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Guardian Journo Will Regret Starting Battle With United Fans

Last April, you might remember that we got ourselves involved in an argument with a journalist at The Guardian, Sachin Nakrani. Having never previously heard of him, attention was drawn to Nakrani after reading his response to the FA publishing their report on Luis Suarez’s punishment. It was meant to be an informative piece about the FA’s handling of the Evra/Suarez case but Nakrani was guilty of making comments that completely contradicted what the report actually said. It became apparent that Nakrani was a Liverpool fan but even writing with bias shouldn’t mean writing blatant lies.

For example, Nakrani argued that this case was “a row that boiled down to one man’s word against another”. If Nakrani had read the report, he would see the opposite was true and even Suarez’s defence lawyer, Peter McCormick OBE, agreed.

To quote the report: “215. It was accepted by both Mr Greaney and Mr McCormick in closing submissions that this is not simply a case of one person’s word against another.”

So when Nakrani reared his ugly head in April, lying again, plenty of reds were totally unimpressed. This time he claimed that he was getting abuse on Twitter from Manchester United fans because he had criticised Chelsea fans jeering the minute’s silence for Hillsborough victims.

What had actually happened was Nakrani had posted a picture of a Chelsea fan doing a Nazi salute from Liverpool’s FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea at Old Trafford six years ago and claimed it was from that day’s game. Fans of all teams told him he was wrong and fans of all teams (mainly United) questioned how he could be so quick to condemn Chelsea’s racist fans when he had been happy to write lies in a national paper to defend Suarez’s racism. That was it. When you looked through his mentions, there wasn’t a single United fan giving him abuse for criticising the minute’s silence, as he had claimed.

Nakrani had a decision to make at this point. Either come clean and admit he had made up the accusations of abuse or continue the row. Sadly for him, he chose the latter. When repeatedly asked why he lied, Nakrani told us he would explain himself face to face, but in London. When he was welcomed to Manchester for the discussion, he refused, and blocked the @R_o_M account.

The Red Issue account was amongst the United fans who were not too impressed with Nakrani’s behaviour and they were offered the same deal. Come down to London and discuss it face to face.

In October’s edition of Red Issue, a brilliant story unfolds. It is their story but it’s a good one. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Several months passed since the argument in April but the next time someone from RI was down in London they paid Nakrani a visit, just as he had told them to, to discuss the lies he had been telling about United fans.

“His nervousness gave way to what looked suspiciously like terror. His lips a-quivering and voice a-stuttering. Nakrani attempted to grasp at anything and everything that would show how this had been all one big misunderstanding.”

Nakrani proceeded to shit himself, told the receptionists to call the police and urged security to eject the RI man from the building. He didn’t need security to escort him out, so he made his excuses and left. As he was walking down the road, Nakrani left the building and started shouting at the RI man with the security man following behind him.

“What occurred next was comedy gold. Nakrani stopped a safe enough distance away and, pointing at his chin, shrieked, ‘GO ON THEN! HIT ME! HIT ME YOU COWARD!’ As the security chap attempted to rein in the hysterical chump, passing office workers on their lunch breaks looked on amazed, ‘You and your shitty little fanzine – you’re taking on the big boys now!’ Nakrani continued.”

The story could end there and it would be good enough. Nakrani created an argument through his lies and has been suitably embarrassed. Amazingly though, the story gets so much better. It’s a real gift.

When Nakrani returned to the office he was shaken and keen to resolve the problem, according to someone in touch with RI at The Guardian. He asked for some way of contacting RI so one hack handed over an e-mail address for an old contributor.

The next time Nakrani and RI had a row on Twitter, another account piped up, CharlieClitLicker (@charlieclit), asking about whether an old contributor still writes for RI and enquired about his e-mail address. By incredible coincidence, this was the e-mail address of the former contributor that had been given to Nakrani. How strange.

Having a look through @CharlieClit’s timeline, it turns out this account had tweeted RI in the aftermath of the London visit and, as it would happen, addressed RI by the name given at reception on the day of the London visit. The only other person to do this is Nakrani. What a coincidence, how strange.

The rest of @CharlieClit’s timeline was filth, with him tweeting obscenities to pornstars and random girls.

Another coincidence is that the ten normal people that the @CharlieClit account followed were also followed and tweeted by Nakrani. One of them even had Nakrani and @CharlieClit next to each other in their “followers” list, almost as if they both followed her one after the other. How strange.

The strangest thing of all though, a real spooky coincidence, is that the day after the edition of Red Issue with this story on a double page spread went on sale, the @CharlieClit account was deleted (thankfully screenshots like the ones you see above were taken confirm it wasn’t all just a dream). You’ve got to think it’s really considerate of whoever owns that perverted account to delete it as soon as the story started circulating Twitter, obviously not wanting people to incorrectly think Nakrani was in any way connected to it. I mean, it would be horribly embarrassing for Nakrani if people thought he was a sex fiend, wouldn’t it?

I’m sure he wishes that back in April he had just come clean and admitted he lied though, so that none of these humiliating but unconnected coincidences ever found their way to the public domain. Oh well. Better luck next time, eh Sachin?

If you aren’t at Old Trafford on match days, you really should subscribe to Red Issue.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Jnandhi says:

    The guy is an absolute tool. A blunt of at that.

  2. Jnandhi says:

    a blunt one at that! Apologies.

    Everyone acts the big “I am” when they are with security. knob head

  3. Dragon says:

    hahahhaahahahaha, brilliant

  4. Brad says:

    Grow up.

  5. josek says:

    Sad Sad sad

  6. TK99 says:

    funny really funny

  7. LonestarRed says:

    Nakrani entered onto a battle of wits and finally realized that he was at best only half armed.

  8. James Ryddel says:

    What a total bellend.

  9. Strik3rr says:

    this is reporting?

  10. Proverb says:

    There are no level headed scouser, its no wonder he got figured out Funny though

  11. Sam7R says:

    What a complete streak of Piss!

  12. Dobbsy says:

    And all this “go the chin me” stuff must be true cos you’ve written it here lol. Your all as bad as one another, totally obsessed with other clubs you just cannot stop writing about Liverpool no matter what happens at your own club, good or bad

  13. kanchelskis says:

    Incredible. One one level, obviously all very childish. But on another, a great advertisement for small-scale counterjournalism.

    You’d have to hope that the Guardian very seriously consider whether they want to keep such an embarrassing individual on their staff. You’d hope not.

  14. Sparkz says:

    I remember seeing this on my TL when I woke up on Sunday. Had me in absolute stitches, what a flippin oddball.

  15. REDREDFRED says:

    Riddle yourself this

    Nakrani is considering his options because the account had nothing to do with him. He was in the process of finding stats on it and trying to see if an IP search could be done when it was deleted. He’s obviously not happy and thinks this kind of thing is a step too far. The account followed people he followed well after he had followed them in most cases but in more recent cases it happened more quickly which fits in with something said in the above. This has already harmed his reputation to a great degree and he’s exploring the options of legal action against those who have spread the thing and if he feels he has a legal case and can get the financial backing then he’s going to pursue that. He’s staying in the background on this now because he’s concerned that someone who goes to these lengths over such a long period of time could turn even more nasty when they realized they were being cornered. The police have already been contacted with regards to tracing the IP but now the account has been removed it’s impossible to do and they are still involved. What may seem a good laugh could just be the biggest mistake this blog has ever made.

  16. Unitedforeva says:

    I live far away from UK, but am always amazed to read about such a person how he is allowed to work for a UK newspaper. The hatred this man must have for anything United just turns me cold. On the pitch you read and hear opposing team managers taking potshots at United before matches or after, that’s normal due to the rivalry. But when it is over, they move on to their next match and team and so on. Some do something more extreme like Benitez and his ‘facts’ rant and now Mancini, with his ‘United are favourites for the title’ reverse psychology announcements for his players. There’s also the Patrick Viera behind the scene move, talking Pogba to leave for Italy thing. I’ll be forever amazed at these haters, but these strange people strengthen my support and love for United even more. With Chelsea and Arsenal matches coming up in the next 2 weeks, I expect to be even more amazed by more such strange people. Bring them on!

  17. cleggster says:

    He’s a Sun journo at best, be funny to think he ends up working there

  18. mattbw7 says:

    Kanchelskis, you’re almost right in your “small scale counter journalism” remark, though RI maybe one of a few United fanzines, it’s contributors aren’t always small scale as Nakrani has found out.

    Unrelated to your point but worth mentioning, there’s nothing childish at what’s happened, Nakrani as STR posted used his position as a journalist for a national newspaper to print easily demonstrable lies and when he was caught out went on an ill advised offensive, I wonder if his cock’s on the block? :)

  19. kanchelskis says:


    Yeh, didn’t mean ‘small scale’ in any pejorative way. Just mean it’s good to have these less “established” publications shitting up the big papers and hopefully shaking them out of some of their complacency. In this case, it’d be great if the Guardian got shot of Nakrani. He’s a second-rate journalist – LFC affiliation, twattishness and perviness aside – and smacks of someone who got a job at a paper by knowing someone rather than through merit. Not something the Guardian can exactly afford these days, if the rumours are to be believed.

    In fact, Scott’s held back from even getting too involved in the ‘childishness’ element of it, not having raised the unwanted spectre of Sachin’s grim little todger!

  20. United Till I Die says:

    haha, all you sad fucks on RoM messing about with names take note.

    God knows what satisfaction you derive from it, but even in your warped little world you’re all Sunday League compared to Nakrani.

    He’s with the big boys.

  21. mattbw7 says:

    Oh I know you weren’t being derisory about RI Kanchelskis, though I’m betting @charlieclitlicker wishes he could turn back the cock, sorry, I meant clock!!!

  22. United Till I Die says:

    btw – I mean the wums and trolls not lads changing their handle.


  23. tom c says:


    a certain Sachu comes to mind..

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Politics was behind it……..

    Well good luck to Rio going forward if he is to set up a new union it will take alot of time and
    considered thought.

    Sure it will generate alot of noise and raise the temperature over the short term but whose to say if it is the right move.

  25. Den says:

    I thought the Guardian was one of the more professional media corporate in the UK so how can a clown like that work for them? Pretty fuckin’ funny though!

  26. Jim G says:

    Unitedforeva says: I live far away from UK, but am always amazed to read about such a person how he is allowed to work for a UK newspaper……….

    You’ve obviously never read a British newspaper, then, pal. It’s all bollocks. The sooner the S*n goes the same way as NOTW did, the better.

    With regard to Rio’s breakaway ‘union’: Congratulations. You’ve just succeeded in marginalising yourself, which is what you were supposed to be fighting AGAINST.

  27. MURebel says:

    I sometimes wonder how everything and everyone associated with the greatest club in the world be so morally and ethically pristine? Can StR or other doorkeeper’s of this website please throw their divine light on this?

    If Manchester United was a nation.. err, oops we already have one! The Republik of Mancunia! Well let me start again, if Manchester United was a nation, the birds would chirp all day, kids will sing the songs of Cantona, where men would be walking gods and women beautiful goddesses.. The word racism wouldn’t exist in their dictionary and it would be a crime to screw your team-mate’s ex-wife. BUT a man will receive the highest honor of the empire (OME = Order of the Mancunian Empire) if he screws his brother’s sweetheart and beloved wife (strange eh?). It will be a nation where any act of crime will be duly condoned and pardoned. But the same acts of crime performed by foreigners will be unjustifiable and dealt with utter vengeance.

    The nation’s government will hand out honorary citizenships to people of the highest caliber. BUT anyone daring to deny the honor will be labelled a Mercenary. Sir Alex Ferguson will be the commander in chief of all the gods, the FA, media and the press. No one will ever question his authority (except his tactical know how.. sorry couldn’t resist that one :D ). Sir Alex Ferguson (sometimes also known as FERGIE in-all-capitals in this nation) will ban the very existence of all precise time keeping machines, where Rolex, Cartier and Hublot will do a Greece and push the time-keeping industry in to a recession.

    I mean how on earth could there be such a perfect nation?

  28. kel says:


  29. wiuru says:

    Being old school id like to think Nakrani would fall on his sword ,guided by the morally wise at the GUARDIAN . Hang on i live in the real world ! this man would shame the Sun and the Star . The establishment will shield him from the nasty unwashed public .

  30. theredderdevil says:

    Fergie the great. Here is some insightful reading.

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Let City sing about 6:1. Worst performance by a United team that I have ever watched.
    Every lad on the pitch seemed to let us down that day.

    I hope the manager talks about it. I hope Rio and Patty and Nemanja talk about it. It was unacceptable.

    But we live and learn. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. But only if you let it burn just a little. Take the piss boys, but wait for the day to give it back in full measure! :twisted:

  32. Scott the Red says:

    REDREDFRED – What mistake? All I’ve done is comment on the incredible coincidences. It’s really spooky.

  33. Ice Cube says:

    So, if the daily fail is to be believed, Rio wants to set up a union for black footballers….so Asian and whites etc… can’t join. lol. who it’s the racist here? Can you imagine the white footballers union!

    I Hope it’s a bullshit story, because any union that only let’s one type of race join is racist to all the others.

  34. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ice, Funny thought, But the plan is to address all race race related issues. Cheers

  35. kanchelskis says:

    @ Ice Cube

    “I Hope it’s a bullshit story, because any union that only let’s one type of race join is racist to all the others.”

    Fuck me, that’s ignorant.

  36. parryheid says:

    And its also spooky that in under 90minutes from the first post you are able to trot out responses in your post almost like you were the same person being taken to task.Odd that

  37. Dela says:

    The Guardian is a useless pile of shit. I love how Liverpool fans flocked to this complete tool’s defence. What is it with your club and being totally incapable of distancing yourselves from morons? This guy has shown he is incapable of objective journalism, and capable of making up complete lies. Yet, The Guardian have this jackass on the payroll. He should be fired so he can get this dream job of writing for the official Liverpool club website.

  38. Silky Johnson (Park Life) says:

    REDREDFRED is blatantly Sachin.. what a Class-A NONCE!

  39. danish_ep says:

    What’s even funnier is that if you search for Sachin Nakrani on Google, the result below this one (anfieldwrap – I know it’s dirty, but it’s worth reading the comments), is him trying to backpedal out of writing an article in the Guardian, dissing Liverpool, KK, and Hillsborough in the same breath.

    His reply to his own thread, is even funnier when you are asked to suspend disbelief by looking at his posting which is littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar, when he is supposed to be a professional journalist.

    The bloke is clearly some sort of pillock if he manages to alienate those who he professes to belong to.

  40. redbilly says:

    An empty vessel makes the most noise

  41. Kelvin says:

    I’m reliably informed, and I mean RELIABLY, that his peers at the Guardian don’t rate him.

  42. Dragon says:

    hahaha, blatantly redredfred and unitedtillidie are the same person. I think we all know who that person might be. What a very weird little man

  43. BobTits says:

    REDREDFRED says: ” The police have already been contacted with regards to tracing the IP but now the account has been removed it’s impossible to do”

    If he knew ‘owt about how it works, he’d know that were false. Twitter keep historical data. I’d not rely on that one in court, cock.

  44. Little Red Ant says:

    @Silky Johnson (Park Life) i agree, Nakrani = REDREDFRED

  45. analyze football says:

    It’s different now, when Fergie is off


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