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Hart: Welbeck Is A Mad, Mad, Mad United Fan

Joe Hart has reflected on the mood of the England camp when it is filled with plenty of United and City players. Hart insists the players are respectful of each other, but that Danny Welbeck being a massive United fans makes it impossible to say much without him reacting.

“We all get on very well when we meet up,” he said. “You have to be very respectful about the touchy subjects because players have passion and love for their club. I’m the same for my club and so we are never disrespectful. We spoke with them about winning the League [last season] and it was open and respectful and a very good vibe. Danny Welbeck is the worst to crack because he is a mad, mad, mad Manchester United fan. I joke that he can hate me at United but we have to be friends with England. He lives on my road actually and we have some good banter but it is always professional.”

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  1. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:

    Well, well, well … Woy’s boys did okay, didn’t they?

  2. JC says:

    Costas, he’s responsible for saying YES SIR when Fergie tells him to do something.

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    Danny Welbeck in you we also trust.

    great player who needs to get next season his ronaldo-mode on, scoring goals, he lacks nothing else, and that’s a good thing, cause scoring goals can come later on!

    This season he’s been played out of position and sometiems as a striker, but hasn’t scored. Anyway we trust in you to improve on scoring.


    PS: saw some GIFS that somebody put about Zaha and I really got exited the way he plays, guys we really got a great prospect!

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    @iced earth was the lad who put those GIFs

    I though it was in another thread.


  5. DreadedRed says:

    Costas – are you suggesting that a thieving scouser stole the No.7 jersey’s mojo?
    No real surprise there, I’d suggest!

    The Secret Footballer was always an interesting read. He previously expressed his views on the role of the assistant manager, or No. 2 as he calls them. Here’s a summary:

    “The role of the No2 is under‑appreciated, and has nothing like the same limelight as the manager’s position, although their work can certainly be crucial to a club’s success. From the players’ point of view, the assistant acts as the “good cop” in a changing room shortly after the manager has torn a strip off the team, and for a manager they are the savvy and shrewd tacticians who breathe football day and night.

    “They work at close quarters with the players on the training pitch, communicating the manager’s ideas without all the F-words. They also act as a link between the player and the manager, in particular for those players who never like to deal with the manager directly.

    “Although a manager must be able to trust his assistant, he also needs his right-hand man to challenge his methods and pull him up when something isn’t working.”

    That and more at:

  6. orez says:

    Great to have fan playing for us, but his finishing sucks

  7. gazzer says:

    Yes, Wellbeck is not always polished near goal but we need to cut him a lot of slack. Adebayor was not that impressive at first, and you can definitely say that Walcott has turned out a lot better than he was looking a couple of years ago.

  8. Unitedforeva says:

    My humble opinion is Welbeck needs to learn about ball shielding and being more clinical & taking chances instantly when presented with a chance, as seen by last night’s game against Brazil. Other than that, love the guy & also as he has the same birthday as moi, 26 Nov.

  9. Costas says:


    Lol, that’s usually how I like to sum up his responsibilities. With all due respect to Mike Phelan of course. :)


    Thanks for the link mate. It was enlightening. Based on that description. I definitely see some of those qualities in Phelan. Especially the good cop part. I think he plays a key role in terms of locker room atmosphere and maintaining a Manchester United mentality in there. That part I always appreciate about Phelan. I’m just not sure how much he has to do with the tactical side. And as the article said, it’s important (even if the manager is Sir Alex) for an assistant to challenge him on some ideas. That’s what I’d like to think is happening on our bench. Whether it’s from Phelan or Rene.


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