Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford this afternoon with the hope of getting closer to the top four. 

The last time the two teams met, in the FA Cup quarter-final at Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho got his tactics spot on. However, Ander Herrera was given a ridiculous red card and the game changed. 

Chelsea still only managed a 1-0 win, despite playing against 10 men for most of the game. Herrera is hoping for a fairer outcome today. 

I think we had it under control. But it was an unlucky decision for us with the red card because I didn’t deserve that. Football is like that.

Now we have another chance to beat them. They are the best team in the league so far. They are going to win the league. But we have a chance to beat the possible champions so it is a good motivation. We are looking forward to the game, we respect Chelsea as they are doing great things, but we deserve one big day at Old Trafford.

Herrera has played more regularly for United this season than in any other. The midfielder is pleased with his performances but is still keen to improve further at this key part of the season.   

I am happy with my development and I am happy with my performances. But people remember the end of the season and now we are in the crucial moment. Nobody will remember this part of the season if I don’t perform well at the end. I am happy but I am not finished yet.

I like to demand a lot of myself because I feel I can give more, and more, and more to the team. I am happy and I think it is the right attitude. So far has been okay for me but I still have to show I can give more. The team will need me if I am on the pitch. I am a team player, I want to give everything for the manager and I don’t look back. I just look forward.

The next month and a half is the most important time of my career. That is the way I think and that is the way I see football. Also, when everyone is telling you you’re having a great season, you’re having a very good game, you’re playing very well, I don’t think it is good for yourself so I don’t listen too much. I want to be focused on what is coming and that is very important. I want to play in the Champions League next season.