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GNev: We’ve Signed Young? He Wont Force Out Nani

Gary Neville is currently in Singapore, meaning he missed out on the news that Ashley Young had finally signed for Manchester United.

When asked about our new player by The New Paper, our former captain had to double check it was all official before talking about him.

“Sorry, have we signed Ashley Young? Was that done yesterday?” he asked. He was told that Young was now a United player. “I knew that they were signing him, I just didn’t know if he had officially signed. I didn’t want to get myself in to trouble.”

Having impressed since joining Aston Villa from Watford, Neville reckons that playing for the champions will step Young’s game up another gear.

“He’s extremely talented and can play on both wings,” he said. “I’ve played with him for England. With coming to United he’ll be surrounded by great players and a great atmosphere and this will inspire him more. He certainly has the ability and talent to be a great player for United.”

Rumours have suggested that Young’s arrival will signal Nani’s departure, but Neville doesn’t believe that to be the case at all.

“Last year, when Antonio Valencia got injured, we really did struggle at times in the wing positions,” he said. “In a squad game, Ashley Young, Ji-Sung Park and Nani can play left and right, so we now have great options in the wing positions. I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination it’s the end of Nani. Last year he had his best year for Manchester United and he won the Players’ Player of the Year. So I don’t think this is the end of Nani. People have been saying for twenty years, if we sign a player in one position, they think it’s the end of another player’s, but the way the game goes now, you need two players for each position.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    smartalex – Ya I saw that, quite strange to be honest


  2. CedarsDevil says:


    Not the first time I post an identical comment at exactly the same time as another poster…


  3. willierednut says:

    Creepy, indeed… :evil:

  4. smartalex says:

    Stranger and stranger….

    Strangers in the night, exchanging comments
    it’s all black and white, put in your two cents
    whether it’s wrong or right, don’t be shy gents
    else go fly a kite, while you sit on the fence.

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    I am freaking out, this is scary shit! I need a chill pill to become a dude, once the guy passes the said pill I will beat the fuck out of him!

  6. andromeda says:



    Ashley Young/park Giggs/Anderson Fletcher/Carick Valencia/nani

    Evra Vidic/Jones Ferdinand/Smalling Rafael/Fabio

    David De Gea

  7. MAD RED NEVILLE 2 says:

    We love you Sir Lord Gary 2 Neville Obe

  8. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    andromeda – Its cool, now I offer you salvation as a reward ;)

  9. kel says:

    WTF. He is in Singapore? I’m in Singapore but i didnt know. LOL

  10. gloryglorystretfordred says:

    you people don;t know what it means to be a united fan. Fergie is a cunt

  11. willierednut says:

    I think I know why, some posts got shifted around. That cunt, who’s post is above mine, may be the answer. Too many wums and bitches infiltrating this blog now.

  12. Salford_massive says:

    If united don’t sign 2 world class players by the end of the window, I am joining the official fergie out campaign. If MUFC don’t show real intent instead of bloody young and jones, it will confirm Alex Ferguson is the Glazers pet puppet once and for all. I fear it will take a long time to rebuild the squad as it is being weakened by fergie so bad lately. Come on fergie, show your balls or fuck off

  13. King Eric says:

    Salford. Fuck off you ungrateful spoilt cunt.

  14. Kings says:

    Salford_massive – Fuck off you bastard.

  15. smartalex says:

    These comments from gloryglorystretfordred and Salford_massive are not from United supporters. They are probably from bill knob.

    I’m trying not to be disheartened, but I’m losing interest in attending an unmonitored forum.

    Not blaming Scott at all. He provides a monitored forum (linked above), but it is difficult to relax and enjoy a place that has poisonous posters.

  16. lawman10 says:

    salford……………… cock!!!

  17. willierednut says:

    Thinking the same mate. As you say though, It’s not Scott’s fault. These cockroaches come out of nowhere, to spew their bile. Scumbags, in my eyes. Ruins this blog.

  18. King Eric says:

    Here lads this cunt is the same fucking person. What a fucking sad cunt. Voyeur bastard. Wish I could have a conversation with myself but pretend to be two or three seperate posters. Fucking pathetic. No mates I assume. I wouldn’t dare do summat like this. It reaks of a fucking loser. Scott mate why are you even allowing comments through that call Fergie a cunt? Its clearly a fucking wum. “Travelling from Surrey on my corporate card“. Hope this cunt has a nasty car accident and dies the pathetic babyish little bastard. Pound to a penny its that wum billybob or redmegleeker.

  19. King Eric says:

    Furthermore why the fuck are these bile posts up yet two of mine to willie and gee didn’t even make it? Not good enough.

  20. parryheid says:

    Two nipples you and the guy beneath you.

  21. willierednut says:

    Bash the cunts!

  22. YipYapStam says:

    All I can say is it’s refreshing to see some other reds have noticed what I have noticed. Fergie is weakening this squad slowly, C.ronaldo, tevez, and now scholes, hargreaves (ok injured a lot but who’s replacing them in the engine room?). Jones ain’t nothing yet, and for 16mill, young is a squad player at best. If fergie had a spine he’d have quit already….. but no, he’s being paid too handsomely to quit and instead our squad is going to shit. I understand that this blog may normally be a red utopia where everyone agrees with each other but more and more season ticket fans i know, including myself are sick of fergie. If we don’t sign someone like sneijder or modric before the end of the window, I’m gonna join the fergie out campaign too. There’s a cancer at our club, it’s called the glazers and their puppet master fergie. Prove me wrong fergie. Oh, wait, I forgot, you cannot bad mouth fergie can you.

  23. willierednut says:

    Scholes retired ya spastic. fuck off cunt and stop pretending to be a United fan.

  24. Ash says:

    Guys Ignore these cunts.They all (fergie nipples,yip stam,glory glory, sterford etc etc)are same person.I was reading another united blog and in that also the same persons commented the same thing.
    They must be city or loserpool fans.

  25. YipYapStam says:

    you guys are insane, I can’t believe you think I am some guy pretending to be more than one just because my opinons differ to yours you sad fucking drones. los, I know scholes retired, that’s not the point you fuck, whose replacing him is my question and my issue, wake up you fucking dicks or crawl back under your rocks

  26. The Big Red says:

    yawn, these guys are just wind up merchants.. no true Utd fan would dare say ‘Fergie out’, even at his insane best.
    jsut ignore them..

  27. willierednut says:

    I’d rather be insane, than a retard. Insane? What does that mean retard?


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