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Hargreaves “Hopefully” Back For END Of Jan

Owen Hargreaves was registered to play for Manchester United drawing the group stages of the Champions League, which finished during the first week of December.

The manager has today claimed he hopes Hargreaves will be ready for the end of January.

“Owen’s doing a bit better this week, and he’s coming along slowly,” said Ferguson. “Hopefully he’ll be back at the end of January.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    It getting fucking silly now this. However I would much rather him come back 100% fit rather than 92% fit. Roll on his return. “Owen Hargreaves, you are the love of my life………………………………………..”

  2. Costas says:

    What’s to comment? Lets just don’t give any time tables. I don’t know what’s going on with our injured playes this season, but no one can tell us conclusively when they will be back. It’s ridiculous. For example, what has happened to John O’Shea that has forced him to return later than the Leeds game? Why has Hargo’s return date chaged so many times?

  3. 293 says:

    Some days ago i read united paid sorcerers … maybe its time to fire them and hire better ones. clearly some one has cursed the defence and they can’t deal with it… Its quite understandable with Hargo. He needs time after one year out.

  4. red indian says:

    lets give him time..i don’t think he would play a major role this season anyways..we should buy cover in jan though

  5. aig alex is god says:

    my doubts increase every time his return gets delayed. will he ever be back? how much time will he take to get back to anywhere near his best? . was supposed to be back in november, now it is end of jan.

  6. Red Rooney says:

    till the time he gets to form, we’ll already be fucked out from the CL.

  7. rooney the new king says:

    I thought saha was bad hargreaves injury problems are 10 times worse, doubts cast in my mind for me if we will ever see him again in a united shirt it is a shame.

  8. Don Pablo says:

    As most have said above, everytime the return date is postponed, doubts creep in as to whether he will ever return. It was supposed to be August at first now its January. I’m not liking this at all.

  9. denton davey says:

    We’ve just got to be patient with Owen Hargreaves. Both of his knees were essentially reconstructed and the surgeon said that they were the worst he’s seen in over thirty years of doing sports medicine.

    IF he can come back and start playing by the end of January that would be like a new player – but, in reality, what kind of condition will he be in ? I had hoped that he would be contributing by January and, I suppose, that there’s still a chance that that might happen but, realistically, it looks like he’s being lined up for next season (hopefully, that will keep him out of the World WankFest in June – it really would be tragic if UTD got him back to full, match fitness only for him to get crocked in South Africa).

  10. Fze123 says:

    @ denton davey

    “it really would be tragic if UTD got him back to full, match fitness only for him to get crocked in South Africa).”

    I would commit suicide if this happens.

    But his injury recovery has been delayed far too many times. First, it was said he’d be back mid october. Then we heard he could be back early november. Then Fergie said he trained too, suffered another setback, and we were told he could be back for Besiktas game on 25th Nov. We all got excited when we saw him training with the first team, although he was only doing ball work. We were told a while ago that he could be back beginning of Jan. Now Fergie’s hoping he’s fit for the end of Jan. Is this some kind of joke?

    I know he underwent a serious injury, but we could have been told that his recovery will take atleast 4 months, instead of informing us every month that he’ll be fit in a few weeks time. I for one keep getting my hopes and expectation up for nothing. Hargo is one of my favourite players, he’s not to blame, but sometimes I wish we had bought him after he had surgery on his knees and his problem got cured.

    If Fletcher is not playing, our midfield will suffer against tough european teams. How handy would Hargo’s versatility have been in this defence crisis. He could have played at RB and Fletcher would have been playing normally in midfield. It cost us 3 points against Villa, and my cost us more if the 12 or 13 injured players don’t recover soon enough.

  11. ¡No Pasarán! (Altrincham, Greater Manchester) says:

    the end of January, the middle of february, the end of march, 2009, 2010, 2011…’s getting beyond a joke, time for his contract to be cancelled by mutual consent and get a new DM who can stay fit for more than once every 15 months…..

  12. Fred says:

    ¡No Pasarán! Maybe we should have torn up Ole Solskjaer’s contract when he was out for over a year with knee trouble? How about Scholesy when he missed all that time with his eye problem?

  13. King Eric says:

    Fred – Spot on fella.

  14. Zainab MUFC 10 says:

    Look Fergie mentioned that he is going through mental issues. Like his confidence hasn’t regained form. For god sakes the lad had both his knees ripped apart and then got rebuilt like a lego. slow and steady wins the race.
    Say he does come back @ the end of Jan, we still have Milan, and 4 months of the PL.
    Being out for almost 2 years, really brings a players confidence down, he isn’t just going to wake up and put on a utd shirt and start playing. The guy has suffered to major blows. And if this long run, finally ends his misery the hell yeah I will wait till the end of Jan.

    Take your time hargo. xx

  15. Justice for Heysel says:

    Fuck off haggers.

  16. Justice for Heysel says:

    Zainab…. Slow and steady wins the race? Have u not seen Bolt running hahaha

  17. rooninho says:

    get well soon hargo! i liked the ole/scholes analogy by fred, but there’s also the saha analogy to worry about.

    at this point we just need to assume that he’s not in the squad for the rest of the season. all these delays are just driving most of us bonkers. it’s better to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised, than to keep getting our hopes continually dashed.

    for now i will just imagine him making that free kick against arsenal!

  18. zunaid ally says:

    I have my doubts as to whether Hargreaves will ever be able to play regularly again,and most importantly, at a consistently high level that is demanded at United. I think the Wizard should go out and recruit a defensive midfielder in the window to take the pressure off Darren Fletcher.

  19. Wakey says:


    The thing with Saha though is I think we often rushed him back before he was not only fully fit but mentally there. When you aren’t mentally there and are being careful rather than being 100% committed you are just asking for trouble. I’m hoping the delays with hargreaves is just United having learnt from Saha (Plus the way the slow and steady way worked with Ole and to a degree with Neville)

  20. Stephen says:

    Call me a negative but for me he is finished which is a real shame.

  21. Corea says:

    Fuck.. I don’t know what to say.. i love the player so much.

  22. Fred says:

    Thing about the Saha analogy is that Louis was frequently getting different injuries all the time, to the extent where it seemed he was a hypochondriac.

    Hargreaves has had one very bad injury that hampered his first season (though he was still very influential in our success in 07/08) and had to be operated on for the good of his career.

    He had operations on both knees, obviously his rehabilitation was going to be a long process. It’s unfair to characterise him as some sort of “sicknote” who is always getting injured.

  23. adi3443 says:

    to comment about the change of date of his return … you just have to experience it first hand … I’m no professional footballer just play for fun … I’d both of my knee operated due to ACL ruptured while playing football (separate occasion) … knees are very complex body anatomy … its very hard to predict the exact date when you are going to play again … my first operation was when I was 24 and the doctor was just a simple orthopeadic not someone famous … with on and off knees injury … now I’m 30 Thank GOD I can play football back … but still there are some little pain in the knee but the important thing is that I can still play …

  24. Fred says:

    adi3443 – any chance you can play centreback, mate? :-D


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