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Why Queiroz Hasn’t Lost The Plot With Real Rant

The battle between Real Madrid over Cristiano Ronaldo has probably barely even begun. Every summer the same rumours arise, linking our young Portuguese winger to the club.

After a threat of being reported to FIFA, Real Madrid have taken a step back, claiming they are not trouble makers, and will leave Ronaldo alone.

Real Madrid president, Ramon Calderon, today claimed “we are not going to start a conflict.” However, in their desperate attempt to appear to crawl up United’s arse, reckon they had a fantastic relationship with the club, despite Fergie’s claims of the contrary, and they still found room to get a dig in and undermine our position.

“We know Manchester doesn’t want to sell and we have nothing to say,” he continued. “It’s a problem between the player and his team.”

Carlos Queiroz hasn’t responded to kindly to this claim and let rip back in Portugal. Some have called his rant bizarre, but I have a strong feeling every single word was thought out to the benefit of United.

Queiroz digs deep in to Portuguese history to explain his point, leading to several news resources hinting he’s lost the plot.

“Cristiano Ronaldo will never be Spanish! As they will never take Olivenca again,” Queiroz said, referring to the small town on the disputed border between the two countries. “They already did the same with Christopher Columbus, and it now seems they want to naturalise Cristiano Ronaldo,” he added, referring to the explorer who both countries claim to be theirs. He hadn’t finished yet though, delving deeper, and pointing to the 60-year Philippine Dynasty when Portugal was ruled by three Spanish kings until the bloodless revolution of 1640. “Have they already forgotten what we did to them in the past? We will never lose our patience.”

Queiroz, who is proudly Portuguese, just like Ronaldo, clearly knows what he is doing here. This is no rant of a mad man, but the cleverly calculated statements of a man who is keen to dissuade his brightest talent from leaving the club for a Spanish club.

He goes to dig the knife in deeper, now claiming Real Madrid are trying to unsettle the player ahead of what will be an extremely important occasion for Ronaldo, representing his country as captain in Euro 2008.

“It’s being done in a manner to distract the Portugal team, at the height of their preparations for the European Championships,” Queiroz said. “But I am convinced that despite pressure from the Spanish sporting press he will not accept to change his nationality. However, it is an attack with a well-defined strategy and Portugal should be worried about that.”

Ronaldo loves playing for United and winning trophies with us, Ronaldo has a dream of one day playing for Real Madrid, but ahead of both of these things will always be Ronaldo’s love for Portugal. Queiroz is cleverly pitting Real Madrid against Ronaldo’s beloved country.

This tactic might not work on Ronaldo forever, but it certainly will make him think twice about jetting off to Madrid any time soon!

Has Queiroz come up trumps again?

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  1. Gel Boy says:

    Is this the same Carlos Queiroz who left Manchester United to manage Real Madrid a few seasons ago? ;)

  2. Roxas says:

    Quieroz has been our unsung hero this and last year.

    stay with fergie until he retires and he’s a shoe in for the job.

  3. Supa Red says:

    Madrid are has beens, they think they are the biggest club in the world, we have more fans, we are the best team this year and have a fantastically young squad, which hasnt even seen its peak. They want to match our greatness but cant because they only have expertise in poaching players, and have no idea how to develop and make legends.

  4. n667 says:

    wht a statement!, this wuld hav unsettled madrids plans, he surely has learnt some tricks from fergie.. queiroz, able successor..

  5. Bahama says:

    I blame Ronaldo. What’s with all this “after the Champions League I’ll decide” and “in two weeks” and now its “in three weeks”. He’s on a five year contract ffs, what’s to decide?!!

  6. chrispus says:

    wow he’s bright and sharper than i thought. QUEIROZ 4 MANAGER AFTER FERGIE. at that rate, we’ll keep all our best players.

  7. eddidaz says:

    Nothing like a bit of xenophobia in the globalised game that is football today. Still, whatever he thinks will keep Ronny here can only be a good thing.

  8. John says:

    carlos q is the man. these portuguese managers are classic. big phil and jose are pure entertainment, seems our portuguese lad is too! carlos for manager!

  9. nagraj says:

    breathtakingly machiavallian…this is the same guy who jumped at the chance to join madrid remember…i can see him playing mind games with the next generation of managers as United manager…he’d hold his own well enuff…
    one more thing, calderon was detained and strip searched at a US airport..they thought he was a mexican bandit! LOL

  10. Whiteside10 says:

    Clever comments indeed… I also wondered about Ferguson’s recent comments about his retirement date. Ferguson mentioned in last Friday’s celebratory press conference that he would not be around longer than three years. This just so happens to be a year before Ronaldo’s current contract is up (in 2012). This could lead to United selling him to Madrid (or, better still, Barcelona, just to piss Madrid off) and there would be no recriminations…
    Or maybe not! I’ll take my cynic hat off now… And yes, Carlos is boosting his chances for the top job more and more by the day…


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