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How Did Carrick Get On For England?

The Sun: GIVEN the nod to start ahead of Frank Lampard after his decent performance in the 2-1 win against Germany last November. Did not make the best of it though as he was too slow in making passes and watched the game pass him by. Nowhere near his club form and in the company of Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Andres Iniesta looked out of his depth 4

The Times: Preferred to Frank Lampard after a good performance against Germany, but failed to take full advantage. Showed glimpses of class but prone to drifting out of the game, and his elegant passing was made to look ponderous by the speed of Spain’s counter-attacks 5

The Independent: Much more than a defensive midfielder these days, he tried to push forward in Manchester United mode but without much success 6

The Mirror: Did not give the ball away but did little with it going forward either. His passing was neat but Xabi Alonso and Marcos Senna are a class act to battle against 6

The Guardian: Oozed class as a calm midfield distributor, even if he was able only to produce flashes of the creativity England craved. His few misplaced passes rather stood out amongst the assured touches and metronomic supply line 8

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  1. King Eric says:

    As I have stated on another blog Carrick has come under fire on a couple of forums. Notably the muppets on 606. The majority being bitter dippers. The problem he had last night was he seemed to be on his own and getting over run in middle of park by Iniesta and Xavi as Gareth Barry seemed to constantly drift out of position as always thus leaving Michael to deal with the 2 of them. In my opinion his passing was not too bad its just certain players did not make themselves available for him. As someone else stated it was just big hoofs out from the back rather than letting Carrick do what he is best at. A couple of belting passes looked poor simply because the likes of Agbonlahor and Downing did not get on to the end of them quick enough unlike our United players. They just don’t have the same quick thinking intelligent brain. I don’t think anyone played well last night but it says something when Cappello practically changed all the midfield apart from Carrick. Did you see the dirty cunt Alonso try and go straight through him? dirty scouse bastard.

    Was listening to Collybore last night on the way home proper slating Beckham and how “he should be nowhere near the england squad as he is a big circus and only there to beat the record” Blah Blah Blah!. However when he came on he still showed why the manager thinks different. He still has that class that the majority of Ingerlund players simply do not have. Still a class act in my opinion.

  2. spencer says:

    I am fed up of Carrick getting stick

    He is class for us and even yesterday, he had a good game.

    Sometimes, its hard to do well, when you are surrounded by rubbish. Sorry if that upsets England fans!

    Why is John Terry getting no blame? He was useless yesterday

  3. EastStandManc says:

    If I had it my way, Carrick wouldn’t play in an England shirt for a good long while, if ever, so that he could continue to put in his sterling performances for us.

    Unfortunately for us though, Capello has a brain. He may not have shone last night, but for reasons aptly pointed out by King Eric, Capello will understand and try him again, no doubt.

  4. Ash says:

    Carrick tried to play like he plays for us, unfortunately those around him were on a totally different wave-length and it was all for nothing.

    However, since I couldn’t really care less about England these days I’m not too fussed, he does his job at Utd exceptionally and that’s all I care about.

  5. PeeJay says:

    5.6 average … not that good.

    I don’t watch England so I don’t know.

    Out of curiosity, did they sing “We Hate Setanta”?

  6. Mic says:

    Beckham and SWP were Englands only decent performers, Carrick tried hard but the players around him aren’t United standard or even close to being close, no one made room for a Carrick pass, there was just no team play against Spain, we just made it difficult for ourselves, I still can’t understand why Young didn’t start despite Downings performance against Germany, in the league he’s just been poor and how Crouch still makes it into the team… Eee.

  7. Kash says:

    Dont see why Young didnt start ahead of Downing…

    That sort of player would do good with someone like Carrick in the middle.

    @PeeJay – i dont see why they would since this was on ITV :p
    Next 2 games are at Wembley aswell.

  8. Marq says:

    I believe Capello did not expect much out of this match as well. No way England could have matched up with Spain.

    Casillas – James > Record holder for Real vs someone with the nickname calamity…
    Ramos – Johnson > one plays for Real, the other…
    Pique – Terry > Pique jus said it was an easy game…
    Alonso/Senna – Barry/Carrick > quite even, but main difference is coming up…
    Xavi/Iniesta – Downing/SWP >While Spain had dangerous attacking midfielders playing for redhot Barca, England had someone frm Boro and someone mighty Chelsea did not need…
    Villa/Torres – Heskey/Agbonlahor > The spain pair probably will cost in excess of 100M while Heskey was almost for free and Agbonlahor is still more suited to the U21 team

    No competition there…

  9. Stenhousemuir_Red says:

    what about that tackle by alonso on carrick

  10. Radio Deadon says:

    it was a micky mouse england XI. That cunt Terry didn’t even break sweat. Basically Carrick had no support from the other 3 midfielders, or the forwards come to think of it, and the full backs were bollocks. Things did improve when Lampard and Beckham came on but Spain were still far technically superior. They were playing like Man Utd and England looked like a very poor Championship side.

  11. suhayl says:


  12. Red-Manc says:

    Carrick is a class act, when Carrick,gerrard and lampard who are all top class for there clubs fail to stand out and do well for their country then to me all that proves is that england dont work as a team there not bad individually, england are just shite basically

    United > england


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