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Heinze Couldn’t Care Less About Stupid Fergie…Honestly

Last week, Sir Alex Ferguson suggested that Real Madrd were only interested in Gabriel Heinze as a way of enticing Cristiano Ronaldo to Spain.

Comments appeared in the paper the following day with a response from Heinze, however he quickly came out to deny these remarks were anything to do with him. He was saving up a response, making sure it really told Ferguson what he thought of him.

“It made me sad to hear him say those things,” said Heinze. “I do not know if it is true or not, but it is certainly a shame that some with the experience of Ferguson is capable of saying such stupid things. If it was a fan or another player then maybe I could understand it, but someone with his experience doing that is not normal.”

So Heinze is sad that Ferguson thinks the reason behind Real Madrid wanting our defender was to lure his best mate, Cristiano Ronaldo, at the next opportunity they could.

It is rather suspicious that Ronaldo and Heinze are best mates, and that real were prepared to pay over the odds for the defender, despite the obvious knowledge we wanted to get rid, after his public desire to play for the dippers.

“Ferguson is someone that has earned respect both on and off the pitch and for him to say such daft things really is disappointing,” he added. “But the facts speak for themselves. He wanted me to go and now says that he wanted me to stay? I was there for three years and gave everything.”

Something got lost in translation along the way it seems, as Ferguson never claimed he wished Heinze had stayed.

“Besides, I really could not care less what other people say. I value what my team-mates say here far more.”

However, after all his talk of disappointment and sadness, he finishes his little speech with a claim that he actually couldn’t care less. Hmm. Convincing.

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  1. Mic says:

    I read that Heize launched a vicious attack on Fergie, I thought he’d be telling the papers what he thought of Fergies wife or something but he couldn’t be more polite really, esp that Fergie was harsh saying they bought Heinze for Ronaldo, no matter how obvious it seems that was done.

  2. Romulus says:

    I’m glad he’s off. Evra’s the best left back in the world. He may have put in a few good years for us, but those comments about the dippers made him unlikable. He really needs to shut his mouth. Either way Heinze will never get the support of the Real fans like he did when he played for us.

  3. Zae says:

    Seeing that Heinze is crap for Real – indeed, I met a Madrid fan who said that whenever he’s on the pitch he’s certain that they’ll concede at least two goals – reinforces A) that we’re lucky that we got rid of him, B) that they really only wanted and want him still to lure Ronaldo there.

  4. Red-Manc says:


    heinze was a good player in his first couple of seasons but he was outclassed by Patrice Evra the best left back in the world.

    heinze=secret bin dipper

  5. JIM says:

    i could care less about fergie too

    thats why i always wanna talk about him

  6. john ferry says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson is a genius. He planted a seed that would further alienate madrid and Ronaldo (via hostility). Now he is watching his master plan grow.

  7. katty says:

    FUCK OFF HEINZE… I’ve even stopped buying ‘Heinze’ ketchup these days…

  8. PeeJay says:

    Small correction “Heinze couldN’T care less” not could.

  9. N0bber says:

    Shush up Heinze..Hero to zero

    I have more respect for Stam shit that says enough.

    Evra quality….. Heinze…… Twat

    Damn… to think I sang your name :(


  10. OTRed says:

    Like i said before…not once since Heinze left and Evra took over has Evra ever made any mistake that made me think, “if Heinze was here, he’d do better than that”. So yes, Heinze F**k off, I’m sure most United fans and even the players you played with couldn’t care less about you too. They probably have more fun playing with Evra both in training and on the field.

  11. denton davey says:

    The “best mates” comment is interesting since it now appears that Patrice Evra has usurped that role too ! Poor Gabby, he had one great year for UTD then he got injured and came back as a pale imitation of his former self. He’s a tough guy but not a skilled defender – a penalty waiting to happen like Jamie Carragher, whose school of defending he seems to have attended.

  12. Bob Koh says:

    Real Madrid is one crap team with crap Calderon, crap Heinze..I now support Barca even with the crap Henry there. Henry is a minor figure there anyway.

  13. rick says:

    I must admit that the whole situation saddened me as I was a huge fan of Heinze. He was so commited to the cause and was adored by the fans for his no nonsense defending and his will to fight like a worrior in the red shirt. He gave everything and was a winner through and through. I also think fergies comments are a little harsh, there is very rarely I disapprove of fergies comments but I thought they were a bit disproportionate.

    The whole saga with Liverpool was a dagger to the heart, almost like keane admitting he wouls leave united for liverpool.


  14. suhayl says:

    Rick….Fergie loved heinze and so did the fans. He was a solid and uncomprimising defender. SAF gave him all the support and love he wanted and adored him. The fans took him and loved him sooooooooooo much.

    But after supporting him for so long, Through a long cruciate injury. Wasnt Saf entiltled to buy another left back as cover?????? And hasnt evra got more in the locker than mr ketchup????

    More pace, power, leap, skill, bombing etc.

    Yet with all this ketchup couldnt take the heat and the competition. And instead of fighting for his place and maybe even captaincy…he sulked and acted like a fuckin bitch. And then the worst SIN of all….dissed utd and dissed saf and wanted to go to the scum…vomit.

    So instead of backing this arms flailing, penalty conceding, arse showing, turgid, slow, fouling prick. Maybe you should look at the real facts.

    Him going was the best thing that happened….as evra emerged as the best in the world.

    Seriously you do get some very weak glory hunters on here from time to time…SAF is spot on……utd stands as 1 behind what the don says. END OFF

    And im sorry no fan cane ever back or justify a prick that wanted to go to the dippers from us.

  15. Sam says:

    my feelings are like the majority, loved the guy but wanting to leave us for liverpool was unforgivable, and the way he went about it. Compare it to how ronaldo tried to “engineer” his move and gabby really did throw the toys out the pram, which is fair enough but to do it to try and play for the dippers makes you confused any united fan would still like him.


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