Following Manchester United’s 3-2 win over rivals Manchester City, to deny them from winning the league, Ander Herrera spoke passionately about his team’s victory and what inspired it.

This is one of the best, one of the most emotional games so far in my career with Manchester United. We didn’t talk too much about tactics at half-time. We just talked about our pride, about the club, and how you can never underestimate United.

We knew that our fans were going to have a difficult night if we lost. So we did it for them and of course for us and our position, but overall for them. It was an important game for our fans. I was feeling sorry for them because it was going to be a difficult day for all of them. But this is Manchester United and nobody should ever underestimate it.

Everyone was talking at half-time. Of course, the oldest guys with the most experience – Ash and Michael, who was also in the dressing room – they have power in their words but everyone was talking.

“It was very important for our position in the league. We want to finish second and build a stronger Manchester United for next season. That’s all. Normally we should be fighting for the title with this amount of points. We want to finish as well as we possibly can this season.

All the people in the newspapers, the journalists, have been talking about what this result means for the rivalry, the derby, our opponents. But we just think about Manchester United. That’s it, we don’t think about the others.