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Gundogan extends deal with Borussia Dortmund

BlSEdSHIUAAeTNR.jpg-largeIlkay Gundogan has tonight signed a contract extension with Borussia Dortmund, meaning that any possibility of United signing him this summer has now gone.

It was reported five days ago that he was ruled out of the World Cup with an injury to his back which has kept him out all season.

“Ilkay will not play at the World Cup,” said Klopp. “It is very hard for him to deal with. His back is better, it is all good, but it takes time to recover completely. We just have to wait.”

Gundogan has played in just one game this season, back in August, and was taken off with less than an hour played. There have been reports all season that he was ready to make a comeback, and he has been seen on the training pitch, but another appearance in the first team failed to materialise.

His contract was set to expire next summer, putting pressure on the German club to tie the midfielder down. Given that his injury situation is so problematic, it was unlikely that any other club, United included, would have been prepared to make a commitment to a long-term deal.

“I am very grateful that my club gives me the opportunity to continue to be part of this special team and this very special environment,” said the player. “I will do everything to help my colleagues again soon and can go very optimistic about the coming weeks and months.”

Maybe things could have been different if he had made his recovery in time but the player couldn’t afford to get in to the last year of his contract, with Dortmund the only club to put an offer on the table, when he has missed a year of football.

His extension is just for a year though, now expiring in June 2016, which is presumably because they are waiting to see just how long-term this back injury is. So maybe there’s a chance in the future, but for now, United fans should forget about him.

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – have you finished or are you still going to bang on about things that have no relevance to the view I have posted? I said this article was not targeting david moyes and it was merely a post regarding a player linked to united strongly.. Fabricated or not, he was linked to the club.. If you want to debate about other things, i’m willing to take on that challenge. We all have different views, stick to yours and I stick to mine and we keep the respect.

  2. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Robin Van Persie went three years without an injury but they strike again the second David Moyes takes control. It’s almost like the training regimes have changed or something. If I were Manchester United manager. I’d pull Robin Van Persie to the side and say you keep training the way you have for the last three years because you were fit every week.

    I dont like them but the Glazer Family have presided over the most successful period in the clubs history and Sir Alex Ferguson says when he wanted a player they signed him. Sure. In hindsight we would like the club to not be in debt and Sir Alex Ferguson to have signed a midfielder or two but when you walk the league by 11 points its hard to argue.

    It’s even harder to argue when the new manager spunks £27m on a target man, £37m on a premier playmaker and plays him on the wing, fills the team full of fear and negativity, changes the already poor style of play to even worse long ball, overtrains the clubs leading goalscorer into oblivion, embarrasesses the club in nearly every interview and finishes outside the Europa League places.


  3. iamMatty says:

    Well, anderson was an attacking midfielder nicknamed the new ronaldinho at gremio. He was a real star prior to been priced out by porto. In portugal he played behind the striker lisandro and was considered a real gem. I remember him winning the silver boot or so at a fifa under17 tourney, so the claim about him been a jorge mendez rip off is false.
    His first few games for united were actually behind the striker, though as a substitute, before fergie brought him deeper. He was actually decent playing deeper and the fans really loved his energy and drive, but some medical people think his body was never suited to that role, hence the constant injuries.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Point i’ve made about anderson was adequately put.. Not a central midfielder, never was and he was exposed in that position.. I don’t think a change of position was anderson’s only downfall at united, he lacked the right mentality to be a consistently top player but the fact he played as a flat box to box player held him back.. This was me explaining to gary why I think carvalho is a different player entirely to the brazilian and is more suited to the role he would potentially come for.. He has more of the attributes to succeed in the premier league.

  5. iamMatty says:

    Everybody quick to point out hargo’s united career. Well the gundogan case can go many different ways. We bought ruud vanistelroy as a crock too. He signed the dotted lines supporting himself on crutches, so saying gundogan will be a bad signing is not as clear as you all think

  6. Mav says:

    Lol. Didn’t think we were in for him anyway.

    Waiting on the inevitable news that the carvalho kid signs for someone else.

  7. united till i die says:

    Kind of interesting the Carvhalo rumors increase right before Gundogen goes public with signing a new deal. Hopefully the deal for Carvhalo is done as I think he will be a great addition to the first team. I don’t normally go by what’s on YouTube videos but from what I’ve seen of him he does all the basics very well. He’ looks big and strong and can cover a lot of ground quickly with the ball at his feet especially when the space opens up in front of him. Looks like he has a decent first touch for a big man and his passing range is good. He definitely looks comfortable under pressure and is comfortable using either foot. All these basic things should carry over no matter what league he’s playing in so it would just be a matter of him adjusting to the speed of the EPL. Pairing him beside a box to box midfielder could be the makings if a top midfield partnership.

  8. matrixvampire says:

    I think it was for the best. We don’t another injury prone player like Owen Hargreaves. Great player though.

  9. evered7 says:

    With the amount of injuries we have had this season and the physicality of EPL, I think we should not worry about Gundogan’s new deal.

    Firstly, it isn’t sure that we were in for him and next we might have dodged a bullet getting an chronically injured player.

    With massive amounts of money thrown around for players these days, it is expected that we should get a decent return of games from the player.

    Hope the Carvalho deal goes through. I can’t understand how Bayern are able to complete deals before the start of the transfer window while we are waiting till the end to secure the players.

  10. united till i die says:

    We should have followed the Chelsea model and signed these players in Jan and let them stay on loan until the summer that way they are already in the bag. I honestly don’t expect more than 2-3 signings this summer and that might not be a bad thing.

  11. mjcRED says:

    We’re going to have to cut our cloth accordingly. Truth is while Moyes remains at the helm, we’ve now become an average club with average aspirations. The signings he’ll be allowed to make will mirror the brand of football he wants us playing. Forget about Kroos and the like. Why on earth would he want to come here and play on the back foot, cautious, try to nullify the opposition football?

    Given all the soundings or lack of from the club, it now looks pretty clear we’re ‘blessed’ with Moyes’ presence for the long run, so none of this misery is going to end any time soon.

    Root canal surgery anyone?

  12. Ed-the red says:

    Am not as worried about signings than am worried of who david Moyes at the helm.

  13. Ed-the red says:



    The man has brought the Merseyside(both everton and liverpool) ill luck(when he was there) with him to Manchester. It is no surprise that when he left both Liverpool and Everton have been performing above the expectation.

  14. mjcRED says:


    Absolutely. The level of overhaul with which our squad needs is without precedent among any major club in Europe that I can think of. That the man trusted to carry out this task huffed and puffed all summer long only to spew up Fellaini puts the fear of fucking god in me. The guy clearly isn’t up to the job, any more so than you or I would in his situation.

    We all realise we need an absolute minimum of 5 or 6 players and we’ve probably got at the most ambitious 80 to 100 million, minus the CL money we’ll lose from next season, this won’t get us very far. Hell fire, It cost us near enough 30 miilion to put Everton out of their misery with Fellaini, a comedy moment of epic mis-judgement that puts anything Di Canio did at Sunderland in the shade.

    What happens when we’re turned over by Everton, given that everything about our season so far suggests will happen? What then? How the fucking hell has this guy duped so many, at the club and on here, and convinced them that he is in any way worthy and has the attributes to effectively lead us out of the mess that he more than anyone else has dropped us in?

  15. mjcRED says:

    How long before the red and blue side of merseyside will commemorate Moyes’ achievements by naming a stand after him at their respective clubs?

    The fucking shame of it…….


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