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Hargreaves: We Shouldn’t Be Punished For Rangers’ Behaviour

Manchester was a complete mess just a couple of months ago, following the dreadful behaviour of travelling Rangers fans to watch their team in the UEFA Cup final.

Following the failure of one of the screens as well as a defeat for the Scottish side, the Rangers fans went mental, destroying our city.

As a consequence, it was announced that Manchester United would not be allowed to parade their Premier League trophy through the streets. The European Cup final was to follow in the next week, but even a victory in Moscow wouldn’t change Manchester City Council’s mind.

“There will not be a parade immediately following the Uefa final next week but details are being discussed to organise an event which may take place during the summer,” read the statement.

Albert Scanlon, one of the Babes, condemned this decision, taking a swipe at the city council.

“All they’re doing is punishing their own people for their own mistakes. It wasn’t the people of Manchester’s fault what happened on Wednesday. It was shambolic,” he said. “It is all down to their own mistakes with Rangers which has condemned the United fans out of hand. If we win, the only place you will be able to see the cup is at Old Trafford, but not everyone can be there.”

Owen Hargreaves has today echoed these sentiments, claiming all the players, as well as everyone else at the club, is bitterly disappointed that they couldn’t share their success with the fans.

The trophies have been shown to our fans in the pre-season tour and will be revealed at Old Trafford before our friendly against Juventus next month. However Hargreaves believes that the fans should have been given the opportunity to celebrate with the players and trophies immediately following our success in Moscow.

“This is a belated opportunity for the fans to see the cups because obviously we did not have a celebration afterwards,” said Hargreaves. “However, it really is something that should have been done as soon as we came back. Everyone was disappointed it did not happen – the players, the staff and the fans. Trophies such as that are the culmination of so much hard work. It doesn’t happen very often, so it is a shame something could not be set up. It is something that needs to be looked at because Manchester United could not be blamed for what happened at the UEFA Cup Final.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Spot on Scott, ps fuck me you can churn out some posts, keep em comming!!

  2. Gabriel says:

    The Council really messed up on that one, I know hundreds of fans in Manchester that were incensed by that decision. We won the double tho, and we’re going for seven trophies nxt season, so there’s no way we’re not gonna pack the streets of Manchester nxt year!!! can’t wait!!

  3. Tom F says:

    Spot on Stephen, ps fuck me you can churn out some comments, keep em coming!!

  4. SINGH says:

    Fuckin Rangers scum.Up the Hoops!!!!

  5. eddidaz says:

    I was gutted that I couldn’t see them parade through Sale, where I live, up into town again :(

  6. suhayl says:

    Fuckin bastrad rangers fans…spoilt our great day and a great summer party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    Would have been bigger than 99…with half a million lining the streets..unfortunately half a mill cant fit into OT.

    PS. scott how do you get the time to write and post so many articles…takes me hours to read……hence i cannot even contemplate how long your thinking and writing must go into them…..

  7. J Cage says:

    Typical Rangers fans.. Absolute disgrace. If it was Celtic in the final then this would have been celebrated ” the way fans should behave”… Why are Rangers fans allowed to ruin Manchesters triumph?? Ridiculous!!

  8. azza says:

    u get me through work each and everyday, although im not sure ur awake a 9am scott as nothing refreshes till 1ish!!! class mate!

  9. olusanjo says:

    i think the guys at the city council must have a lot of bitters amongst them. if the blue half of manchester dominates the city council (bearing it in mind that their own beloved team has never and might never get to experience the feeling of lifting the champions league trophy) they will not allow the street parade and then use the stupid excuse of the rangers fans irresponsibility.
    are we rangers?
    do we share the same fans?
    did we behave unruly in moscow?
    JEALOUSY IS A DISEASE!!! get a cure, city council
    Glory Glory Man United!!! We Rule!!!

  10. tevra says:

    Trafford Council were totally up for it as a large majority of the bus route is through Trafford, but then manchester city council fucked it for everyone. They should of just done it through trafford, from carrington to O.T. Manchester City Council are Man City Bias guys, they built the fuckers a stadium, deny our trophy parade, what more evidence do we need?

  11. dave killer says:

    thankfully i went to moscow but when i left there i was anticipating the streets of manchester being caked in fans, scarves, flags etc a few days later… and to find out it wasn’t gonna happen was devastating!! i was also in manchester town centre the night rangers were playing, i went to down with a few mates with plastic bags full of beer hoping to join in with the banter and have a great night but minutes in to the game it all kicked off and i had a feeling they wouldn’t leave the screens up for those hoping to watch united-chelsea… thanks rangers for ruining our summer ( just because you fucked your own season up!!!)

  12. JPF says:

    You can be sure if Cideh had won some tinpot cup they’d have been allowed a parade. Really took the shine off that great night inb Moscow not being able to celebrate, in our own city, that we pay the taxes for, just because some sweaty jocks can’t behave themselves. Fucking joke.

  13. Jimmy the Weed says:

    I, like many other United fans think that this is a disgraceful decision by the city council. It was partly their fault that the dirty Hooligans of Rangers wrecked our beautiful city because they allowed these drunken slobs to come into Manchester without match tickets and ENCOURAGED them to drink all day, all for the sake of a few quid of revenue. They are on another planet if they think that a European Cup victory parade would turn out similar scenes in the winners own city. Politicians disgust me


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