An argument always used against Jose Mourinho being Manchester United’s manager was that his style of football wasn’t attacking enough. Given what United fans have watched over the past 18 months, that point doesn’t seem as strong.

Ander Herrera has defended the Portuguese manager though, insisting there’s no reason why he can’t replace Louis van Gaal… in another year from now when the Dutchman’s contract expires.

Mourinho played with Cesc, Willian, Oscar, Hazard and Diego Costa at Chelsea. He only had Matic has a defensive pivot. Isn’t that an attractive style? Or his Real Madrid who got a record amount of goals in a year? Van Gaal has another year on his contract and he can follow him. Why not?

Herrera has claimed that English football clubs are more patient than others in Europe, and believes this mentality could save Van Gaal from the sack.

There’s more patience in England but not only with Van Gaal. Mourinho was three points from the drop and they didn’t get rid of him. Wenger has gone nine years without the title and he’s still there. City go three weeks without a win and there are no doubts about Pellegrini. I think it would be unfair to sack Van Gaal. We still have the chance to win three titles: the FA Cup, the Europa League and the Premier League, even though we’re 10 points behind Leicester City.

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