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GNev Rips Savage, Rio & Phil On First Day On Twitter

Robbie Savage
4 years too late your retirement

what a wonderful career you haven’t had!!

Glad you’ve retired. Saves me spinning out the old rubbish about how hard you work and play for your team!!

Best Player ever Robbie Savage! Anyone that poor who plays till they are 36 is a Genius!

Phil Neville
I always found i gave goals away when I was Centre Back and you were outside me.I’d still be playing if it wasn’t for covering you

was that at goodison when you started scoring for us to win us the league!!

you did beat us once yes! Did Those 3 points keep you up that season!

How do I get blond hair. Is it sunnier on merseyside!

I thought it was Ray Parlour causing us all the problems . He got the pen in 99 semi. Who brought him down!!

Your running out of my bad games. It would be easier for me to name your good ones ! Got to go on that note!

Rio Ferdinand
bore off!! Watch Fashion TV or something!

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  1. FULLARD says:

    hahahaha fuckin love it!

  2. hesselbom says:


  3. hesselbom says:

    …on Twitter.

  4. andsolskjaerhaswonit... says:

    Hahahahaha! The Neville brothers have been at each other since the morning – finally, Twitter has become good.

  5. dasilvatwins says:

    fizzer18p neville18

    @GNev2 did u retire or did fergie retire u??? LOOL!

  6. T4M says:

    LOL @ the Nevs.Once Reds,Forever Reds :)

  7. Whiteside says:

    This is how it feels to be Shitty – quotes from Adebuywhore:

    “But the training wasn’t strict enough and not well organised.

    “Sometimes we’d stop after 20 minutes and then those of us who were not in Mancini’s starting 11 would be made to stand on the side and watch for the next 45 minutes.

    “I had never seen anything like it before in my life, not at Monaco, not at Arsenal and not here at Real Madrid.

    “At those clubs you trained whether you played or not. But at City sometimes even the players who would be on the bench for the next game didn’t train.

    “I started to think I was not a good footballer and the doubt was instilled. After that I was more than depressed, I was gone.

    “Whenever I came to training I was in a bad mood, I didn’t want to train. My confidence was hit hard.

  8. zarfrox says:

    boy…how stupid the bench at shitty will feel when they are given second class treatment…
    i guess that will be the leverage when other club wanted to sign shitty player : We’ve Got Better Training Systems!boom!another one shitty players waves goodbye! LOL :D

  9. Ferane-Mauritius says:

    you did our scott job mate…. Shity is shit
    where is our ‘ahead of our game against chelski’. Really cant wait!

  10. ryder91 says:

    HAHAHAHA ‘bored off, watch fashion tv or something!’ hahaha classic g nev

  11. fergie is the boss says:

    FUCK gary really has got things on his mind he wants to let all out

  12. lil' k says:

    hehehe…….i’ve got to follow him

  13. Costas says:

    And twitter will never be the same again.

  14. kimblim says:

    I finally understand what Jaap meant when he wrote that the Nevillers were “busy c**nts” :) Great stuff!

  15. slim says:

    and to think i was worried about Gnev in the retirement wilderness in the age of pundits and twitter, Fucking Awesome. You said it Costas, Twitter is going to awesome now (for me anyway)

  16. kk says:

    what is gnev’s username?

  17. Robbinhood Savage says:

    @ kk

    its GNev2

    ha ha..latest one by Neville @ robbiesavage…

    “was thinking of using that Derby shirt you wore yesterday.Would be worth a 5er at auction that.A mat would cost 10.Economics!!”

    and before tat

    “Yes it’s so I can avoid irritating people like you! Might use your hair for the grass roof! Will send a flymo around!”


  18. jellybean says:

    Costas- what’s your twitter user name? remember u mentioning you dont use Facebook but use twitter.

  19. kk says:

    Thanks robin,let me follow him,just joined twitter on Thurs

  20. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    Hahahah fuckin hell G Nev is on fire! Tearing everyone to shreads! Get in!

  21. bobkoh says:

    GNev, got to follow this one! Hahahaha! Bet he daren’t not tweet @ Sir Alex!

  22. Mahfuz says:

    AHAHA EPIC. Love that man to pieces. Absolute legend! Been following them Utd boys on Twtter recently. Owen, Rio, Nani and co. Funny stuff. Follow me on Twitter if you like, @FarhanMahfuz :D So close to the 19th, you could taste it.


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