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Hargreaves: I Will Come Back Stronger

Owen Hargreaves last game for Manchester United was our 1-1 draw away to Chelsea. He saw out the full 90 minutes before decisions were made to operate on both of his knees in November.

Whilst Darren Fletcher is capable of filling the more sterdy midfield role, we really are lacking in players like Hargreaves in our squad, which makes it so frustrating to be without him for so long. He is quality and could really add something to the way we play but it’s looking like the earliest we’ll get him back is 2010.

Regardless, Hargreaves has tried to stay positive and reckons he’ll be back better than before.

“I’m going to come back stronger and hopefully add a couple of years to my career,” said Hargreaves. “It’s been so frustrating. As an athlete and being so competitive, it’s hard to watch when you normally would be out there.”

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  1. Costas says:

    Come back Hargo!We miss you!

  2. Seasider says:

    Knees, knees, knees.

    Rafael Nadal suffers from a similar problem and reckons it’s manageable by playing to a judicious schedule. I’d settle for a fully fit Hargreaves for 30 games a season. He’s such an asset in those big games. United can beat 3/4 of the PL with a midfield of Nani, Scholes, Gibson and Giggs.

  3. Mikael says:

    Well he’s a great player when fit. Excellent at breaking up attacks and has a great foot from set pieces… I really hope he comes back so we don’t need to spend on another holding player.

    Fletch has done superb but he’s only one player and can’t play every game. Anderson should play higher up the pitch and Scholes is a liabillity (if he comes on then he’s about 5 minutes away from a yellow card) and when he plays he should also play higher. Possebon is too young and Gibson is not of enough quality.


  4. Anon says:

    acc to reports, he is not expected be4 Jan, which is the time even Adam Ljajic is expected to land in Manchester.
    TWO new signings? One a proven class act, the other a budding talent, all of 17, can’t wait!!

  5. Fze123 says:

    I really do hope he comes back with a bang and fully fit. He hasn’t been playing for a long time, and should be in the pre-season squad to raise his fitness level. I wish somehow he could recover quickly and start at the beginning of the season. In the meantime, we need an attacking midfielder, and david silva is the player.

  6. wayne says:

    lets hope his problems are over he will be a big addition

  7. Nizam says:

    We already have so many midfielders, Hargreaves said that he will be back in October and hope he’ll get well soon because United need someone like him especially he the one who can do the freekick..

  8. Nizam says:

    And not to forget we don’t need David Silva since we already have Fletcher and Carrick. They both can play attacking and also defending.. That the amazing thing that the two of them have. We can’t rely on Anderson because sometimes he didn’t play very well, lack of passing accuracy when counter-attack and disposes the ball very quickly.

  9. unitedgirl15 says:

    Come back so i can sing your song again!

  10. United4eva says:

    The player we badly needed in Rome. Against players like Iniesta and Xavi you need Hargreaves in your midfield. I’m desperate to see this fella fully fit. If we sorted out Giggsy’s dodgy hamstrings surely we can cure OH?

  11. UnitedFan says:

    missing hargo was the reason we lost in rome

  12. Gudjohnsen says:

    Come on Hargo, we will be waiting mate…

  13. chido says:

    2010? Champions League Final would have been a different story had Hargreaves been around and to be on the sideline uptill 2010 is a serious blow on our tittle defence.

  14. denton davey says:

    Seasider @ 13:50 – absolutely spot on. UTD can beat all of the DeadMenWalking and Pretenders without Hargreaves since Fletcher, Nani, Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Anderson, and Gibson provide plenty for those suppposed “contests”. Where Hargeaves AND Fletcher are absolutely vital is in the key match-ups against the “Big Four” and the top teams in Europe – missing them in Rome was a big reason why TheLads looked so feeble in containing Iniesta and Xavi.

    I’d like to share in the optimism regarding Hargreaves’ recovery but he has had both legs operated on so that tells us two things – the pain was chronic and couldn’t be managed; and, the recovery-time is likely to be rather long. IF we could be sure that he will come back “as good as new” (or maybe even bionically better) then I wouldn’t think about spending a huge dollop of the Ronaldo-cash on Daniele di Rossi, BUT we have to live in the real world and that means counting on Hargreaves is an iffy proposition.

  15. TonyBee says:

    Seasider/Denton Davey : Agree with you on 3 out of the 4 but Nani…. no way a bit part player at best and will only feature for the first team in the Carling etc…. not a premier player I’m afraid.
    When and if SAF signs some more talent Nani’s chances will become even more rare

  16. FailsworthDevil says:

    IF we have a returning fit hargo… then he will be such an important part of the team next season… this lad is class at the job he does…. and can take a clever free kick taker… solid tackler, great at hassling, clever passer… he would be a big big boost to the team..

  17. OTRed says:

    Not sure where you got 2010 from, reports this morning say OCTOBER.

  18. AlphaRS says:

    I certainly hope OH comes back stronger as 37 appearances since 2007 for United is a poor return on £17 million. Taking in to account wages of around £80k per week he is very expensive.

    Could be mistaken for Michael Owens statistics in his brochure!

  19. Kings says:

    Come back soon Hargo, we’ve missed you mate, especially in the European Cup Final. Still can’t get over that defeat.

  20. KJ says:

    Now thats Ron’s gone, were gonna need his freekicks (that dont hit the wall 85% of the time).

  21. vishnu1729 says:

    hargreves=iniesta=daniel de rosi.
    he will make the cruising manchester ship rock solid….

  22. doncobaino says:

    thats the spirit HARGO!

    anyone notice tonight, Kleberson got on for Brazil tonight and Anderson was nowhere to be seen!

  23. Ulster Red says:

    seriously missed hargo and fletcherino in the CL final

  24. Red-Manc says:

    When he’s fit i think he’s one of the most important players in our squad, great defensivly but can offer alot going forward aswell he can play in a few postitions so it helps us when we have injuries.

    I really do hope he comes back stronger because he’s a top class player without a doubt.

  25. Corea says:

    I said a month ago that he will be fit for October, no ?
    Fingers crossed.

  26. Devilton says:

    Hope he makes it back…as good as he is, we really should have paid attention to his injury record. The man has dodgy knees and the longer he stays out the more the likely hood he will not be able to have a long career in the game.

    Just ask Martin Laursen.

  27. Altonian says:

    “doncobaino Said,

    anyone notice tonight, Kleberson got on for Brazil tonight and Anderson was nowhere to be seen!”

    That’s because Anderson is injured and was replaced in the squad by Kleberson…

    Hopefully he’s back in October and then can stay fit, he would be like a new signing providing he does. If Fergie’s not willing to rely on him I’d love to see De Rossi, real class who I feel would fit in perfectly.

  28. denton davey says:

    Yeah, but it was amazing that Kleberson is still in the reckoning for Brazil. Same goes for Gilberto Silva who was squeezed out at TheArse when they had no one to take his place as the “Invisible wall” after Flamini buggered off to Meeelan.

    Speaking of Brazil, their performance was just terrific. They now play a much more defensive style, which is a reflection of their coach, Dunga, who was a midfield “enforcer”. I’m still not completely convinced by Luis Fabiano – the lead striker – but he scored twice. I still think that if FatRonaldo can somehow get himself healthy and match-fit that he will lead the line for them. ThePhenomenon has an unerring nose for goal – like Gerd Muller and SuperPippo, with speed. What a tragedy that he’s been so injury-prone and such a nitwit in his private life. He could have been a true legend.

  29. doncobaino says:

    cheers Alt- thats why I brought it up so someone could clear it up for me!

  30. david22hughes says:

    i watched kleberson play a few months ago in the brazilian league and he absolutely ran the show – scored a hat-trik in a 5-3 win………he is still pretty much the same player but the difference is the amount of time he is allowed on the ball in brazil compared to in the premiership where players like him are hounded by guys like hargreaves, mascherano and essien………utd miss that kind of player bably against the best teams……fletcher is decent but thats about it……….

  31. boolman says:

    I don’t understand why people regard De Rossi highly. I always thought he is overrated and anybody can see in the recent confederation cup how he was easily outclassed by the midfield of Egypt and Brazil.If we need to buy a player, he has to add some real quality and variety to the ones we have at the moment. I honestly believe we can be really good next season by showing more belief in our youth and doing some tactical adjustment like playing 4-3-1-2 (Dasilva-Rio-Vida-Evra-Carrick-Fletcher-Park-Anderson (in the hole)-Rooney-Berbatov) and bench Macheda-Gibson-O’shea-Giggs-Nanni-welbeck-Tosic…..Really we have enough quality all over the team.
    I don’t think we should go for Valencia also the lad scored only seven goals in three seasons and he is not big on assists either.


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