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Good ol Reverse Psychology – Ronaldo Wont Get 30

Ferguson called off his annual goal tally bet with our Portuguese winger this season, saying “I will not be attempting to bet anything with Cristiano this season unless it is 50 goals,” he laughed. “Somehow I don’t think he would accept that.”

Just over half way through the season, with Ronaldo enjoying the form he is, I wouldn’t rule him out of hitting 50 goals by May. He is having a season which can be described as nothing short of incredible. He has netted 17 times in 19 appearances in the league, scoring a total of 25 goals in 26 games this season.

Today, Ferguson has used a bit of good old fashioned reverse psychology, claiming he doesn’t think Ronaldo can score 30 goals in the remaining fifteen league games.

“With Ronaldo having scored 25 goals already there is the potential for him to score 30 this season, without question,” said Ferguson. “He’s not that far off and has a strong chance. I’m not sure that he is capable of scoring 30 league goals, though. I think that is a different matter entirely. Achieving that would be more difficult and it’s a big ask, but if he does manage it, I’ll pay him more money!”

Since the origination of the Premiership, only four players have been able to score 30 league goals in a season. Thierry Henry and Kevin Phillips (remember him?) have both bagged 30, Andy Cole managed 34, and Alan Shearer has scored more than 30 goals in three separate seasons.

Do you think Fergie’s comments will be the incentive Ronaldo needs to get even better and score 30 goals?

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  1. Dag says:

    Ferie out! :mad:

  2. jsos says:

    haha ronnie won’t be able to fight taking the bait.. and if there were ever a player to do it, it’s him. he thrives on the challenge. it’s what’s gotten him as far as today.. the fergie challenges :D

  3. craig mc says:

    Ronnie will get 30, but IT WOULD BE NICE IF HE ALSO GOT 30 assists. now that would be something to crow about woudln it?.

  4. Tom F says:

    30 goals in all competitions.. EASY! 30 in the League only? Maybe. Over the end of March and April we have a lot of tough fixtures, if we can maintain free scoring form over those months I do not care how many he scores, as long as someone does, as it’ll be likely we’ll win the league. I’m still expecting Rooney to sharpen up and I hope the knock he took against Spurs on Sunday hasn’t come back to haunt him, though he did seem to run it off.


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