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How did Michael Keane get on at Leicester?

1. What did you think when you first heard you were signing Keane on loan?

To be honest, he was a bit of an unknown quantity. That being said, we’ve had Manchester United players on loan in the past (Tom Cleverley, for one) and Nigel Pearson knows a good player when he sees one. We were lacking in depth at centre back at the time, so it was certainly a good move for us.

2. What was his best moment/game during his loan spell?

I’d have to say his stoppage-time equaliser at home to Leeds at the beginning of March. Leicester seem to be notorious for lacking goals from set pieces, so to grab one at the death was fantastic.

3. How would you rate his performances over all?

He was very solid for most of the season; playing alongside Wes Morgan certainly helped his progression, although it was clear that he is a talented footballer. The defence did start leaking goals at the end of the season which was probably down to fatigue, but he will become a better player for having played so many games at this level.

4. Do you think he has what it takes to make it at Manchester United?

Possibly. It’d be a big step up. A loan spell at a Premier League club would certainly help his development. We certainly wish him all the best.

Questions answered by Vital Leicester

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  1. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Dear Scott,

    Please make the Football Media video on the right not auto-play. I find it annoying and irritating, and honestly I have come here less because of that video.

  2. TheCANTONA says:

    MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Dear Scott,

    Please make the Football Media video on the right not auto-play. I find it annoying and irritating, and honestly I have come here less because of that video.


  3. TheCANTONA says:

    next move for Michael Keane should be a loan to some PL clubs, Hull City with Brucey perhaps?

    P.S: scott i want to see your view about phelan, stelee and renee departures.

  4. red bull says:

    yeah i think he is a good prospect, he is going to be like jonny evans in future…..moyes should concentrate on grooming these players instead of bringing jagielka…..

  5. WeAreUnited says:

    This guy, his brother, Henriquez, januzaj, Tunni, Powell and LIngaard should get their chances next season!

    maybe 1-2 has to go on loan, to get more games.

    anyway, Michale Keane, I will never forget the chelski game where he played with Wootton, and people praised Wootton, who is nto a bad player, but MichaelKeane played like a veteran.

    smalling, Jones and Keane are the future!

  6. BartG says:

    I also think that this Football Media video should not auto-play. Of course it’s not a problem when your speakers are off, but quite often I listen to music in a different window, and then it starts interfering so it’s really very inconvenient.

  7. bRed says:

    “smalling, Jones and Keane are the future!”

    Interesting that Evans gets no mention. Oh well.

  8. ys says:

    Does anyone know if Moyes gives Youngsters chances in first team ?

    There are rumours that Moyes would let Tunni , Powell and Lingard play in mid and not sign anyone

  9. santafereno says:

    Agree completely with MyCowIsTheBest. Every time I come the RoM I kick myself for not turning the sound off.

  10. wayne says:

    Haven’t seen enough of this lad play to make a judgement,interview pretty short and sweet.Plug ear phones into the speakers won’t even notice the video running
    The article below is something everyone should read who’s having issues with Moyes,i’m already sick of the fucking whining,Moyes hasn’t won anything,Moyes style of play is shit, we don’t want Felliani,Utd have the best coaches in the world why is he changing,we don’t want Phil Neville,like a bunch of whiny bitches.As Costas pointed out yesterday the Sir Alex reign is over remember ‘the King is dead,long live the King’ everyone has to stop this constant fucking whine.The Sir Alex era is over so stop trying to hold onto it and give Moyes a chance

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    One idiot comparing ashley young with wilfried zaha. There’s no similarity between the two, he’s simply far more talented and will hopefully crack on at united by being a key player.

  12. feedemscraps says:

    @ Wayne
    He’s not officially taken over yet, and the bitching and moaning has already started. Lord knows what will happen when we lose our 1st game, there’ll be burning effigies of the man outside their houses.
    Grow up and get on board…..

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Rate michael keane, has good potential to make it at united but he’ll be torn between staying and playing in the carling cup games or going to a PL club, he should go to a PL club as the next step up.

  14. Sushi says:

    Problem solve simply add an add blocker to your browser search add ons on Firefox and chrome then scroll up to where that little video is playing and you will see a small x sign which will allow you to block it.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I have no issue with anyone that doubts moyes, the name of the game is to prove them wrong and if he does then that doubt will disappear. Personally I support moyes, not that I necessarily give a damn about him but because he’s in control of a precious club and him doing well benefits,all. I don’t think anyone should be influenced by what others have to say. Moyes has got the chance, he’ll be given time to settle as I imagine united do not employ a quick chop and change policy but the fact is, he’ll be judged on the progress on the pitch and may not be given as much time as fergie, the glazers will get itchy feet, only the naive will try to paint a more fairy-tale picture. Fact is, he has to deliver.

  16. Viva United says:

    Off topic but real Madrid president perez wants to make ronaldo the highest paid player in the world with new contract . Wonder if ronaldo will take it if true?

  17. Red Letter says:

    Agreed! PLEASE Stop that fucking Football Media Video ,when I’m and trying to concentrate and attempting to read the blogs it starts and is a bloody nuisance, from the noise to the rather irritating whiny voice of the commentator. THERE IS NO NEED FOR IT!

  18. United till I die says:

    @ Samuel

    If by “having to deliver” you mean win trophies right away I have to disagree a little. All he has to do is keep us competitive in the league and that will buy him time.

    If we go from winning the league by 10 points to finishing 15-20 points of the pace in his first and second seasons then its only natural people will ask questions going into the third year. There is no reasons why we shouldn’t be competing for the title over the next 2-3 years with the squad we have. For me personaly the title is always the priority. As long as we aren’t out if it by x-mas each season Moyes get the backing of the club.

  19. wayne says:

    i’m sure he’s aware of that but doesn’t help the situation every time he does something some fans bitch and complain it’s getting fucking boring.What i find annoying fans are passing judgement on things they have no fucking idea about.Maybe Phill Neville has been helping Moyes at a coaching capacity already,the article i read about him definitely fancied the Everton job so he must feel he’s qualified to some degree but my point is no one knows but some are saying he’s not good enough,why not give Giggs the job when no one has any fucking idea how good Phil Neville will be.It’s the same with all the other coaches coming in being put down and nobody has a fucking clue what their about.Moyes isn’t going to bring a bunch a mugs with him that should be obvious to anyone,Everton have a very good track record at developing players.All this bollocks about him not winning anything who gives a fuck if he hasn’t won the league cup all that should matter is his consistency over the last 10 yrs as a prem manager
    It’s just one thing after another bitch,bitch,bitch.’We don’t like his style of play’ how the fuck does anyone know what his style of play.People are bitching about things that haven’t happened yet and have no fucking clue about,it’s bollocks.

  20. wayne says:

    Yeah Madrid were all in for Neymar if that deal had gone through Ronnie would have been shopped around so now showing love to protect what they’ve got just a bunch of calculated cunts.What i found interesting was Perez saying the Neymar deal was complicated and was going to cost Madrid 150 million euros and he doesn’t have a clue how Barca pulled it off.Look for players becoming available for Barca to pay for all this.

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Michael Keane looks the real deal to me. But credit Pearson and Sir Alex for finally getting a loan move right. 20odd games is HUGE for such an age.

    Love to have a Keane back in the senior ranks. Watch out for his brother Will as well. Nasty injury kept him out all last season, but that kid can score goals. Love the size on both of them as well.

    MyCowls and TheCantona
    Almost left Rom because of those. Then one of the posters suggested AdBlocker. It works a treat on GoogleChrome which is my preferred browser now. I think there are versions for other browsers as well

    It speeds loading of pages because the adds don’t play!

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    FAIR warning about Ad blocker:

    It also will stop autoplay on some video sights.
    There is usually a small icon that you can click to let them play. But it took me a couple attempts to understand it fully.

    Other BLOCKERS out there as well.

  23. WeAreUnited says:


    I did not mention Evans cause I think he’ll be nothing more than a squad player.

    don’t get me wrong. I rate the player, but he’ll never go infront of those 3 I mentioned, when they come to age. I hope he proves me wrong, but that’s my opinion.

  24. King Eric says:

    Evans nothing more than a squad player? Yeah ok.

  25. OrangeSpatula says:

    Smalling is only 2 years younger than Evans, while Jones is 4 years; They are all relatively young for central defenders, and Evans is clearly the best of them right now, Smalling still has a lot of work to do, especially with his niggling injuries.

  26. WeAreUnited says:


    Yeah that’s how I see it. He was brilliant this season but you can’t deny the fact that we wre not that impressive defensively at the beginning of tje season before Vida came back.

    Yes I see him as a squad player, no matter wht. Smalling and Jones are certainly our future and if Keane developes the way he is, Evans eill have it hard.

    I did not bash him so i don’t get why you’re getting so sensitive.

    Yes smalling had alot to do but he will come good. You’ll see. Peace

  27. Rukky says:

    Every1′s got a view dts y its a blog. Unless ur name is Scott, dont complain about what others post about moyes. We support our manager but this is what fans do on blogs. Dont come here to look brillant with some ‘contrasting view’. @Wayne u whine more than any1, so piss off

  28. wayne says:

    I’ll say what I want and to who I want so go fuck yourself

  29. wayne says:

    Another thing trying writing in English,y no whut I mean

  30. Alex says:

    For the ones talking about the ads, try FlashControl for Chorme, as AdBlocker didn’t block those for me, and this one blocks all flash related stuff until you click on it.

  31. Rukky says:

    Lol trully another dumb, strong-headed dude. Getahlifè

  32. wayne says:

    What do you mean get a life that doesn’t even make any sense,you thick cunt.You decided to take a shot at me your choice think I’m going to let you tell me to piss off,mistaken dummy
    On most phones or computers there is spell check,you should start using it

  33. TheCANTONA says:

    agree with samuel anyone who criticize moyes doesnt mean they do not supporting him. i think we’re mature enough to understand the difference between criticizing or just blast slating. he’s not SAF who beyond any criticism, that status is something to achieve not be given. that said i’d support moyes even if we win nothing next season, i just think he should make his life easier with proven and experienced men around him.
    thanks pal but i use firefox will try found a way to stop this annoying add.

  34. wayne says:

    TheCANTONA that’s exactly what he’s doing but with people he wants not with who you think he should have.Support means getting behind his decisions and letting him do his job,not second guessing him that’s the opposite of support,can’t criticize his every move then say I support him,doesn’t make sense

  35. Rukky says:

    Hahaha Wat an ass. Are u tryin 2 sound gud or what? Like i said b4, getahlife; believe me ur the only human that spends a full 24 on ROM trying to give ‘intelligent views’ on every write up. All d same, I feel 4 u man, u must be a very depressed fellow. I’ll make u change ur Rom handle, ur no job.

  36. wayne says:

    Retardo want to take a shot at me at least come up with something semi intelligent and readable,otherwise just making a cunt of yourself

  37. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Thank you to all who shared the info on blocking that annoying ads.

    Scott, i suggest while you continue to cover the expenses for this blog with those ads, please also share a link to the ads blockers. hehe.

  38. Scott says:

    The video player can be switched to a muted /autoplay setup, we’re working on getting this live.

    Things like bwin and the video player (and other ads on the site) help keep the site going.


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