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PICTURE: Hargreaves Has City Medical

Reports today claim that Owen Hargreaves is on the brink of signing for Manchester City after spending three hours at Bridgewater Hospital earlier today.

Hargreaves recently revealed that he offered to play for United for free this season but the club declined. However, he said he was in great shape and ready to make 40 appearances for a club this season.

Sir Alex Ferguson became increasingly frustrated with Hargreaves as the club continued to stand by him when helping him recover from his terrible injuries. Hargreaves insisted on finding his own treatments and the club were concerned about the mental barriers preventing him from returning, as much as the physical ones.

Mark Van Bommel has revealed he has turned down two moves to City over the past year, indicating that our rivals are certainly looking for a player in this mould. It’s hard to imagine that Hargreaves would get a game at City, even if by miracle he ever managed to be fit, and it’s hard to see his logic in signing for the club. Surely his priority should be playing football after so many years out, not warming a bench for top dollar.

As United fans wished him well, little did we know he was about to sign for our hated rivals.

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  1. Fred the Red says:

    it should read: piece of shit… but i guess u all figured that one out ;)

  2. Costas says:

    @Red Devil

    Hi mate. It’s completely different to the Tevez saga. For one thing, Owen didn’t try to divide us at any point of his career. He didn’t disrespect the manager on his way out. And unlike Tevez, United were his first choice. He only joined City because we allowed him to.

    As for who else he could have signed for, I think that a lot of people make assumptions. Arsenal were never in for him. Yeah, Harry said stuff publically, but that’s just Harry using his mouth as an anus. It’s something he’s done for years. The only 2 clubs that I remember hearing were interested were West Brom and Leicester. West Brom were taking their time with him (I presume that was their kind way of turning their back). As for Leicester, sorry, but I can’t ask of him to play in the CHampionship just so he won’t upset me.

  3. TheLeftBank says:

    I’m with @Costas and @Slim on this issue.

    I think the reaction to Hargo’s potential move to the Bitters is way way way overblown for all the reasons these guys point out.

    Hargo remains high in my estimation. He was a model professional player who wasn’t gimmicky but just got on with his job. A first class attitude and a hunger to win and do his best. He was one of the most intelligent players on the pitch and read the game well and got stuck in.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why United let him go. If he was willing to pay for FREE (that’s free! OMG in this day and age?!) then why couldn’t we have kept him if only for his attitude to rub off onto the youngsters. And if he was fit enough then play him and pay him accordingly would have been a bonus. But I guess SAF and his staff had their reasons and THEY called the shots.

    I think we are over-reacting and this is nothing like the Tevez saga…a two faced badge kissing bastard. I wasn’t enamored by either Nasri or Sneijder because they seem more mercenary if what I hear from the transfer saga carousel of discussions between agents and parties.

    I agree with others here.

    So if Hargo is now disloyal rat bag then what do we make of Peter Schmeichel who actually helped City win against United in his sole 2002-3 season?

    Or what of Denis ‘The King’ Law who played for City not once but twice – worse still, he back heeled United into relegation in the last game of the 1973-74 season (United would have been relegated anyway)?

    Are these two living legends now also rat bags?

    Hmmm I don’t hear the same guys who slag off Hargo slag them off. I DARE any of them to go up to either of these men and say it to their faces. I suspect they would rightly head butt you because they were tough bastards.

    Other United players have gone the other way too. I can only think of Peter Beardsley in more recent times but I am sure there are others in our past – can someone help me out here on a point of detail?

    Ironically some Man City players came the other way to us. Most memorably in 1908 Man City banned 18 players some of whom were snapped up by United such as Sandy Turnball and Billy Meredith who helped United win their first league title in 1909!

    I think we need to show some class, lads. Aren’t we better than this?

    Hargo was loyal to our club and gave it his all to the point he was willing to play for us for free. When he did play he was pure class and what a difference he made to our midfield. What damn shame he was never a regular fixture in the team because who knows how either of the Barca CL finals would have turned out.

    Then WE let him go. He didn’t agitate for a move we ended his career with us.

    What was he supposed to do as a working and dedicated professional?

    Sit on his ass and remember the glory days with United while feeling he could a job elsewhere?

    This doesn’t work in the real world of work because you work for one company then you don’t join your rival. We all do it. Footballers are professionals just as I am assuming we are whatever our professions.

    This whole saga is a ridiculous storm in a teacup.

    I laugh at the guys who say he could have joined WBA or Spurs etc. Really? Was there an offer on the table or was he being jerked around? Hmmm.

    Let’s not be a mindless lynch mob. Let’s show some class.

    And let’s wish Hargo all the best because the guy sweated blood for us. He was loyal and professional and never displayed anything but a modest hard working demeanour. He was a joy to watch in full flow.

    I for one wish him the best.

    Of course I prefer to be believe in my dreams that he’s being sent into Man City dressing room as a SAF stealth agent to cut off Tevez’a balls in the showers :)

    The Left Bank

  4. reDalerT says:

    gutted.. :( still, i wish the best of luck to his career (definately not vs us lol)

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    What’s with the @ thing when addressing people? Reading it sounds like this ‘I am with at person’

    Surely just mentioning the person’s name without the @ makes more sense! ;-)

  6. preslavbg says:

    I used to like him, nuthin but a big knob to me now!

  7. Red Devil says:


    I take your points mate….
    But in terms of money, both Tevez and (Rooney might I add) Hargreaves did whats best for themselves….
    I’m sure if he had offered himself on a pay as you play deal to Spurs or Arse, they would have been interested…As I said, maybe I’m being too sentimental because its city, but I think its terrible after what United have done for him for 3 years.

    He wont even get regular football there…do you see him starting ahead of Nasri, yaya toure and silva and de jong in midfield..?? At this stage he should be looking to play as much as possible and rebuild his career…not chasing money with shitty..
    He’s got enough money out of United hasn’t he..? He’s hardly skint and having to go out with a hat?

  8. MG says:

    Back to MG again Costas

    I hate being moderated


  9. redcrab says:

    @ TheLeftBank: “I think we are over-reacting and this is nothing like the Tevez saga…” I think that in both cases a large (main?) factor in the transfers is a deliberate attempt to wind up MUFC and it’s fans. It is of course down to individuals to decide whether or not they will allow themselves to be wound up.

    It’s natural that some people will rise to the bait and others will not. Of course I’m sure that some ‘dippers will say that is exactly why we signed Michael Owen.

    I prefer to believe that it was because the gaffer wanted someone to chat about horse racing with!

  10. Costas says:

    @Red Devil

    But that’s the thing. We don’t know what other offers he had. If he signed a contract with City for guaranteed money, then I might have believed that he was after the money. But signing a pay per play contract at a club where he won’t play a lot of games just shows that his intention was to sign for another club at the top level. I respect that, but if I was him, I would have signed for a middle of the table club. It’s not just that he will get more games, he’ll get paid more for that too.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if City were the only club that were willing to offer him any sort of contract. Damn fuckers will piss away money just to wind us up.

  11. Red Devil says:

    Just think about the following situation…

    The game at Old Trafford is 0-0, Last couple of minutes…
    City win a free kick just outside the box and Hargreaves, who has come on as a sub for Yaya Toure or Nasri, curls one into the top corner and the bitters are pissing themselves ..

    God I shudder to even imagine that…

  12. Red Devil says:

    The bitter cunts would sing about the curly haired one till eternity just to wind us up…it would be unbearable…..

    You’re right, City are doing this just to wind us up…God damn them, I hate those bitter cunts..

  13. Costas says:


    As for Scmeichel, people also forget that he was celebrating City’s goals against us at Maine Road a bit too much. At the time it royally pissed me off, but at the end of the day, he’s a competitive guy and that’s his job. Hargreaves is an ambitious player and wants to try his luck at a top 4 club like City. We loved those players for those attributes. Can’t complain just because they showcase them at another club, even if that club is City.

  14. Costas says:

    @Red Devil

    I’d hate that scenario, but it can’t get any worse than Dennis Law’s backheel, would it? We just have to make sure we’ve taken take of them before that time! But really, if he gets 5-10 games for them (regular or sub), I’ll be very surprised.

  15. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Costas, Best Schmeichel at City moment: Red Nev’s refusal to shake his hand before the derby and the cold stare forward to go along with it.

    Gives me the shudders to this day. Our Red Nev is some legend, isn’t he?

  16. Costas says:


    If only Gaz didn’t have a stinker of a game that day!

  17. King Eric says:

    United – No need to call us idiots you arrogant prick.

    Why the fuck is everyone changing their names?

    NBI – Dalglish is not a top manager pal, he is a fucking bottle job who will be out the door when the going gets tough. He has form. Do his purchases of Carrol, Henderson and Downing look like those of a top coach?

  18. King Eric says:

    Oh and for those saying Big Pete ‘s name hasn’t been tainted, I disagree. I never look at him in the same light after his celebrations for City. Still like him but not the same.

  19. King Eric says:

    The Left Bank – The reason Fergie didnt want him to play for “FREE”, yeah right, was because he coul;dnt fucking play. He is fucked to put it bluntly. 5 minutes in 3 years. Why on earth should Fergie keep him on?

    I still find it astounding actually that some are perfectly ok with this move to our bitter rivals. Its not on.

  20. King Eric says:

    “For the life of me I can’t understand why United let him go”

    What. Seriously? That line doesnt even warrant a response mate. I think its blatantly obvious.

  21. King Eric says:

    Sweated blood? Oh yes he did. For thirty games. Think I could manage that lads. Look I aint being flippant I really liked Owen, I honestly did. I think too much was placed on him not being around. For example even last season folk were saying we are missing Owen. we weren’t. he hadnt played in two and we hadnt done too bad trophy wise. A great player, very sad for him with his condition but I still dont like the fact he has gone there. Cheers for what you did do though Owen in 07/08

  22. King Eric says:

    Red Devil – Hello mate. How are you? As bitter as me by the sounds of things! That scenario at 0-0 wouldnt happen pal. He would pull his hamstring on the run up!

  23. Rotegzy says:

    I used to think everything about United should be classy and different from others including players and fans alike, but over the past few months, I’ve realised that humans are the same all over. Giggs’s affair, Rooney’s and now for an all-time low. Those of you slagging the guy, have you ever thought about what it was like for him having not played for so long, seeing his mate win stuffs day in day out and he’s just sitting there cropped-up. Spare a thought for him please. Hossanah today, crucify him tomorrow. Such a shame. If you were in his shoes what would you do. This is someone who offered to play for us free but we turned him down maybe justifiably so. Would you have preferred he does nothing about his career to him joining your hated rival? That’s selfish. I have nothing against him as much I hate the fact that its city but Owen is a fellow human like me who still needs to fend for himself and his family. I wish him the best, though not against us.

  24. ZuluUtd-Malta says:

    We always respected you here in Malta when you were at B Munich. When you joined us we were trilled and after your first game with us we loved you ever since, so please Hargo, don’t cross the fine line. Respect us and yourself. DO NOT GO TO CITY for god’s sake !! May be by God’s will you have another 4 years playing the game, they will pass and you will be rememberd for the rest of your life as JUDAS !!!!
    Think about it mate !!!!

  25. King Eric says:

    Roteksy – He is hardly on the bread line is he?

  26. DreadedRed says:

    City’s Owen Hargreaves … or is that City Owns Whoregrieves?

  27. Fred says:


  28. Red Devil says:

    King Eric

    Hello mate…thanks for asking mate…Hope you’re good too.
    As for hargreaves, I am really disappointed…I think its a terrible way to repay our faith in him. He could have chosen any of the other 17 clubs including chelsea and Arsenal and I wouldn’t be so bothered, but going to City after all that playing for free shit a couple of days ago is just taking the piss.

    And the scenario at 0-0, I really hope it doesn’t happen pal, coz I will break my tv set and probably my knuckles along with it as well.


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