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Hargreaves Faces SIX MONTHS Out

In a bid to cure his injury problems once and for all, Owen Hargreaves is reportedly set to have an operation that will keep him out of the team for six months!

“The doctors hoped the injections would help the problem but everyone has accepted now it needs another approach,” says ‘a source’. “Owen has been very down but is hopeful this will help the problem in the long term. United paid a lot of money for Owen so there is pressure for him to do well. But his injury has stopped him showing what he can do.”

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    where have you heard this? even so .. I WANT CURLEY HAIR TOOOO

  2. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Ahhh sweet fuckin’ Jaysus…

  3. DanS says:

    Bloody hell. Hurry up and have the op – get it sorted for next season

  4. Mila says:

    This is a really bad news if it is indeed true. I love him, he is one of the best midfielders even on his bad days and he seemed to fit right in at United.

    And he is one of only few professional footballers who could speak in complete sentences and sound coherent, knowlegeble and literate. :)

    For his goal against Arsenal alone the fans should be patient with him.

  5. john ferry says:

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. James says:

    I really really hope it won’t be six months because he showed last season how good he is. His contribution is so important in the big games and he can fill in in different positions

  7. JIM says:

    B O L L O X

  8. denton davey says:

    According to my finger count – six months from now would be early May; just in time for the CL Final, the FA Cup Final and the season-ending matches for the EPL title. If he really could be “cured”, what would be the odds that Hargreaves would play in two or three of those games ?

  9. WitchDrAsh says:

    If this solves his problem and he doesn’t end up as another Saha I can wait for him to come back, if he’s out for that long and is still made of Bolser wood I suggest we sell him to Everton too.

  10. unitedgirl15 says:

    I thought he was flying out this week to see the specialist?
    So how do they know yet?
    Lol “source”

  11. Gary says:

    You have got to be fucking joking!!!

    How did Owen Hargreaves pass his medical at United in the first place?

    It’s such a shame because when hes fit hes a massive player for United, I thought he was our star performer in the champions league final, along with Vidic.

  12. mannyutd says:

    Is this the same ‘source’ that seen thierry henry in a manchester hospital on the last day of the transfer market. pinch of salt comes to mind!

  13. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I don’t worry too much. Fletcher is really growing into his role and with Carrick back, Giggs converted into a central midfielder, and Possebon looking impressive, Hargreaves won’t be missed too much. Moreover, there are plenty of options at right back so he won’t have to be called on for that area either.

  14. denton davey says:

    About Fletcherinho – I completely agree. He has been one of the very best players so far this season.

    From what I’ve seen of Possebon – hey, bring him on !

  15. OTRed says:

    @Denton Davey: So if Hargo does have the OP(i still think the report is rubbish as its from Daily Sh!te) and is fit in May, if we make it to the finals, you’d actually want him to play in the finals when he’s just back from a 6month spell on the side- lines and would need match fitness? I really doubt i’d want cup finals to be the games where Hargreaves gets some playing time after being out especially when you realise most of his game revolves around being physical and thats not something you gain back in 2 or 3 matches after a long time out.

    I don’t know what you meant by Possebon, but i doubt he can play the Hargreaves role, from what I’ve heard, his game seems to be made up of little physical ability, though yes he has been known to make the odd tackle here and there.

  16. furrball says:

    then what would you say his game’s made up of?

  17. Bob Koh says:

    Hargeaves needs alternative medicine, like Chinese herbal stuff or accupuncture treatment by some sinseh. He should come to Asia.

  18. denton davey says:

    OTRed: IF Hargreaves is fit (i.e., “match fit”) then I would imagine that he would be strongly considered for a starting assignment.

    Take your mind back a month or two, when UTD played the RentBoyz at Stamford Bridge, which was (I think) OH’s last match: he was deployed to pin down CashleyHole (and ThreeLungPark was given the same task in relation to Bosingwa). It worked splendidly because it was an assignment for which these two guys are admirably suited and choked their width.

    The example also makes two other points: first, SAF can do “strategy” with Carlos Quieroz at his side; and, second, one of the great strengths of this squad is that it can be deployed (and re-deployed) as conditions warrant.

    Indeed, SAF has become a kind of post-Ranieri “Tinkerman” and sometimes he gets it wrong. I’ll be very interested to see how he approaches Wednesday’s match with Celtic – one would imagine that he will have one eye on TheArse and might put out a “provisional squad”. Certainly, tomorrow’s match should feature Tevez and Rooney up-front to harrass and harry Celtic’s back line; Giggs is almost certain to get a game as is Fletcher and maybe Anderson as TheOldFootieKnight looks to knock out Celtic while at the same time reaching the magic ten points for qualification so that the December game in Spain against Villareal becomes of marginal importance. On Saturday, I would have expected Hargreaves and Park to get the nod to pin down Clichy and Sagna; Berbatov will be almost certain to add his aerial threat against the very shakey central defenders.

  19. gingerprince says:

    Oh Dear God …That’s Bad news I thought he was going to come back sometime this month

  20. Taehr says:

    Good news…clearly the rest thing aint working…

  21. suhayl says:

    What a player…great lungs, great crossing ( roma chelsea etc ), great set piece taker ( fulham arsenal etc ). Great runner, great stamina, great holding player, great versatility ( left back right back right wing left wing centre mid), great shows in important games last season ( chelsea, dippers, arsenal, roma etc ). Great pen taker ( champs lge final, only scorer in world cup 06 for england ).

    For me with scholsey the first choice midfield pairing.

    Devasted if true…rate him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  22. Manutd forever says:

    Loved Hargreaves especially for his goal against arsenal.but if his injury is worse than expected them i think manu really need someone to anchor our midfield cause scholes and giggs might be class but don’t have the legs. In carrick,anderson and fletch we have great quality but none of keane i think manu need someone like diarra who can help our attacking players a bit more freedom so they do not have to run back everytime and also to give players like anderson a free role.can anyone tell about aquilani and what role does he play for roma?

  23. SteRDLK says:

    IF its true, which I doubt, then is it really that big a blow?

    Sure, hes a top class midfielder, but we have coped without him

    And “Manutd forever”:

    Why do you call United “Manu”?

    Why do you think Aquilani and Diarra are good enough for United?

  24. Manutd forever says:

    sorry mate
    just thought that diarra might be a good defensive sub in closing stages.i just wanted some information about about Engelaar ?has height ,speed ,stamina ,flair and is good at defending too.he was great for the dutch at about him?

  25. Manutd forever says:

    sorry mate for addressing united as manu.
    just thought that diarra might be a good defensive sub in closing stages.i just wanted some information about about Engelaar ?has height ,speed ,stamina ,flair and is good at defending too.he was great for the dutch at about him?

  26. OTRed says:

    @DD: i get what you mean, but i really think it’d be strange thrusting Hargreaves into a CL or FA Cup final after 6months out even if he is fit.


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