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Have the right United players been chosen for the squad?

Roy Hodgson announced his England squad for the World Cup yesterday and Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling were all selected. Tom Cleverley and Michael Carrick are on the standby list.

It’s no surprise that Rooney is on the plane to Rio. Despite having rarely performed well for England, and having not done the business for the International team probably since Euro 2004, he will always be the player England fans rely on the most. He is the player all the rival players talk about and there wasn’t a question that he wouldn’t make the squad. His 27 goals and assists in 27 starts (total of 29 appearances) probably haven’t harmed his bid either.

Welbeck was another fairly obvious choice, despite falling behind Daniel Sturridge in pecking order now, following the Liverpool striker’s excellent season. Still, Longsight’s scoring rate is one of the best in the league and he’s done well for England thus far. 8 goals in 21 appearances isn’t a bad return.

Jones and Smalling have done well to book their place in the squad though after neither have had stand-out campaigns for United. Jones is a useful player to take, given he can play in midfield, in the centre of defence and as a right-back. Smalling is almost equally as versatile, playing in the centre of the right-hand side of defence.

It’s no surprise that Cleverley and Carrick only have places on the standby list, although it is strange that Carrick has allowed himself to be in this position. For Euro 2012 Carrick essentially retired from International football, claiming that if he wasn’t going to play, he didn’t want to be considered. But now he’s happy to be on the standby list? Should have just done what Ashley Cole did, and “retired” once he’d be told he wasn’t good enough to play.

England’s World Cup squad: Hart, Foster, Forster; Baines, Cahill, Jagielka, Johnson, Jones, Shaw, Smalling; Gerrard, Barkley, Henderson, Lallana, Lampard, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sterling, Wilshere; Lambert, Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck.

Standby list: Carrick, Carroll, Cleverley, Defoe, Flanagan, Ruddy, Stones.

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  1. Spanish Red says:

    Given the premise that a player doesn’t have to be good enough for United to play for England, then they have probably taken the right players. England at best, is an average football team and has been since 1966, (when a slightly above average team won the world cup playing every game at home). On this basis, to take 3 very average players in Welbeck, Jones and Smalling to play for a very average team for a very short time in a tournament that, to a lot of fans, is just a stocking filler until the Premier league starts again, makes sense.

  2. The_red_devils says:

    I would have taken carrick/barry for lampard.

    cleverly-not good enough
    young- con artist
    carrick- had poor season(but would had selected ahead of lampard)
    so probably right players were selected.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Spanish red, how modest of you to claim the England World Cup winning side were slightly above average, thanks for that back handed compliment. What a load of utter rubbish mate, take your arrogant, pig ignorant opinions else where.

  4. WilliamAR says:

    I think all the united players going to the world cup this year should consider themselves very fortunate because if it were me none of them would be going. If I were Roy hodgeson I would stop contradicting myself by saying to ashley cole that they’re looking to the youth and the future and immediately after naming lampard in the squad. I personally would have given youth it’s chance in it’s entirety as that’s the way to get the young players developing for future world cups. I would have treated this world cup as a development towards the future, take the losses but improve.

  5. united till i die says:

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if carrick and cleverly went to Rio and sytayed there. Neither if them are good enough to be in our midfield next season.

  6. BerbaGod says:

    Smalling and Jones can count themselves to be very fortunate there is a shortage of quality English
    defenders both have had nothing short of injury ravaged woeful seasons. Both can thank their ‘versatility’ as the reason for being included.

    Carrick and Cleverly both didn’t deserve a space in the 23 after below average seasons. IMO, Carrick should have retired like Cashley rather than be on the standby list. Surely he must realise his chances to get into this England team are now over.

    Danny was always guaranteed a space on the plane wasn’t he ..?

  7. Tommy says:


    Whilst I am not a massive english fan despite being English to call the 66 side above avarage is a joke, Sir Bobby Charlton is one of the greatest players of all time, Sir Bobby Moore was one of the worlds best defenders to ever play the game, Gordon Banks was one of the greatest ever keepers and one of the world great forwards Jimmy Greaves was dropped for the final (That how good the 66 side was)

    Englands defence is summed up by avarage Jagielka being first choice, for me Stones is already better than him. I would of definatly took Carrick instead of fat frank, his composure is needed in the sweltering conditionsof Rio, Jones and Smalling are their despite their poor seasons because the option to Woy are pretty awful. Id of still took Cole and dropped Baines from the squad, hess not good enough at this level, a decvent premier league football and thats about it.

  8. Mark Reid says:

    Tommy Greaves and I quote it’s a funny old game football match of the day back in the day.

  9. Mark Reid says:

    It’s a funny old game football.


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