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Good News On Midfield Pair

Sir Alex Ferguson has some good news for United fans in regards to our midfield injuries. With Anderson starting his first game since February in the week, the manager has today revealed that Michael Carrick is back in training and Owen Hargreaves is looking good for a return. It can only be a positive thing for the team to have three central midfielders returning to take the pressure off Darren Fletcher and Paul Scholes.

“Owen has come back training, he trained yesterday with the first team,” said Ferguson. “He looked very good. I was surprised actually how good he was looking. It’s an extra string to our bow. After being out for so long, we’ll have to monitor him and see how he progresses in the next few weeks. But it’s good to see him back. Because he’s been out for so long you have to see whether there’s going to be a relapse. That’s the first thing on our mind. But having watched him in training, if he continues that way he’s going to give me a selection problem.”

Michael Carrick is also back on the training field. “Michael started training last week,” Ferguson continued. “He had an injection on his Achilles to settle it down. It was nothing serious, just one of those niggling little problems you can get, particularly at the start of the season when grounds are firm. He’s fine, he’s started training.”

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  1. Costas says:

    Good news indeed. Our midfield options could be very good in 2 months time.

  2. utd4life says:

    this is not good news..this is AWESOME news!!!!!!imagine having those two back in the team..they would make hell of a difference(no matter what people say about carrick)..I’m gonna be positive about hargo..I think he’s finally done with that hideous injury..hopefully in another 3-4 weeks(I hope its not that long) we’ll have someone who can score from dead ball situations..

  3. willierednut says:

    Today, was a good day.

  4. johns says:

    man utd this season will win both champions and premier league

  5. hooligankicker says:

    Would love so much to see Hargreaves back playing first team football – for his sake, for ours, for United. I fear however he has a few hurdles still to clear before we’ll be seeing him back to his old self but this much be a huge psychological boost for him and wait till you hear the cheer when he next appears at OT…..

  6. dela says:

    I am not going to believe it until I see Hargo out on the pitch. My no.4 Jersey has been lying untouched for over 2 years now and it has been an excruciatingly long wait.

  7. UNITED4life says:

    Agreed. This is very very good news. we are getting back more midfieldres that has been the area we badly needed resourecs. True to hargo’s dead ball qualities..remember that goal against arsenal? he can hit them.

  8. Kings says:

    Hopefully Hargo will be in contention after the International break.

  9. Red Devil says:

    Seeing some of Eikrem’s performances of late, I wouldn’t mind seeing him given a chance if their return is delayed..

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    Brilliant news, absolutely brilliant. Carrick and Ando back is massive for us and for Hargo to be training again is awesome. The boss will have more options in the middle now. Fingers crossed staying as clear of injuries as possible we will be very strong. Remember folks, our entire defence was injured last season and we almost won the league….. I believe we will go one better this season

    UNITED for life

  11. wayne says:

    if finally hargo comes back fully fit its going to be massive for our midfield if he breaks down again i don’t know how many chances he has left lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope his hard work and patience is going to pay off for him i think alot of players would have given up just shows how tough mentally this guy is

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I hope we win our next few so that Fergie isn’t tempted to rush the lads.
    But this is SUCH GREAT NEWS. Hargo was the key to Fergies plans IMO and was a massive blow.
    Wonderful to have him back. Had been humming and watching Hargo films all day.
    Still love the freekick against Arse. Ronaldo has this look like, “Shit, that wasn’t supposed to go in, was it?”

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sorry, this link has better film of the goal to go 2-1 to Arsenl


  14. Toms says:

    Well I’m going to be the downer.

    Fletcher has evolved so much in the past years that we can definitely afford to wait for Hargo. Fletch is such quality. Only reason I could see a role for Hargo is because fletcher hasn’t hit his “normal” form yet.

    Carrick… we’ve got to see. The reason why we have to go 5 in europe (besides the general trend) is that we lack a strong creative midfielder. I know alex has him playing a holding role, but if he or ando could grow into the role, we’ll have another very strong run in Europe.

  15. Konjour says:

    I’m optimistic,but i’d rather keep my fingers crossed until i see them running their soles off on the pitch. I’m becoming too familiar with the stop-start nature of their injuries,especially Hargo’s. Both would be a fantastic antidote to the stress build-up of our midfielders during these times when thickened fixture lists take their toll.

  16. Dave Malaysia says:

    Things are looking good.everyones back. I think we r goingto sign steven defour the belgian midfielder and david de gea.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Dave Malaysia. Cheers mate. Think those signings might wait until next summer. United almost never sign anyone in January. Both these lads are vital to their current squads, so it would be crazy money to force a deal. Are either one able to leave on a Bosman at the summer, that is the only way I can see this going through in January.

    Right, night lads.

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People need to calm down, hagreaves hasn’t kicked a ball competitively for nearly two years now, not being negative here but i seriously doubt he’d be the same player, however i’m open to him proving me wrong.

    I think if he doesn’t manage to accumulate enough appearances, he is likely to be shipped out, at united we can’t get sentimental based on past performances, even the likes of paul scholes and giggs have to maintain a certain high standard to be in the team, hagreaves might make a good come back but don’t hold your breath as he is prone to injury or he could end up as saha we’ll see.

    As for michael carrick, delighted on that one, people underestimate the good defensive job he does in the team, very tactically astute so we welcome him back and hopefully his form gets better.

  19. Ash says:

    Great news.I really want to see hargo comeback.The good old days of 07-08 season when hargo and carrick were at their best.But this will be a do or die season for both carrick and hargo.Eventhough i would want carrick to retain his best form but if you ask me between ando and carrick i would want ando to perform better become a star just because he is young.Carrick at max will perform his best for next 2 years. If Hargooo comes back to his best then i guarentee we will win the league and also have a great chance in europe.

  20. Simone says:

    seeing this headline this morning and then seeing the footage of owen training put a huge smile on my face. what a week its been to be a united supporter! anyone know what the timetable is for him to be fit enough to play?? oh owen hargreaves….don’t worry you’re still the love of my life!!

  21. berbatov9 says:


    The goal celebration that separated Manchester United apart from any other football team….thats what a family is all about…i miss this Pique,Hargo,Ando,Ronaldo in one team…

  22. YorYor says:

    Top-est news in a while. Our midfield has been a bit lacking I think. Fletcher still hasn’t completely got his engine running, so I’d like to see Carrick get some games soon. I’d be happy just seeing Hragreaves in the reserves actually – some of the youngsters would benefit playing alongside him, even if he doesn’t contribute in the main league.
    If he could feature in a league match, that’d be the perfect example of how United players don’t lie down – they stand up, they fall, they stand up again and be counted.
    For a player who contributed immensely to our last CL trohpy, we should all have nothing but hopes, and not be “realistic” and doubt his return. Does it please anyone if he really didn’t return and retired instead, just so that one can say “I told you so”?

  23. schmadmir says:

    That is fantastic news.

    I have a soft spot for Hargreaves. With him playing, we suddenly have depth and quality
    in the squad for all positions once Valencia is clear of his injury.

  24. eddieTheRed says:

    I’ll believe it when I see Hargreaves running round the pitch, chasing down the likes of Essien and Song; but if he really is back then i can’t wait to see him take a free kick; Hargreaves used to be one of the best in the world at taking free – kicks around the dge of the box!

  25. usama says:

    Will Hargreaves be able to play Champions League football because he has not been registered in the squad? After Winter transfer break he can right?


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