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Hargreaves: My Chant Makes Me Laugh

Owen Hargreaves joined United as a highly rated player, after being shunned by England fans for years. Sir Alex Ferguson had been chasing him for a number of years, but finally got his man last summer.

Hargreaves scored our winner against Arsenal just weeks before the end of the season, as well as putting away a penalty in the European Cup final. There’s no denying he has the United quality.

However, his injuries have prevented us from seeing him as much as we’d like to, with his persistent tendinitis problem.

Still, he is loved by our fans, and even got a chant dedicated to him whilst in Moscow for the Champions League final.

“I’ve heard it, yeah,” Hargreaves said. “A friend of Scholesy’s, a massive United fan, phoned me while I was on holiday in the summer and sang it on my answerphone! The first time I heard it was on the way back from Moscow. We were at the airport and it was a bit of a trek to the departure gate. There were a few fans about and they started singing it. Me and Sheasy just looked at each other and burst out laughing.”

Great chant, shame we pinched it from West Ham!

(Can you think up better chants? Click here)

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  1. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    On the issue of chants Scott, where exactly do the majority of chants come from? Who starts them off, and where are the ‘official’ unveiling of them???

  2. traanZ says:

    I’d let him shag my wife!

  3. Margaret says:

    Lucky wife!!!

  4. Stephen says:

    Hope he doesn’t laugh too much might pull a stomach muscle!

  5. katty says:

    lol stephen… hope he gets fit soon we seem to be short on midfielders these days…

  6. red devil says:

    Can anyone write that chant about Hargo :) )) ??

  7. suhayl says:

    Great chant…but seriously hope he gets full fitness and consistency SOON….

    Such a brilliant vital top player for us

  8. Kings says:

    Great chant! On a serious note, a top quality player, hope he gets back to full fitness soon.

  9. Wiggsman says:

    Can’t Take My Eyes Of You
    “Ohhhhhh Owen Hargreaves,
    You are the love of my life
    Oh Owen Hargreaves
    I’d let you shag my wife
    Oh Owen Hargreaves
    I want curly hair too”

  10. Fuglis says:

    Oh Owen Hargreaves
    You’re the love of my life
    Oh Owen Hargreaves
    I’ll let you shag my wife
    Oh Owen Hargreaves
    I want curly hair to

  11. Fuglis says:

    Hehe Wiggsman, beat me to it there buddy…

  12. physio says:

    but where is saha?

  13. OTRed says:

    Sorry physio, his presence will grace the Everton physio room now. OTOH you have Sahargreaves and Foster(sadly) to keep you company.

  14. pet says:

    I love the chant but I wont let you shag my bummy wife

  15. TK 99 says:

    Hargo is a great player IMo.Unfortunately he has this fucking problem in his knee,but i’m sure he’ll overcome it and he’ll continue to shine with us..we desperately need him now.

  16. peacesofpeace says:

    Hey i like the chant not as much as i like Hargreaves BUT i’l kill him if he ever came near my wife…lol

  17. Ben says:

    Of all the United players, he looks like one of the best to have a sense of humour that matches his chant.

    And I too want curly hair…


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