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Holden: No Problems With Jonny

Bolton’s Stuart Holden has revealed today that he will be out for six months after an injury he picked up following a challenge from Jonny Evans. Evans was sent off, despite replays showing both players lifted one foot of the floor and Evans actually won the ball. It’s only pure good fortune which saw Evans get away without an injury and bad luck that has left Holden with such a lengthy injury.

Despite criticism from some sections of the press and rival fans, Bolton manager Owen Coyle said it was a “50-50 challenge” and reckoned it was “it looked as though two players were committed going for the ball.” Today, Holden has also claimed that Evans was not to blame and for as frustrating as it is for him, is just one of those things.

On Twitter: “Just had a sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me the best in my recovery, def wasn’t intentional, just unfortunate part of the game.”

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  1. willierednut says:

    There is a forum^

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    @AnomanderRake … nope, it was The Berb. He spent almost the entire match sulking on the bench like a spoiled brat who’s had his lollies taken away, then when he did come on (grudgingly), he had the nerve to stand there, absolutely rock still without moving even his eyelids, for almost 12 minutes even though he was offside half the time (simply because he couldn’t be arsed), before finally making the only move of the match that actually mattered, and even then he only did it because the ball happened to bounce right in front of him. Of the Insouciance! The nonchalance! The arrogance! I mean, if that’s not enough to win MoM, what is?

  3. willierednut says:,19528,11667_6829448,00.html

    Interesting article on Smalling. The coaching staff at United, want him to be more vocal. This can only be a good thing IMO.

  4. denton davey says:

    WillieRedNut @ 12:52: “denton davey – I’m inclined to your way of thinking”


  5. smartalex says:

    “Former Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz has had his six-month ban lifted on appeal after allegedly disrupting an anti-doping testing session.”
    sky . com

  6. AnomanderRake says:


    Ha! Good Point… Long live the Berba love.

    Regarding, Carrick, I think he is the best defensive midfielder we have now. the way he screens the back 4 is excellent. His tackling leaves a lot of room for improvement, but his interceptions and general reading of situations is excellent.
    I think time as a central defender has helped him.

    Berba looked a bit rusty to me on Saturday. But Im glad he scored. Stay ahead of that ogre who went to occupy that cave in the wasteland

  7. denton davey says:

    AlphaRS @ 17:24: “The game is alot quicker in the Premiership. Could these guys really handle the pace? Can’t see united splashing that kinda cash on those players.”

    Sneijder has already turned down UTD when CR7 was sold to TheVirus. De Rossi is one of the very best midfielders in the world – and has been for six/seven years. He was a permanent fixture on the Italian team that won the 2006 World Cup – and the youngest player on the team. For those who still pine for a “Keane replacement”, there’s no one else who fits the bill as well as De Rossi.

    One other thing about any transfer involving De Rossi – don’t forget that UTD have a nice pot-sweetener in KikoTheKid.

  8. StatesideAussie says:

    Denton … As you know, I’m not one to argue for wholesale changes to the squad, but if I was going to buy two players, the first would be a goalie, and the second would be a combative midfielder who can win the ball, keep it and put it to good use. If de Rossi’s the man, and we can get him, then great. I like Sneijder too and think his circumstances may have changed since he turned us down (as have de Rossi’s, obviously) but I am also sure Sneijder would cost a fortune, plus he seems more in the creative/attacking mode, and I would like to see more of Rooney in that role.

  9. willierednut says:

    Doesn’t our creativity come from the flanks? The point being, we wouldn’t need to spunk 30/40 million on a AM, when our wingers create the vast majority of our goals.

  10. parryheid says:


    Same figures of last years accounts.Go to Red Cafe Net dedicated thread there youll be able to read till next month over 16,000 posts have fun.

  11. StatesideAussie says:

    @willie, yes that’s a good point. Maybe it hasn’t been so obvious this season because of injuries and other commitments that kept TonyV and Park out for so long, it seems we haven’t used width to the same extent that we normally would. It’s something that’s easy to forget when we think about how we’ve played this season. How much we have missed them! When we do have a full complement of wingers firing on all cylinders, our biggest need is to win the ball in the middle and get it out wide to them. It reduces the need to have a central attacking MF like Sneijder, and our needs in that role could be satisfied by Rooney tracking back to help out.

  12. AnomanderRake says:

    @Denton, @StatesideAussie,

    Are you sure Sniejder turned us down?

    I remember Robben saying that Sniejder loves United and was disappointed Fergie didnt go for him when he was looking to leave Madrid.

    This was Robben talking before our champs league qf clash last year

  13. willierednut says:

    StatesideAussie – Don’t get me wrong mate, Sneijder is a wonderful player, but I wonder where would he would fit in? If we reverted to a 4231 formation, that could work. I think more than anything else, United need a ball winning CM, rather than a creative midfielder. It all depends, on how the manager sets the team up next season. I can’t see him doing anything drastic to the formation. Our summer signings, will give us a clue, though.

  14. TonyBee says:

    new post and i was first

  15. dannysoya says:

    Now the FA has accused Fergie of undermining the “respect” campaign. i thought they already banned him. Why can’t they leave this man and our club alone. He said what needed to be said. do you want to jail him? WTF is wrong with the British FA?

  16. wakey says:


    Why would Scott waste time posting about the 108mill loss, it a figure we knew was coming when the Red Football Ltd accounts were published as the Red Football JV accounts are the P/L of Red Football Ltd + the PIK loan interest.

    Even Andersred hasn’t bothered because everyone knew it was coming, its just the press who are short on stories while the international break is going on and its an easy target for them

    @denton davey

    Do you know for certain Sneijder turned us down? Its my understanding is that while there may have been an enquiry from us the price being quoted as over £20mill (A price they quoted Inter when they turned down their initial at the start of the window but they got desperate later on and went cap in hand to inter with an value below what Inter had previously offered who were the only team to put an official bid in)

  17. pmcelevey1 says:

    theres no need to talk about sneijder and the likes signing for united, wev spent just over £50m (net spend), on transfers in 5 years. Whilst £450m spent on interest and loan fees. Granted yes wer top of the league and have won 3 leagues and a CL in that time. slowly but surely these fuckers are milking us dry. get them out to fuck!

    It will be an interesting summer seeing who we replace scholes, VDS, hargreaves, Neville, Rio & Giggs with

  18. denton davey says:

    Wakey – I do NOT know “for certain” that he turned down a move to UTD but that was the scuttlebutt a couple of years ago and that’s my point-of-reference.

    I agree with StateSideAussie/WIllieRedNut about the priority for midfield – a mean, combative s.o.b. is the first order of business. There’s plenty of “creativity” in the front four – especially IF SAF evolves the current group into a diamond with Chicharito leading-the-line and WayneBoy as the attacking midfield link-man. The two best wingers – Valencia and Nani – are just terrific when they’re healthy and firding on all cylinders.

    To me, the best of all possible worlds would be a FrontFourDiamond with a fair degree of inter-changeabilty like the “whirligig” of CR7/Carlitos/WayneBoy in 2008. That was great stuff and fun to watch. Backing that group with De Rossi and a fully-evolved Anderson would be a real treat – and stong, too.

    Apart from a top-class keeper, the only real need is for a ball-winning “manster” – part-man/part-monster – in midfield. De Rossi would be even better than Schweini in that regard although I do think that Schweini is a more “talented” player but I still have faith that the left-footed Anderson can evolve into a very, very special player.

    I know that we all hate there fucking international weeks but this one has come at a very good time for TheLads and the De Rossi rumour goes a long way to filling up the void !

  19. Devil310 says:

    Going back to De Rossi potential buy, I do agree that we need someone of (strong) character on the pitch. Rio has had that role practically since Keano left, but now with all his injuries, I don’t see him playing as often as he once did…hence Vida taking captaincy.

    I personally like De Rossi, I do feel he has those strong leadership qualities we seek. Plus, as a player, he’s (IMO) better than Carrick and Fletcherino. Also, as some one mentioned before, we do have some players coming through the ranks that would look up to him.

    The only problem I foresee, aside from the age issue, is: Would he really leave ROMA? most of us have read the article and feel those are pretty strong circumstances and reasons why someone would want to want out. However, I see De Rossi going the same path as TOTTI. Basically indulging on this love-hate relationship with fans, that is very passionate, is very painful, but at the end….they love it. It’s kinda like that unhealthy relationship some of have had with ex’s, where the bitch is crazy, but the sex is so good you won’t let it go, until you probably end up drunk in an alley or arrested for getting into a fight, or…..sorry, got a bit carried away there, but you get the point….

    Bottom line, I don’t see him leaving his childhood club. Is too close to him. So, I don’t think we have a chance, even if we were interested.

  20. King Eric says:

    De rossi will not leave roma. He is a roman through and through. I know a lot of shit has gone down but when push comes to shove he will stay.

  21. Wakey says:


    You are forgetting the bids we had accepted for Villa last Summer (34mill), Benzema the season before (~35mill) and David Silva the year before that (24mill but Valencia then pulled out after accepting). So its not like the money hasn’t tried to be spent on the right players, its just the right players haven’t been available at a price that SAF is happy with (Sneijder for example was no doubt too expensive based on what he showed in spain, mind you would have potentially been a bargin with hindsight)

  22. Devil310 says:

    @Wakey….to be honest, the only credible bid we did make was Benzema.

    Villa? Forget it, it was always going to be Barcelona. That’s not even debatable since Sir Alex even said so. So why would he even make a bid for him? ….and David Villa didn’t care much were he went (obviously). Valencia just wanted a lot of money for him, which City didn’t mind splashing out, backed up with probably a hefty salary. Actually, there wasnt even a bid war for him.

    In the case of Sneijer, he wasn’t sold for a lot of money. He actually signed for inter on a cheap transfer, I believe it was around 8-10mil, almost at the end of the transfer window (maybe even the last day)…and he has never shown interest in English football. He even mock it on a friendly argument in twitter with his friend Van der Vart, when both teams got drawn together on the same group.

    I wouldn’t be too confident that the money is there. However, this summer would definitely answer that question as we need a senior keeper, and a replacement for Scholes / Hargo (Central Midfielder)

  23. sandeep1878 says:

    some extremely top class posts here mates..

    and that link about FA cribbing coz SAF dint apologize..

    fuck the cunts..Did any Ref apologize for the wrong decisions they gave?

    Did FA took accountability for their mistakes?

    Did FA apologize for the football fans (UTD) for giving such decisions by ref 2 games on the trot at OT?

    Did Refs apologize for not sending off carrager?

    FA is an ass licker..

    bastards have made SAF pay hefty penalties and bans and the cunts want an apology?

    NO..never..SAF will never do that and rather accept 5 more bans for it than bending to the bastards..


  24. pmcelevey1 says:

    @ Wakey, until i see another big signing enter old trafford il reserve judgement. Bids being accepted is purely rumour, there was never a confirmed bid accepted for silva nor villa. Thats like saying united made a bid of £100m for messi, so the money is def there. One messi wouldnt leave barca, and two villa was never gona choose us over barca. £450m spent on interest in 5 years, theres your reason we arnt signing the big names FACT. Fergie is working wonders on small change

  25. King Eric says:

    pmclevey – So how about the fifty odd million on Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson? Or the 30 million on Berbatov? The Ronaldo money doesnt even come into it seeing as we had no idea he would leave 2 years later.

  26. pmcelevey1 says:

    yeah take your point on that, but investment has been pretty much non existant the last few years. Im not slagging Sir Alex off at all, hes brought in great players for peanuts ie Hernandez & Smalling. But united fans have seen their ticket prizes rise sharply these last 5 years, and i think they deserve a marquee signing.

    id much rather we spent the £165m on players, than have it sit in a glazer bank account.

  27. King Eric says:

    pmc – Yeah fair enough mate but I don’t go for that “we deserve a marquee signing” nonsense. I am a season ticket holder and do a few aways and it does not bother me at all that we haven’t spunked 60 million on Ribery or Bale etc. I trust in Fergie and he played a blinder with Smalling and Hernandez.

  28. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 23:53: “De rossi will not leave roma.”

    You’re probably right but, hey, let an old geezer dream on.

  29. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 13:11: ” I trust in Fergie and he played a blinder with Smalling and Hernandez.”

    Without a shadow of a doubt – right now, what would the “market value” be for these two – Smalling for 25 mlllion and CHicharito for double that ? Or more ?? I mean – sell Chicharito/buy TheLadyBoy !

    I am in the minority but the flutter on Bebe still looks promising to me while the small sum spent on Mame Biram Diouf is probably going to be recouped when he’s sold on.

    Apart from being quoted about “no value in the market”, SAF always (always !) talks about so-and-so having what it takes to be a “UTD player” which seems to me to be a roundabout way of saying that the scouting department looks very, very closely at a young man’s character – can you say anything good about Franck Ribery’s character ? or Emmanuel Adebayor’s character ? These two guys are both terrific footballers but to say that they both have feet of clay is being economical with the truth because they’re both serial-prats.

  30. pmcelevey1 says:

    King Eric what would you like us to do this summer, what poistions do you think we need strengthening? Personally id like us to get a top class centre mid. I really like the look of Tunnicliffe, pogba & Morrison. But it may be a little to early for those three.

  31. denton davey says:

    The English edition of Gazzetto della Sport (or whatever it’s called) has claimed that Barcelona have been making eyes at Giuseppi Rossi (Joe Red to all Mancs, at home and abroad). A new playmate for Gerrard Pique not named “Fibreglass” ?

  32. denton davey says:

    Princelevey1 – Of course, a real quality keeper but that’s not exactly rocket science. Some reinforcements in central defence (Wesley Brown ain’t what he used to be, Rio is in danger of becoming a perma-crock, and RedNev’s train left the station); one player of real quality in central midfield (UNLESS WayneBoy’s future is there); and, perhaps, a left-footed winger. And let the youthful wannabes – Pogba, Morrison, Tunnicliffe, Cleverley, Welbeck, Obertan, Bebe, KikoTheKid, and so on – get plyaing time because if they’re good enough then they’re old enough. (By the way, I just noticed that that list of “youthful wannabes doesn’t contain any defenders).

  33. pmcelevey1 says:

    denton davey – yep quality keeper, would have loved schweinstieger, think he would have added that class we will lose when scholes leave eventually. I really cant think of any centre mids that would do the business. I think we def need someone in there who can dictate the game the way xavi does for barca. And a creative central mid who can get us 10+ league goals. Rio worries me, because he seems to be injured alot, and when hes out and vidic gets injured, we lack someone to play with smalling. I hope J Evans picks up again, because he has alot of talent, and is red through and through

  34. denton davey says:

    Princelevey1 @ 15:51: “would have loved schweinstieger, think he would have added that class we will lose when scholes leave eventually. I really cant think of any centre mids that would do the business.”

    I’m a big fan of Schweini, too; BUT take some time to watch Daniele De Rossi in action – a real box-to-box “manster”, with a wicked shot, too.

    I’m less hung up on a “creative” midfielder because any guy who is good enough to start for UTD has loads of “creativity” – take a look at Fletcherinho’s best moments or even Darron Gibson’s highlights. The front four has plenty of “creativity” so what I’d want is someone to add to the Anderson/Fletcherinho mix as part of a “2″ behind a “3″ and a “1″.

    What Fletcherinho adds to the team is his aggressive harrying and another guy like that would certainly help to tilt-the-field which, really, is how UTD used to play ten years ago when Keane-o and Butt were buzzing. I still can’t quite believe how fast Nicky Butt went off-the-boil after the 2002 World Cup when he was Ingerland’s best player and one of the very best players in the whole tournament. He just slid down the drain – even Pip Neville has been able to keep playing at an EPL level but Butt just faded fast.


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