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Good Luck Darron

Darron Gibson has agreed a four and a half year deal with Everton today. His contract was due to expire in the summer and the club were not interested in offering him a new deal.

Gibson had been desperate to make a go of his Manchester United career and has waited until he is 24-years-old to make the move on after failing to hold down a regular place in the team. Last March he anticipated he would open talks on a new contract but these talks never happened. Instead, United accepted a bid from Sunderland for the midfielder, but the deal fell through.

The high points of his United career were probably the goals he scored in the Champions League, getting one against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals in 2010 and another against Schalke in the semi-final of 2011.

Gibson was generally an unpopular member of the squad due to his lack of ability. Whilst he showed he had a great shot on him, he was far too inconsistent with this and his all round game was not to the standards United should expect.

Reports in the press suggest that Gibson has gone for £2m, which is a pretty good deal for United when you consider he had just a few months remaining on his contract. He will wear the number ’4′ shirt at Everton.

Good luck, Darron. No doubt you’ll score a screamer against us one day though.

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  1. wayne says:

    Costas by the sounds of it born to be together,give Bobby Manc a few more grey hairs,think after signing Tevez and Balotelli Bobby might be getting a little wary of signing headers.
    Honestly hard to get my head around what’s going through Morrisons head and who the fuck is giving him advice,one things clear he’s a bad act already and only 18.

  2. dannysoya says:

    GOOD LUCK GIBBO. Enjoy your time at everton. Wishing you success in the rest of your career.

  3. Utd4life says:

    Good luck Gibbo. I agree with the others, I think he will do very well at Everton under Moyes. He will get games and his career should progress quite nicely.

    As for Ravel, the lad seriously needs someone to sort him out. He has fantastic talent as I have seen him in a few reserve games hence the reason for SAF tolerating with him but talent alone is not enough to make the transition from Reserve level to Premier League. The lad needs to buckle down and work his socks off. But most importantly, he needs to tell his greedy agent to piss off.

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    New Stanley Victor Collymore? It’s not that drastic yet, surely? ;)

  5. Lebomanc says:

    Good luck with everton Gibbson and I hope you have a wonderful career there

  6. Einsi says:

    Thanks Darron, and good luck. Thanks for nothing Ravel, and try not to murder anyone.

  7. WillieRedNut says:

    More like a mini Kray, if he’s not careful. I’ve trodden that path Ravel. It’s not all what it’s cracked up to be. Newcastle upon Tyne isn’t the best choice for your development either. Geordie shaw, anyone? I do wonder where his family are, in all this craziness?

  8. slim says:

    samuel – united WE stand

    Yeah well we’ve used money too and with good effect. thing i’m saying is Manchester United is just not the club for wee ravel. For me at this point, it’s win some, lose some. Without sounding a prick, there are other exciting prospects at the club and in the world. Holding breath, touching wood: Pogba, Tunni, Cole and the pick of the bunch Tom Clev,I’m not knocking the boy, ravel. He a bad ass player and all i’ll say is watch out for him if the future. Its simple as it looks, Ravel Morrison is not a Manchester United Player.

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good luck Gibbo. Tidy back up midfielder when on form just never seemed to get anyones confidence.
    I would add that he had one winner for us in a 1-0 v Hull in 99 and then the first goal at OT v Bayern Munich in the CL. 10 goals in 60 appearances many as subs.

    Also to be noted was his stand out role in the Treble winning youth cup team of 04-05.
    Won one of our reserve player awards that year. Still don’t get the transfer market. I am hearing we barley got 1m for Darron. But we move on.

    Gibbo is a red and I wish him all the best.

  10. slim says:

    Maybe City want to re-enact the Ryan Giggs move we did on them

  11. Bring Back Ruud says:

    Ravenous Ravel, reveling the ride down the road of riches, surrounded by kiss and tell bitches,

    blinded by money hungry snitches like vultures on dead prey, no mention of wanting to play,

    instead he wants away in pursuit of premium pay. The blind leading the blind over the cliff of dismay

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    slim – Interesting theory? Must still sting that one….

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Bring Back Ruud – That’s sick! :lol:

  14. smartalex says:

    “It’s a good move for Darron,” Sir Alex told manutd .com. “He has to get on with his career.”

    “He played some terrific games for us and he has terrific ability, but in terms of the pecking order here he knew he wouldn’t be a first-team regular all the time. Unfortunately he got an injury earlier in the season which kept him out for ten weeks, but he’s fit again and it’s a good opportunity for him.”

    “He missed the chance to go to Sunderland [in the summer] and I think he regretted that. He’s taken the opportunity to go to Everton and I think they really need a player like him. They’re getting a player of good quality who has the experience of playing here. The other players we’ve sent to Everton, like Tim Howard and Phil Neville, have done fantastically well for them. Hopefully this is another one.”

  15. Bring Back Ruud says:

    Haha, cheers Willie

  16. Lodi3000 says:

    Another youth that didn’t make the grade. Lots of them in Prem n the other leagues. Never kicked on after promising start. He’ll prob score one long range effort every yr n media hail him as a star.
    Shows wats happenin at club tho, we’re short on midfielders, Fergie lknows no-ones ready to step up and Anderson still not proved himself. Pinning hopes on Clev who’s undoubtedly talented.

    Second in league tho just shows the spirit of the c’ub, and the wat brill manager Fergie is

  17. King Eric says:

    Sam. Are you serious? Err I think fergie knows when the time is right to blood a player after all these years don’t you? It really annoys me these folks saying oh Fergie is to blame. Do one. Nobody banged Ravels drum louder than me but he clearly doesn’t know which side his bread is buttered. Greedy fuckijg bastards. Take a leaf out of Danny and Toms book son. Unbe fucking lievable. Even at 37 Pogba and Ravel aint fit to lace his Nikes. Give me Paul all day long. He will be vital in the title race. Morrison wouldn’t be. Pogba is different. Can see him staying.

    United. Oh not like you to have a pop at a player. Gibbo will be an excellent aquisition for Everton when you consider that lanky cunt Henderson cost twenty large.

    Good luck Darron lad and cheers.

    Giggs12. Get in touch with James or Mike mate about tomorrow!

  18. King Eric says:

    Samuel. Spot on at 13 39 mate. Larnell is becoming a top little player as is Lingard. Proper mentality too. Like you say it is probably lads like this that will make it.

    Pogba when interviewed seems a bright lad. Didn’t speak a word of english two years ago now its word perfect.

    It really is a fucking piss take when people lay the blame at Fergies door. Why the fuck should he play them if he thinks they aint ready. Only a few week back he was saying putting them in at the wrong time can fuck them up.

    Just hope that smug cunt Pardew doesn’t get him.

    AlphaRS. Hello pal. No club wanted Ba in the summer. He went Stoke but Pulis was worried about his injury record and recurring knee problem. Will probably be a flash in the pan for a season or two. Remember Zaki looking the nuts when he first joined wigan. Don’t get me wrong at present Ba looks a world beater!

  19. akanemo says:

    Good Luck Gibson!! at bengoshi : WE did manage to win the game against bayern munic at OT- just didnt win the fixture as we got knocked out on away goals, if memory serves me right.

  20. redbilly says:

    Andreas Pereira

    ‘Other British clubs were interested. I thought about it, but Manchester United is a dream club for me.

    Now thats what we want to hear

  21. Saad says:

    I hope Darron has an awesome career at Everton and becomes a total legend there.


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