Feed the scousersThis is the time of year of parties and celebration, and for happiness and love. We are free to scoff as much food and neck as much booze as we like, and need no excuse to do so. However, this Christmas time, our friends from Merseyside have given us another reason to cheer. Kindly, they gave us six points in December to ensure we keep Arsenal in view, just one point behind. Whilst I understand this is the time for good will toward men, I am gobsmacked they would both be so happy to hand over the points, despite being nine and twelve points behind us in the league. Our scouse pals are more known for their “taking” rather than giving, so I am touched they would do all they could to hand over the points. To do so whilst rarely bothering our keeper in to making a save goes above and beyond what we could ask of them.So, I would like you to join me, and raise your glasses to the dippers, asking you to remember those who are less fortunate than you this Christmas time. Unlike our Merseyside mates, you won’t be foraging the bins for your Christmas dinner, and you will be expecting more than a car radio under the tree.

Happy Christmas… now enjoy a special scouser edition video, showing our best and most recent goals against the Merseysiders.