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Hargreaves Delayed Return Down To Lacking Confidence

Sir Alex Ferguson reckons the reason behind the delay in Owen Hargreaves’ return is the player’s lacking confidence after over a year without football.

“He is training very well,” Ferguson said. “It is more of a confidence thing for the lad to come back into real full training with us. He is doing real good work for the physios but not at a competitive level at the moment. Having been out for a year and two months we are of the mind that take our time and don’t rush it.”

Ideas for Christmas: Owen “curly hair” Hargreaves shirt

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  1. kal says:

    Let him take his time and return to full fitness.

  2. Shimo says:

    The way he said it, sounds like Hargo isn’t completely sure about coming back to full training yet. He’s said to be doing a lot of work with physios and also football work but, without the full contact / competitive stuff.

    Really hope this doesn’t drag on too long. Kind of bumming that Tosic got left out of the CL squad on the chance Hargo was going to be fit for it but, guess couldn’t be forseen.

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    The downfall of Saha if im not mistaken
    Please Sir Alex and Hargreaves please dont let happen again

  4. Berbatovs' love life says:

    well that encouraging…

  5. King Eric says:

    kal – Absolutely bang on. Love the last bit “If I’d been Irish, he wouldn’t have lasted three seconds.” Too right Eric, a kung fu kick to his chest and a right hook would have done him! That is a point myself and many others have made is the fact the arrogant smug bastard sat next to Dunne in mock sympathy.

    It is going on for ever this Hargreaves thing. Cannot wait for his full return. Just hope everything is ok as the comeback date is constantly getting put back. No point in rushing him though.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Hey Eric Cantona keep your opinions to yourself
    If larry white becomes French manager howshe gonna be full time United manager
    “If I’d been Irish, he wouldn’t have lasted three seconds.”
    Imagine if he was Irish we could of had Keane Irwin Cantona in the same team how amazing would that of been……..Oh yeah Like supporting united in the mid 90s
    I freeking love Eric Cantona and God has spoken


    I hope the man with the curly hair returns. it’s understandable considering hargo had to train all by himself and have noone to talk to. he is a class act and is one of the best defensive midfielders if not the best in the world. hope he takes his time in getting back to full fitness. really missed his set pieces and brilliant pieces of play shitting on players like stevie me fat frank essien and others in europe!:-)
    i understand your frustrations on tosic i too hope he gets a chance the lad has a big future at United. although you have to understand that hargo is world class and is needed in europe to shit on the likes of stevie me pirlo xavi iniesta etc. initially i thought tosic would make it in the place of obertan.

  8. ScousersSuck says:

    Well said ghtt! But I think the reason Cantona wants Blanc to get the France job is so that he can have the United job for himself! All hail the king.

  9. I am just Dimitar says:

    We need Hargreaves back in his old form, so does England. He would have changed the last three games against the Dippers and the game in Rome. Fantastic player, absolutely.

  10. King Eric says:

    Well said Sir Alex. If he gets in more trouble it is a joke. It is ok for all the media and pundits to bitch about refereeing for the last 48 hours but how dare Fergie. Fucking hypocrites.

  11. rooninho says:

    you have to respect keano for what he’s done in football and for united. he’s willed united to win in so many big matches for so many seasons, it really was like having the embodiment of fergie on the pitch. who doesn’t love keano?

    that being said, it seems a little extreme and naive to completely dismiss the influence that bad ref decisions have on games. obviously the best way to win is to simply score more goals than the other team. sure, ireland could have qualified well before the french match, could have taken their chances in the french match, etc. but what does that have to do with the fact that a poor call cost ireland a chance to go to pk’s or win the game outright at the death?

    since they didn’t qualify earlier should they just have forfeited the french match and not shown up? since they missed their chances earlier on in the game, should they have pulled shay given and walked off the pitch to let france win? of course not! in spite of everything, ireland still had a chance to go through to the world cup, but then the ref allowed the henry goal and the rest is history.

    does keano really realistically think ireland would have ignored the henry handball, like it had zero influence on the outcome, and merely blamed their own poor play? he’s had a grudge against the irish fa for years now, and while i see the obvious truth in some of his statements, it does come off as kicking the irish team when they are down.

    he didn’t leave united on the best of terms after such a great career in manchester, and it always seemed like he’s carried a grudge against united ever since. his whole thing about brian clough being the greatest ever manager he played for was more than subtle dig against fergie and united. that one really pissed me off!:

    point being this- what keano said about ireland, while it has validity, seems like just another attempt to exact some verbal revenge on an entity which he feels has wronged him at some point.

    alf-Inge haaland, sir alex, and now ireland have had a little taste of keano’s scorn. this fiery side to roy made him a great united captain and leader. but i really do feel like he’s getting more and more bitter as he gets older, as his career moves further away from the constant winning that he was so accustomed. i seriously fear a nervous violent breakdown for keano sometime soon if he can’t turn ipswich around and start winning.

    still love keano, but he needs to lighten up a bit!

  12. Xyth says:

    The sooner we get Hargreaves back the better, but should not rush him before he is ready and then suffer even more.

    Keano should never forget that while Forest made him a good player, United made him a great one.

    Also, he should not forget that Forest were relegated in Clough’s last season in charge.

  13. rooninho says:


    about keano… exactly.

    wasn’t trying to bring up the clough article to trash keano, but there have been several several posts today praising roy for his harsh comments on the irish team and the irish fa, and i think the praise is a bit misplaced.

    i think he has a long list of grudges on his agenda, and he seems to exact his revenge on these people or things when they are at their most vulnerable at times. keano holds grudges for years and they never seem to go away. with haaland he waited 3-4 years to almost cripple him helping end his career (i hated haaland, to be fair, but still). he was kicked off the ireland team in 2002 but waited almost 8 years until the team was at its lowest point in its history to really throw them under the train and callously blame them for their own defeat.

    he was released by united in 2005, but he waited until last year when he had the excuse of playing nottingham forest to bring up clough, call him the greatest ever, and get all nostalgic over the man and club. surely, he knew how his words would be taken, and what a slap in the face it would appear to be publicly, to united and sir alex ferguson, the greatest manager in the history of all sports!

    as i’ve said before, i love keano, and it is this hard and fiery side to his personality that made him a greater player than what his athletic abilities were. but he has a long history of grudges and spiteful revenge that cannot be ignored. i think that, while some of his points about the ireland france outcome are valid, his true agenda was to really give the irish team and fa a hard swift kick to the kneecap (haaland style, metaphorically speaking) when they were at their lowest point. and that seems well out of order, and a bit embarassing for keano.

  14. King Eric says:

    rooninho – great post.

  15. vozi edward Yugulle says:

    Hargo coming back into the united setup is just what we need as we approach the final stretch,talk of a ‘new signing’. His comeback, imo, ought not to rushed however, since we hav quite a number of lads who can do the job in cm, r.b and the right side of the midfield. viva the spoiler

  16. Shimo says:

    @Hargreaves Curly hair – yeah I know Hargo will be needed in the CL – but, new players can be registered for the knockout stages.

    Though if Tosic can’t even get a run out in the Carling Cup – doubt he would get a go in the Champions League even if he was registered.

  17. Drew Vader says:

    So chaps, what are we hoping for results wise in tomorrows shit fest at anfield? A dram? Or should we all cross our fingers and hope a rogue asteroid?

  18. Drew Vader says:

    That was meant to be draw* not dram. What the f is dram?

  19. Redbeard says:

    @ Drew Vadar,

    “The dram (archaic spelling drachm; apothecary symbol ℨ) was historically both a coin and a weight. Currently it is both a small mass in the Apothecaries’ system of weights and a small unit of volume. This unit is called more correctly fluid dram or in contraction also fluidram.”
    - Wikipedia

    Sorry! I must have gone all “gooner” for a minute!

  20. Fze123 says:

    Come on hargro, we’re all behind you.

    How much longer do we have to wait for his return. I know he shouldn’t be rushed back to fitness but he was expected to be back at the beginning of this month. Possibly he’ll be back early jan as he’s not started competitive training yet.

  21. bchilds says:

    Absolutely no need to rush Hargo back, he can return when he’s 100% ready to

  22. Devilton says:

    I have a feeling that the Hargreaves we remember isn’t going to be the Hargreaves the turns up for us in the future. Don’t ask me why, but there is something about the nature of his injuries as described by various sources that tells me that he will have lost a LOT of what made him so effective in the past.

    Hope i’m proved wrong, but unless he comes back and proves himself within a year i really don’t think he will see out his full contract with united. It’s that cut throat at the moment and with our midfield already stacked with young talent who want their chance and our current first tears Hargreaves will need a lot of luck to make it back.


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