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How An iPod Helped Us Win The Cup

After Manchester United goalkeeping coach, Tony Coton, was forced in to early retirement, RoM broke news that Eric Steele was likely to be his replacement, pinched from under the noses of Blackburn Rovers.

Sure enough, he was the man for the job and Ben Foster, who saved one of Spurs’ penalties this afternoon, has revealed how Steele made all the difference.

“We have done a lot of research into the way each player is going to put their penalty,” said Foster. “We went into the shootout as well prepared as possible. We have had things to look at over the last couple of days and before the shootout you can see me looking at an iPod with Eric Steele. It had actual video on it and showed where players put things. It is a new innovation for us. Eric brought it when he came to the club. I have never seen anything like it. It is a fantastic tool for us. But when it comes to penalties, goalkeepers cannot lose. We are not expected to save them. If we do, it is a bonus.”

Edwin Van der Sar has won several penalty shoot-outs for United, most notably the Champions League final last season, and the veteran keeper had some advice for his eventual replacement.

“Edwin has not got a bad record with penalties and he just told me to be as intimidating as possible,” he added. “I stood up for as long as I could and thankfully it worked.”

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  1. TonyBee says:



    ps: are you watching Liverpool….are you wat….ching Liver..pool
    scouse cunts…..

  2. costas says:

    Can you imagine Peter Schmeichel studying an I POD?Dear God!

  3. TonyBee says:

    Costas mate Scheimechel woild have intimidated Redknapp, let alome pen takers against him. lol

  4. costas says:

    The I POD would have broken at he first time Big Pete yelled!

  5. Androo says:

    He’s going to be a great keeper after the big Dane leaves!

  6. whiteknight says:

    Am I the only one who is surprised everyone doesn’t do this??? Seems bloody obvious to me!!! :)

  7. Rob the Red says:

    Very important game that today for Ben Foster. He clearly has the build and skill for a great ‘keeper but confidence and luck are just as big a part in that position. I can’t say I went beserk when Anderson scored but that win was very important becouse winning is a habit. Ben gave a good account of himself in all departments and had lady luck with him with the first penalty. Long may that carry on after VDS becouse it would appear that if the powers that be get their way English players will be at a premium with the 6/5 rule. Any way well done lads.

  8. jamos9 says:

    Androo; that would be Dutchman leaves!! lol

  9. costas says:

    By the way guys,we have still to record a victory at the new Wembley!Just 3 penalty shoot out wins and a loss to Chelsea in the FA cup final.Oh and we have gone 2 games without a goal.Well at least the defence is solid as a rock.

  10. Tony Starks says:

    why give away the iPod secret?

  11. Mic says:

    I think Foster is good enough to replace VDS now, I want VDS to stay on as a coach though, his vast experience can only be good for Tomasz and Ben, i’ve been worried about who’d take over from VDS but Foster really has shown he can do it, two great feet and a massive frame too not to mention reflexes like a cat!

  12. seanmc26 says:

    Fosters size is very deceiving i was thinking Gomez had the advantage in height but when i saw them standing together they were almost the same size he had a great game the future is bright. I thought Evra had a stinker till Lennon went off, ginger magician spread some fine passes to R7 and Gibson looked very comfortable on the ball.

  13. ae80 says:

    hoorayyy!! Foster was great last night! Congrats on him on getting the man of the match too..Glory! Glory! Man United!!

  14. Mr Santos says:

    Why not keep this as our own secret?
    Well done Foster tho

  15. wazza says:

    but usually GK study opposition players penalties, maybe a day before d match.Maybe Foster was goin through his revision :-)
    It was such a disappointing that all United fans in India missed last night’s action due to sum technical reasons of d broadcaster

  16. costas says:

    Leave it to Graham Poll to spoil the party.In his article he suggests that this I Pod techinque during a game could be illegal and the FA will have a word with FIFA about it today.Yes folks.The man who one time gave 3 yellow cards in the same game and to the same player is talking about football rules.How is the I Pod any different than Eric Steele just telling Ben flat out “look O’Hara shoots them at your left”.How ABU can this cunt Poll be?

  17. seanmc26 says:

    I know this is off topic this been on my mind awhile nearly every blog someone on it gives out about non-real fans usually to do with atmosphere at OT not been up to scratch in sections wit corporates or day trippers to blame. I understand peoples grievances bout cc final tickets. Im from Dublin i’ve been over a few times i wish it was every week but its hard to get tickets here for fair price and ryanair have to get their large slice of the pie i know the are thousands like me maybe millions. I know i some people will probably piss of a few Manc Reds but i just want know are these people talking about suites or all traveling fans. By the way i’m 26 and 3rd generation red so no one can call me a glory hunter.I also like know y fans leave early every week cause i know they’re not day trippers its got so bad even Sky Sports pointed it out

  18. pittm says:

    I live in California, 2 miles from Apple’s HQ. My roommate works there and I told him to thank the ipod team for all us mancs.

  19. Cap says:

    About people saying it should be kept a secret: Think about how many camaras were on the goalies during the time – and think about how many people watches them. Im pretty sure other clubs would figure out he wasnt just listening to the lastest Britney Spears single.

  20. klauq says:

    I think Ben’s an iPod model. He has that pre-arranged. Haha good commercial for iPod.


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