland so what I still expect Utd to go through.Utd have been playing their best football in Europe and expect them to move into the quarters,so although there’s been all this furor a lot of it is overreaction imo

  6. warrored says:

    @Wayne……The Glazers dont factor in CL football into their sums as qualification isn’t guaranteed. I think getting into the competition and the group stages amounts to about £30 million all told so it isn’t going to hurt the club financially.

    Where it will hurt is in the retention and recruitment of players but it isn’t an absolute. Look at Liverpool, they haven’t been in the top 4 and CL for 4 years now. Their revenues commercially are rising and in that time have brought in Suarez Coutinho Sturridge and others.

    ABUs might laugh now, but if whoever gets 4th spot and fails to qualify for the group stages then the impact on our coefficient could be catastrophic. If we lose a place then it could be the top 3 only qualifying.

    My great hope is that by the time the CL comes round, our players will be fit and who knows, a poor Luverpool and Chelsea have won it despite finishing 5th and 6th respectively in the league.

    How sweet would it be to finish outside the top 4 but win it and knocking Liverpool or Everton out of it.

  7. warrored says:

    Just to clarify…the CL loss of revenue will be offset by the new shirt sponsorship deal kicking in next season.

  8. Tommy says:

    It does seem strange that he would go on a holiday, but then he does tend to miss some games at this time of year, usually because he likes an xmas/new year piss up haha, Moyes has said the fitness coach has gone with him I doubt thats Strudewick, if true it will be one of the assistant fitness coaches.

    I never thought Eikrem was ever gonna be a first team player at OT but knew he was potentially a premier league player and so its proved so far, Ole obviously knows him well having worked with him twice already, Good luck to them both!

  9. Marq says:

    Well, Rooney can go to Alaska for all he wants only if he can come back fit and ready for action. If he comes back unfit I’d be very disappointed.

    Sir Alex famously sent Schmeichel to holiday in Barbados in the middle of a famous season and he came back roaring

  10. wayne barker says:

    Just heard a couple of things on talksport.A Dutch coach who knows RVP well said the reports that RVP and Moyes have fallen out is complete and utter rubbish just abu bollocks.Also in the month leading up to the season RVP visited 27 different time zones with Holland and Utd,no wonder he started the season sluggish

  11. m09538061 says:

    Rooney is visiting disney land cos he is a mickey mouser.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if he is sitting in the glazers house so they can show off their prize asset and top brand then sell him like they would any commodity so their debt goes down cos thats what its all about to them !

  12. Dara Gilligan says:

    I have not posted in a while wanted to see how the season would progress so far it has been more painful then I thought it would be. Obviously the whole squad needs an overall. And everyone needs to take responsibility for the disappointing season so far.

    I think fans have been blowing on about cleverly and why is he playing? He isn’t United quality but notes hardly has loads of options Fletcher and Carrick are making there way back, Jones and fellaini are out. He could have gave Anderson a run but I don’t think he’d be any better than cleves so fans really need to take this on board. Are squad is massive but not full of quality simple as.
    Moyes and the team really have not been getting the breaks that we got last year you can call it luck or whatever but we simply haven’t been getting breaks and a team low on confidence needs these breaks this does not excuse are tactics or general play which has been very poor lately.
    The board also underestimated how important a big money signing was look at ozil for arsenal one big signing gives everyone believe and also unlike arsenal are injury list is once again massive and any team with no RVP or Roo will struggle.

    We keep trying to play down the wings but we don’t have inform wingers it is up to moyes to sort this out personally I would have liked to see januzaj kagawa link up and play more centrally we played one threw ball last night and that’s the first one I had seen in a while with kags and adnan the likes of Danny would get better service and they are both capable of crossing a ball. Of course very United fan knows by now are main problem is we didn’t replace scholes hence we have no one to control the tempo of the game or fire those pin point crossfield balls only Rooney looks like doing it in this current squad. And trying to find someone to do it now won’t be easy pirlo is that only one that jumps to mind currently playing that can come close to what scholes can do and he’s too old but if he was available I’d take him for the short-term.

    We need reinforcements everywhere I’d like Coleman at Everton over Baines any day and get coantrao from Madrid. I’d Love to see Vidal signed we need experience too this is why like might be a risk Herrera also would appear to be a risk but I personally havnt seen much of him. Diego Costa looks good but a more proven striker would be better imo reus or barcas Sanchez would b great signings.

    We need to sort out quite a lot but im still behind moyes as I said b4 the summer transfer window will tell us much more he needs to stop the rut. So thank God we have roo and RVP to come back it will change the team and hopefully push us into the top 4 keep faith as hard as it is right now.

    My original username was nanisgranny

  13. Dara Gilligan says:

    Also what do people make of the vidic rumours? we really need defenders that can proof they can stay fit over the season I can see moyes clearing out a lot to save money on the wage bill so all the funds he gets in the summer hopefully, will all be spend on players?

  14. wayne barker says:

    Today on talksport rumor is Barca are offering 18 mill for Vidic which if true I’d take.He’s a free agent in the summer and by all reports Utd have offered him a contract extension that hasn’t been accepted

  15. Dara Gilligan says:

    that smells of bullshit 18 million when he can actually sign a pre contract agreement now? if its true who wouldn’t take it? cant see it tho. id like to keep him hes are captain and we still look mre secure with him in the team. I think we need a new centre back this summer and an experienced one mayb 24-26 who can walk straight in and do a solid job.

  16. wayne barker says:

    I agree it doesn’t sound feasible but for drivetime to be discussing it must be out there.When Vidic is fit still Utd’s best defender problem is he has to be nursed through seasons and I can see Spain ot Italy being appealing to him just not as physical or as fast leagues

  17. Unagi says:

    Guys aside of all current discussion.

    Let’s say you have one choice of a player – you pick he joins.

    There is one criteria – he has to be the Cantona, Keane leadership, that has charisma to lead basically any player – who would you get from currently playing players (short reason description would be nice)?

  18. TopRed123 says:

    Anything transfer related that’s reported on talksport is fabrications, unless they are reporting on a done deal.

  19. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Vids is 32, injury prone and a free agent in summer so18mil is simply ridiculous so I’d give deaf ears there. The painful thing for me is that we will be losing this soviet murderer like for real in this particular period, it could take some time to see his like at OT again. Btw the need for a good midfielder this winter cant be we’ll emphasized if our cl aspirations are realistic

  20. warrored says:

    @Tommy….I’m sure I heard Moyes say on an MUTV interview after the press conference that it was Strudwick who went. It struck me as odd given the others are falling like flies right now.

    @Dara 20.45 Good post mate.

    Heard big Phil might be fit for tomorrow, hope it’s true.

    @Wayne….I think the RVP stuff was bollox on twitter but you know how abus lap up any old shite. I was always under the impression he had his own tailored training regime under Wenger and Fergie and carried on under DM.

    What makes me laugh is that Dinosaur Dave is to blame for RVPs injuries…..despite him having a history of muscular problems that has blighted his career. He has only played over 25 PL games in a season 4 times out of 10 and 2 of those are last season and the one before.

  21. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    All I ask tomorrow is that we play Fletcher and Carrick from the start and NOT start Tom Cleverley or Ryan Giggs EVER again. I see that there’s no Roo or VP tomorrow. this means that we will be as impotent as ever in front of goal. Hopefully we can find a way to get at least two goals SOMEHOW and find a way to at least eek out the win for the sake of my sanity.

  22. wayne barker says:

    warrored I know mate the abu’s and Moyes haters are going to jump all over anything true or not.I was actually amazed about the 27 time zones in the month before the season started,all that travel and trying to adjust to all those different times cannot be good for the body and with all the injuries RVP has had even more so
    Also agree with the CL plenty of teams have won it in the past who wasn’t fancied get into the last 8 anything can happen and it would be as sweet as anything we’ve won in the past considering all the crap being thrown at us

  23. Tommy says:


    I will be very shocked if Strudwick has gone but if I was him I would have been offering my services a bit of winter sun

  24. Gazzer says:

    I’d like to see fletcher and carrick too.

  25. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Almost forgot that partnership! Carrick and fletcher should do us good at the middle of the park tmrw. 6:30am match for me… But must watch

  26. Tommy says:

    I heard on twitter that Woodward is a Liverpool, fan dont know if its true or not but if it is I dislike him more than I do already!

  27. Marq says:

    I’m not so sure Carrick & Fletcher would work. 5 years ago yea, but now both of them are running out of legs, meaning they have to sit really deep. Although that can mean a chance for Kagawa to play in front of them. Crazy as is sounds, but Buttner on the left wing looks a decent option, and Januzaj can play on the right.

  28. scholes18 says:

    i do not know why you guys hate rooney so much. was he wrong in handing transfer request? actions might be but intention was not.

    he seemed to be only guy who cared/s about united. he saw a weakness in 2010 and wanted to do something about it. we won the season’s PL and reached CL final so roo looked worse than he was.

    i know great SAF owes nothing to us, the fans (on the contrary it is the opposite), but you will be blind to overlook that great scot had his favorites. welbeck in place of chicharito or at left in front of nani, giggs in front of paul pogba (scholes deserved to be in front of his namesake) and many others. he systematically ruined carriers of many. nani, top player of season before, could not get in the starting line up of 2012.

    i might be the only one but i see nothing wrong in rooney petulant behavior in start of the season. i mean look at the quality of rooney and RVP who are fed by midfielders of quality of jones and cleverly and that too in club as big as united. i am not a hater of cleverly and jones (who is better than fellaini in place for which belgian is tipped to be bought for) and see them fulfilling a certain need according to utilitarian perspective. poor clevs is covering that much of space these days which three midfielders of opposition cover. less said about giggs or anderson the better.

    i am not generalizing my comments based on lack of success this season. i am ready for couple of barren seasons but only if proper youngsters are in developing phase. how ironic is that for a team based supposedly on wing play no midfielder can actually release an early and accurate pass to wings.

  29. Only 1 Utd says:

    Reports saying RVP could be out for a further 6 weeks…….

  30. Only 1 Utd says:

    I really can’t see us making top 4 with Rooney and Rvp out.


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