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Hasn’t Rooney always been a team player?

Wayne-Rooney_PA_2498426bWayne Rooney currently has 8 assists this season, more than any other player, helping to justify the club’s decision to cling on to him this summer.

David Moyes has sung Rooney’s praises for his attitude this season, which has been hard to fault, and goes some way to explaining why he has opted to name the striker captain in the absence of Vidic and Evra.

“Wayne has turned himself into a real team player,” said Moyes. “The assists for the team, the goals and his all-round contribution has been fantastic. He looks as if he is beginning to take ownership himself. He is starting to say: ‘Look, come on, we need to play better. We need to make sure we are doing much more than we are doing.’ I see that in the dressing room. I see it every day in training when he is continually trying to improve himself. Wayne has those qualities. It is good for us. Hopefully in the years to come we are going to need that from him.”

But hasn’t this always been the case? Or is Moyes comparing Rooney with when he last played for him, as a kid at Everton?

Last season Rooney had 10 assists, bettered only Hazard (11), Cazorla (11) and Mata (12) and in 2011 Rooney had 11 assists, bettered only by Drogba (13) and Nani (14).

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  1. John says:

    Also, to people who criticize Messi re league and team, I want to ask this, Shouldn’t Ronaldo have beaten Messi already if la liga is easier than epl (which is when you are at big 2 there tbh)?? I mean, there is not much difference between the style of play of madrid with Ronaldo and manchester united when with Ronaldo! Furthermore, he was/is surrounded by better players except may be defense (thats also arguably). So, why he was forced to wait till messi got injured? For Barca, xavi, inesta stuffs, don’t forget he won Ballon d’or for 2008 with us even with that team and same players were there. So, one is just going to easier league (as you say), more worldclass players and team that plays same style somewhat and still can’t surpass messi when he did with us once already! And, laughable thing is, you want other (messi) to further challenge with tougher league (to play against your stokes and west hams)! Is it fair or just an unwanted approval of genius messi?..City side is full of spanish players (and others from that league; even barca kid in loan with everton) and they are ripping teams apart! So, be careful what you wish for!

  2. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    @Tommy. from Ghana mate. @Wayne ..haha, not me mate. Lets just tarry, time will settle the debate. @John Couldn’t have put it any better. @Tommy …no no no ..Ronaldo is no where near Maradona//Pele/El Phenomeno. Can someone pull up a stat sheet showing the number of tap-ins scored by both players? …you talk about Messi walking the ball into the net but its Ronaldo who is usually at the end of passes or crosses from his mates without him most often involved in the build-up. Messi is almost always involved in the initial build-up till the finishing. Have been following this blog for quite a whilebut had problems commenting till the use of social network channels so familiar with all posters. Nice family despite the bad blood(Zibbie and NBI). Lmao!

  3. tallestreD says:

    Well agree to disagree then. Ronaldo is also involved in most of madrid build up. I mean he scores goals, what more do u want? Take his goals away from portugal and they wouldn’t be in the world cup

  4. Tommy says:


    Your welcome mate and I respect your opinion but Ronaldo has no obsession with the ballon d or totally disagree with that and Messi is playing in a better team simple as that, Messi has great close control of course where as Ronaldo can just beat you with pace, if Messi was as quick as Ronaldo he would also beat people with place instead of the close control he clearly has as its easier to get a shot off at goal which is the objective in football, fine margins but Ronaldo clearly as the more complete game

  5. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I Admire Ronaldo hugely BUT

    please peopel stop it, Lione Messi would kill this league, I mean tear it apart, firstly he would play for us or City or Chelski, he will always have great players around him, it’s not his fault, actually it is, because he’s the best.

    IF tje likes of Suarez can tear this league apart while playing for Liverpool, IMAGINE what would Messi do if he’d played with ManchesterUnited, he would score the number of goals SUarez is now scoring, probably even better. SO stop being delusional, Look top 100 goals of Messi and you will see that he’s the one starting the attack and scoring solo-goals more than Ronaldo!

    no matter how many teams are great in La Liga, there are other teams also and Messi With Ronaldo are tearing them apart, but Messi is a phenomenom guys, he would score goals for fun.

    stop it before you make a fool of yourselfs.


  6. Tommy says:


    Good luck especially after the blatent cheating from Suarez cost Ghana a semi final spot last time although dont think you will have enough otherall to stop Portugal you might qualify 2nd in the group and very merry christmas mate. My grandad tells me Puskas and Di Srephano were better than Pele/Maradona but its all abouit oppinions but when they retire I am sure people will see Ronaldo and Messi as arguably the best 2 of all time even if neither wins the world cup, Pele for example never tested himself in Europe and spent a large chunk of his career in the states plus people in Brazil dont even think he was the best player in the Brazil 58 or 70 world cup winning sides but comparing eras is interesting but we will never know its like comparing Ali and Tyson in their primes, impossible to judge


    We all have out favourites mate, some like me prefer Ronaldo and others like yourself prefer Messi, I am unlikely to change your mind and your not gonna change mind even if we have a good discussion juist admire them both mate


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