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History points to a tight United win over Everton

After conquering AC Milan at the San Siro, Manchester United face their second tough road game in five days when they go to Everton on Saturday.

But the Betfair layers are taking no chances with the champions and rate the Reds as just 1.85 (5-6) chances to win at an opponent in very good form at present.

Everton have lost just once in 2010 – a fractious derby game with Liverpool – while Chelsea and Manchester City have been beaten at Goodison Park. They will not roll over for United.

And with Phil Neville, Tim Howard and Louis Saha in their side, the Toffees have a strong backbone of ex-United players who will be pumped up for the visit of their former club. And, of course, Wayne Rooney – United’s hero again this week – will get no love from the home faithful, who still cannot forgive him departing for Old Trafford back in 2004.

But despite good domestic and European form, recent results between the two do not give Everton fans much hope for a famous win over their old rivals. The Toffees boast just one victory over United since April of 2005, with seven defeats and two draws their miserable sequence since a 1-0 win at Goodison.

Everton’s good Premier League run has been based on a tight defence that has given up four goals in six games and an attack that does just enough to get the win. Only Sunderland and City have been beaten by two goals and the profile of those results should be taken into account. A tight affair looks likely and draw/Manchester United in the halftime-fulltime market appeals at 5.5 (9-2).

If you’re convinced a low scoring, closely fought contest is on the cards, then a trio of correct scores – 0-1, 1-2 and 1-1 – could tempt. They work out to combined odds of just under 3 (2-1) if backed together.

Should United score, then we all know who’s likely to be netting. It’s hard to take your eyes off Rooney at the moment and, back at his old club, the temptation is there to back him for a goal. A price of 2.25 (5-4) should be achievable once the market opens.

Follow Everton v Manchester United live online here.



  1. The Real AB says:

    We have a good record there and I believe we will continue that. A hard faught 2-1 win for us.

  2. afromanc says:

    Cannot afford to drop points tomorrow, Gotta go for the kill!



  4. Sunny says:

    Own goal to score for United

  5. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Im sat in the Everton end tomorrow, will have to obtain a shell suit to fit in with the locals!

  6. lucasthebest says:

    Now we have to be very careful at Goodison Park, only Because we need the edge over Chelsea physiologically.. whom been beaten by Everton.. Not only that I’m just guessing Champions Point for this year can be 88 .. so having this won in our bag.. we have more breathing space in later game against with Chelsea and L’pool.. After Everton, there are few relatively easy game ahead so … Can cheer on Chelsea VS City … or Team Terry Vs Team Bridge.. LoL…The Comedy Show of The Season!!! :p

  7. Jay says:

    tough game.obviously they won’t be roll overs at goodison park.good side,i respect them.Hopefully we put in a good performance and get the win.we need it.It’ll be tight for sure.

  8. Costas says:

    It will be tight, but we have a good record against Everton. I hope we don’t have any tiredness from Tuesday.

  9. Dani says:

    I’m fairly confident about this game. They got Donovan, Neville and Saha, but not Cahill, Pienaar… I’m betting 2×0 to the good guys.
    Rooney and Valencia in the scoresheet.

  10. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    I reckon 2-0 to United, Cahills a doubt, Phil Neville is still pinned back at RB because of lack of cover, Fellaini out for season, Rodwell just returning from injury as is Arteta. Everton are playing well and are a good team but it will be too much for them tomorrow. Still think they’ll do better than the dippers this season.

  11. tmefc says:

    just read your readers comments and id be more confident with fellaini and cahill playing.just hope we can get a win against a strong united the way ive got a shellsuit to sell here if anyones interested.

  12. Edge says:

    Everton are a top team and Moyes is a top manager.

    Tight first half but the way we’ve been playing recently in the league I can only see a 2-0. Rooney will be desperate to score. Antonio to get the other. Donovan in Evra’s pocket. Arteta in Fletcher’s pocket.

    When is Chelsea vs City and is it on TV. Cannot wait to see if Terry and Bridge start.

  13. Emmanu Daktari. says:

    Tight game but we wil win because we are on form!,remember we are the worlds greatest!..on a side show,.i can’t understand y pique is always talking about our players going 2 Barca,!..and still Man shitys’ De Jong says that there are more blues than reds in manchester! really infuriated by both!..who feels lyk me!

  14. mikekelly12 says:

    Only lost 2 at Goodison in the Prem so confident of a win with the way we’re playing. 3-0 I reckon!! Vidic in the squad too!

  15. King Eric says:

    Costas – Don’t forget though mate they played a tough European on Tuesday albeit at home. How tired can they be though? Its only a 2 hour flight back. Hardly New Zealand but I know what you mean. We have suffered before after mid week European games on a Saturday when it is an early kick off. Infact I hate these early kick offs. United never seem to be awake.

  16. King Eric says:

    Edge – Citeh v the vermin is 3 o clock kick off on Sunday I believe. For some ridiculous reason its not on live. Probably because they ain’t seen as top 4 so no more “super sundays”.

  17. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Well it was a game with plenty of running. That’s what takes it out of you. It’s about the flight. I am guessing that our players have all the comfort they could ask for while flying. Everton had a game too though. I wonder how much Saha will have left in him.

    I hate early kick offs too. And for a weird reason, the FA always arranges them for us after European games!

  18. aig alex is god says:

    i have 500 rs bet on a 1-1 draw with my friends

    Even stevens for me so far this season.Arsenal game cost me big time when i was going for a gooners win.

  19. trevor says:

    Hi lads!!

    I think we will be bloody lucky to get a point out of this one!


    We often struggle after a Big Away European Game!
    We have key players out. Giggs & nani… Lost too much creative spark against a resiliant everton side which will be difficult to break down.
    Scholes playing too many games on the trott.> Maybe wrong but this kind of game would suit him fresh at his age.. We will see

    Everton are on form!. Although not championship winning form they will prove to be difficult!

  20. trevor says:


    I think that the FA constantly show them selves up as incompetant!

    Lets compare!

    italian FA… Millan raised the point that United didnt have a match last weekend meaning an extended Break for them… Resulted in Milans match being moved forward to a Friday night ……

    Would the FA Ever concider anything to help our clubs? Not just united but All Prem Clubs.

    I think they should have a ruleing that all Teams Playing in the Champions leagu should have thier matches like the following

    Match before Must start latest at 3pm the Previous Saturday… Match after must start minimum of 3pm Sunday

    To be honest, Screw the TV Schedual, lets try and aid our European domination!

  21. Jro says:

    This will be our toughest game in a while. Beating Chelsea, beating City, should’ve beaten Arsenal… maybe Everton’s recent injuries will make them weaker, but I’ll be happy to take any kind of victory from this one.

  22. King Eric says:

    Trevor – Hello mate. Lucky to get a POINT? Seriously? I appreciate they have been in decent form but so have United. Our confidence after Tuesday will be sky high. Don’t think they will be particularly hard to break down, not at home anyway. They will come at us hopefully and allow us to counter. There is plenty of creativity pal. Carrick, Fletch, Scholes if picked, Valencia and Park are more than capable of creating chances.

  23. Fred says:

    This a huge opportunity for us. Call me crazy but I can definitely see Wolves upsetting the odds against Chelsea. The way I see it, if we beat Everton it puts more pressure on the Wifeswappers and then if they fluff their lines against McCarthy’s men, we could go clear of the Swingers by beating West Ham on Tuesday. I’ve got a good feeling about this…

  24. King Eric says:

    Fred – You aren’t the only one mate. Wolves will be fired up after the recent debacle and they have had a bit of form recently as well. Like your term the “wife swappers”!

  25. Fred says:

    King Eric – that’s true, Wolves were fired up by the media shitstorm after they played us and were ruthless Burnley. I think the £25,000 fine will help create that same kind of “siege mentality” for Wolves and they’ll definitely have a point to prove against the Skirt Chasers.

  26. Fred says:

    “ruthless against Burnley” that should read.

  27. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Agree Fred, i was having the same chat earlier with my mates! I hope Wolves can cause an upset and do us a second favour this season

    They will probably get fined for fielding a strong team if thet beat them ;-)

  28. lawman10 says:

    think vidic will have a point to prove he has to show he wants to stay with us, show any would be buyers just how good he is.
    so with this in mind the defence will tight with vidic at the centre of it.
    2-0 utd

  29. California Devil says:

    Can’t wait for this game, I’ll be up at 4:30 am with the rest of my California supporters.

  30. Fred says:

    Much respect to the California Reds! :-D

  31. King Eric says:

    California Devils – Fair play. Excellent to see United fans in that part of the World. How long have you all been United fans?

  32. steamdigit says:

    oki – back to the league! and back to bread and butter biz :) feels good, after last weekend’s boring lounge around …

    yes, we often look tired after midweek away – but the good news is the high of winning away in san siro is not going to wear off any time soon. it is exactly like i mentioned previously about the man city effect. it is still going to carry us forward for a bit :)

    so maybe expect a goal from the toffees against us, maybe they will socre first, but then expect us to get back and claw back the win. in fact, if we do that it might just be perfect, cos then we begin our “so what if you score against us, we never give up, and we score near the final whistle anyways” attitude! it has been missing a little this season, but its coming back…our confidence is building up some. not there yet like in previous years (just look at when we were down to milan, we were still awed and shocked, and sloppy)

    me thinks that it is also about time our defenders got in the act, they will probably chip in with a goal tonight – not sure who yet :) hmm… would like vidic to score or evans they need something to lift them up, or maybe even evra (to reward his consistent work thus far)…

    anyhow, i am plonking for a 2-1 away win for us, goals to come late except for an early everton goal. tough to keep a clean sheet or score for that matter. with donavan to score, vidic and valencia! lol! :)

    ps: any win at everton is good…yeah? :) … btw, i will also secretly be putting money on 3-0 too…lol just hopeful!

  33. rooney the new king says:

    Istill cant belie doubts ar knawing in my mind thaa unitee may not win tommorow. propably because united are a striker light but is crucial united get the first goal because not too many times have united in the prem especially come back and won the game.

  34. California Devil says:

    King Eric-
    My mom and dad are from Norway and they are big Molde FK supporters, so When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer joined Manchester United in ’96 I followed him over to the reds and never looked back.

  35. Jay says:

    yea what’s up with the early kick offs.i feel wierd watching us play too early.


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