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Gutted, Wes Out For The Season

After making his comeback through the Reserves over the past few weeks, it has been confirmed today that Wes Brown will play no further part in the season.

During our brilliant Double winning year last season Brown played in more games than anyone else, scoring against Liverpool before assisting our only goal in the Champions League final.

This season has been a different story though, with him last playing for us back in January when trying to overcome his injuries.

Given the problems we’ve had at right-back this season, with Gary Neville, Rafael and John O’Shea all suffering from injuries too, it is bitterly disappointed to learn we won’t be strengthened in this position as we get to the final games.

Brown has played in seven league games for us this season, as well as two European Cup games, and has represented England four times. United will probably appeal for him to collect a medal if we are to win the Premiership this season.

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  1. costas says:

    With 9 games he might have got a medal.With 7,it’s much more difficult.I am also gutted.After his fantastic last season,he didn’t deserve this.

  2. wazza says:

    really gutted for Wes.was hoping he would play in the CL final.hope he & Hargo come back even fitter & stronger next season.Sheasy is getting a good number of games at RB & he should see us through quite well.

  3. wazza says:

    costas is it minimum 9 or 10 games for the medal ? do subs on the bench without playing also count ?

  4. costas says:

    Wazza 9 appearances aren’t enough either.They might give you one on a sympathetic note,just like they did with Alan Smith in 2007.Unused subs on the bench don’t count.

  5. daveob82 says:

    You have to PLAY 10 games wazza. I don’t know how much we can push this one for Wes as I can imagine Sir Alex may push for a medal for Macheda

  6. Androo says:

    Looking forward to seeing you next season Wes – and Hargreaves!

  7. corea says:

    It was just always coming. Everytime we prayed for some news we didn’t get it. I don’t even know what was the reason for the injury. Very strange.

  8. wazza says:

    costas: if we are done with the league at Wigan, how about keeping Wes on the bench for the last 2 games against Arsnl & Hull and bringing him on in injury time for 1 or 2 mins & making his appearance tally reach 9.he can get Alan Smith like sympathy & the medal

  9. costas says:

    That’s what has crossed my mind Corea.If Liverpool fail to beat West Ham,then 2 wins against City and Wigan will be enough.We could have him in the last 2 games on the bench and put him on in the 92nd minute.9 appearances might put hm in line for a sympathy medal.

  10. costas says:

    Sorry i meant wazza!

  11. corea says:

    Mates, it’s impossible. We won’t do it.
    Why care ?

  12. n667 says:

    We’ve got wesley brown!
    he was a rock last season… hope he makes up for it next season

  13. Swissdevil says:

    I fell sorry for the lad! hopefully he’ll be fit for the next season!

  14. gingerprince says:

    Wes was one of the most underrated performer in our side last season ….really gutted he’s out for the season ….just imagine what our defence will be next season with him back in the squad

  15. trevor says:

    Last season was the only season Wes Brown has managed a practicaly injury free season.

    When fit he is one of the best right backs in the league, thats when fit!!!

    I was pleased last season as it looked as if he had got over his injury jinx but obvjiously not!!

    We need a full back who can stay fit most of the season as defence is an area which shouldnt be choped and changed much!!

  16. Billy Meredith says:

    We miss you Wes!!!

    He’s Rio on the right!!

    See ya next season i hope.

  17. Red-Manc says:

    Last season he was immense, i think we’ve missed him this season. Hope he’s alright for next season. A Manc through and through!

  18. Devilton says:

    I think the lads a great squad player but lets face it, his injury problems are nothing new. I hope he comes back and has a strong year but I think with Gary almost close to retirement there is a need to invest in a defender (someone who can possibly play a few roles / holding midfielder / right back). That being said, it’s sad to hear his comeback was derailed.

  19. pawaka21 says:

    i do think wes had still a lot to offer for united in coming years. but his constant unlucky spell had the impact on his valuation from gaffer. hope he will come back stronger for next season alongside hargo…

  20. s18 says:

    My unsung hero last season..IMO we miss him this season..wish him comin back next season..strong and fit~

    We’ve got Wesley~~


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