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How Is Solskjaer Getting Along At Molde?

Molde FK are a 100 year old Norwegian club that most of you probably hadn’t heard of until they sold us a 23-year-old striker in 1996. He had scored 31 goals in 38 games and had attracted interest from a few clubs across Europe. Åge Hareide was the manager at the time and offered the Norwegian striker to his former club, Manchester City, as well as Everton, for £1.2m. They both failed to take a punt on him.

United put in a bid of £1.5m during Euro 96, a record transfer fee for a Norwegian club at the time, which was duly accepted. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a Manchester United player.

Solskjaer went on to play 366 games for United, scoring 126 goals, winning six league titles, 2 FA Cups and most notably, scoring the winning goal in the 1999 European Cup final.

Upon retiring, Solskjaer was put in charge of the United Reserves. In the two and a half years he spent in post he saw our lads crowned champions of England, champions of the northern league, as well as winning the Manchester and Lancashire Senior Cups. It was during this stint that he was offered the job of managing the Norwegian national team, replacing his former Molde boss, Hareide.

“I did not think it was the right time for me to say yes to the offer,” he said at the time. “But of course it was nice to be asked. I work for Manchester United and my career is going in the right direction. It would have been exciting to take on a much bigger job than my current job, but I have a job at United.”

When an offer came in to return to Molde, Solskjaer couldn’t resist and no United fan could really begrudge him taking up that opportunity, as much as we wanted him to stay.

As Solskjaer approaches the end of his first season with the club, the papers this weekend linked him with a move to Blackburn, where fans have been protesting against current manager Steve Kean. Why? Because it turns out Ole has the potential to be a bloody brilliant manager.

Last season, Molde finished 11th out of 16, some 28 points behind champions Rosenburg. This season, with 7 games left to play, they are top of the league, 6 points clear (having played a game more). The final day of the season is at the end of November. Good luck, Ole!

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  1. Zibbie says:

    Hello 1878, I’m well had some relatives in and saw a American collage football game on Sat. My Hawkeyes WON! And a family day yesterday.
    The team looked great in the sense, not playing great and still beating Chelsea 3-1 !!!!!!

  2. Zibbie says:

    1878 about Berba being forced in a move is right. The force is coming from Lil Pea, Danny Boy, Diouf and Kiko scoring in the reserve games. Rooney finding a home on the hole mostly on the left with Young and Evra terrorizing all in front of them. And a change in playing style by the gaffer.

  3. wayne says:

    @sandeep i agree mate its the fact Sir Alex defended him when most thought the opposite would occur,remember at the time alot of people was saying Maureen blew his chance of becoming Utds next manager bur Sir Alex called it his competitive nature,passion and defending his players.The rumors have been persistent in one way or another for a few years now.
    I still think Moyes would become a top manager with the right club he works wonders at Everton with fuck all.Just looking at the whole picture i’d make Maureen favourite especially if him and Sir Alex are very close but i hope Utd stay british and give Moyes a chance.

  4. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    My Team for Leeds would be:


    Bench: Amos,Diouf, Anderson,Owen, Will Keane,Jones or Vidic??? is welbeck back?

  5. Zibbie says:

    Hey, Papii is Vida back in training?
    That women just screams throw seed in me.

  6. Zibbie says:

    Leeds, then Stoke at their place after a 4-0 thrashing after a good start. Man Utd will have a stern challenge their.

  7. sandeep1878 says:


    good to know that u went for a college game..


    okay buddy agreed, yup persistent rumors continue, lets wait and see as and when it unfolds mate..

    good night buds, take care, m off

    Good night ROM..


  8. Zibbie says:

    6:15 in the UK people coming home settling in and then have 10 of 15 Zibbie posts!!!! MMMUUHHHAAAHHHAA!

  9. Zibbie says:

    sandeep, my the sandman find you fast and you sleep well and dream of good things.

  10. Zibbie says:

    may the sandman. shit If he was my sandman it would cost to sleep well.

  11. wayne says:

    Stoke are very one dimensional don’t score 2 many goals and i have to question spending all that money on Crouch and Palacios,one thing for sure DDG will get tested launching the ball into the box is Stokes game

  12. sandeep1878 says:

    @ Rohit, RMW


    as our dear CEDARS put it, no harm if somebody uses it innocently..

    if somebody reitrerates it to remind us of our and football’s greatest strategy then its shame and should be opposed,


    you are right,

    even i was part of espn display MANU sparked a whole of debate and we from ORKUT man utd fc India community sent them complaints after complaints to remove the name and replace it either by MUFC or MU or MUTD..

    some thousands of people from orkut community wrote to espn..

    the problem there is, ESPN being one of the top broadcasters in the world must know the besics of the club, league and football..

    if they know that then they will understand what names to be used for clubs and what not,

    that was clearly wrong even though they dint use it with ref to Munich,

    the fact is the media coneys the wrong message to fans or the newbiews or the nuetrals around the world and only through and through reds will know what it means..

    i understand many of our communities have started to educate the people regarding this and even i have done so in moderating my MUFC communities..

    nonetheless a good point you make..

    Good night ROM

  13. Zelh says:

    Lindegaard, Amos, Fabio, Jones, Evans, Giggs, Park, Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia, Owen, Berbatov, Macheda, Diouf, Pogba, W Keane, James, Brown, M.Keane, Thorpe, Fryers

    That’s the squad.

    Could be the Debut for Thorpe or Fryers.


  14. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Dunno Zibbie, Thought he’d be back by now, its been 5 weeks !

    We are really short of defenders perhaps SAF could buy one in january since we missed out on Varane or we could blood one in from the reserves.

    With a fully fit squad this season, our best starting XI based on form could be;

    De Gea
    Smalling Jones Vida Evra
    Nani Clevs Anderson Young
    Rooney Chico/Welbeck

    Our Youngest XI Would be:
    De Gea Rafa,Smalling,Evans,Fabio,Jones,Ando,Clevs,Nani,Chico,Welbeck (avg age = 21)

  15. sandeep1878 says:

    Thanks zibbie, good night/day

    @ FletchTHEMAN..

    thats a sad news mate,

    thank you cattell on behlf of ROm and reds for all your services that surely helped us succeed..

    we miss u

  16. Zibbie says:

    Fletch nice link.
    Zelh, so many young guns. I have been a fan long enough now. I feel I have seen these lads grow with the club and feel that special tug of a home grown lad. My first were JOS and Fletch.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    DeGea. “Your sisters at my place”
    Torres. “Ohhh you sh***************”

    thanks to Craig Norwood for this!


  18. Zelh says:

    could watch this forever :lol:

  19. Zibbie says:

    Papii wow, what a club. Someone linked like if all healthy 3 strong Man Utd clubs.
    Varane odd he chose Realmadne$$ for the playing time. He would have had it here with all the injury’s.
    Jan window? Maybe. SAF and his scouting department are probable targeting some 50 youths or more world wide. Giving out disinformation to keep corporate spy’s at bay.
    He splashed 50 million 2 of the last 5 years. Now back to Lil Pea for 7 mill, Smalling for 10 mill. that type of players. If they play like those 2 more fighting for playing time.
    He still might pull the trigger with in 2 years for a 20 to 30 mill, 21-23 year old big prospect to tie Fletch, Pogba, Ando and TC together.
    When will Rooney migrate to MF? at 29? 32? Never?

  20. Zelh says:

    damn fletchtheman beat me to it.

  21. ididnotzeeit says:

    You are my Solskjaer, my Ole Solskjaer!!

    Top man and as mentioned earlier, looks cool as fuck patrolling the touchline. Oozing class from every Nordic pore.

    Must say, Valencia at RB and Nani at RM is a downright nightmare for any team in the world. Devastating those two. Watching Nani leave Mata for dead, and hit that screamer yesterday had to put a smile on anyone’s face, let a lone a fellow supporter. In the past, I’ve had to constantly remind myself why he’s so important to our squad, seething with frustration and annoyance, however, yesterday will stand as a future reference point as to why patience is necessary. Nani was motm for me. Absolutely elecrtric and when he’s in that mood, there’s no left back in the world capable of keeping him quiet. Read a stat on here the other day that he’s covered more ground this season than any other United player. Ashley Young and Wayne Rooney have been recieving all of the (well deserved) plaudits, however Nani’s continued progression over the last 2 seasons has been incredible. World Class that boy, more of the same please.

    De Gea, you fucking beauty.

    Wayne Boy, put that one behind you mate. I know deep down it was just you teaching that filthy cunt CLLC that there’s a time and a place to miss a penalty.

    One more and I’m done. Can’t help but have a good laugh when some, even after a brilliant result, still claim, “if only we had someone to come in and grab the game by the scruff in the midfield.” Apparently we only played with 10 men after Carrick came on…honestly, this guy will never win. I thought he did a great job after coming on, cooling down the game, level headed, quiet, composed. Oh well, it’s Monday, it’s happy hour at the Carrick-Bashing Cafe.

    The spectrum of Scum is incredible. From the RentBoyz to Leeds to Stoke in a week? Like working overtime scrubbing the barrick’s septic. Makes you wonder what we all did in a previous life to derserve such punishment?

  22. Zibbie says:

    Rooney to morph into a Gatusso type, at 30 a CAMFer then at 34 he plays in front of the back 4 tackling everything leaving blood and tears in his wake. Turning up field making a 54 yard spot on pass to a 26 year old right foot of Ravel breaking the defenders ankles with move never seen before.

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Zehl. hahaha. must be at the same party lad! You can have the next one…..promise!

    Actually enjoying Nanis goal video a bit more. What a goal, but what a pass from Mr ThankEvans.
    Nani needs a better song lads too commemorate 100 games at United. We need a proper blog on the topic as well

  24. Zelh says:

    ididnotzeeit – spot on about carrick. he did what he had to do. slowed the game down, secured the ball, composed passing.

    Ando had some really poor passes, but he will come good. bossed all the games before.

  25. Zibbie says:

    You are my Solskjaer, my Ole Solskjaer!!

    Top man and as mentioned earlier, looks cool as fuck patrolling the touchline. Oozing class from every Nordic pore.

    Must say, Valencia at RB and Nani at RM is a downright nightmare for any team in the world.
    Hello!! ididnotzeeit!!! And Evra Young on the left side. And Rooney in the space between the back 4 and MF!!
    The twins in reserve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Zibbie says:

    @Zelh If that is Ando’s bad game, I think were OK! He has come on gang busters, a hiccup no worries. SAF has trust in him. He is still just 23. He was invisible in his bad games last year imo.

  27. What??? says:

    Ole is the only manager I’d want to see succeed at United. He remains my first choice. It makes sense on so many levels. Really glad to see him leading his league so close to the end of season. Top Bloke.

    Won’t go on too much about yesterdays game. Nani has officially had a better start to United than Ronaldo in his first 100 matches. Same number of goals but more than twice the number of assists. That makes him a better player unless some of you want to judge his looks and other odd observations? (lol)

    Lets hope the reluctance of the ‘faithful’ to call Nani world class doesn’t make him one day say “well fuck ya then” and go somewhere else where they’ll rightly recognise his world class ability and sing his praises regularly. (Instead of folding their arms and ‘waiting’ for him to prove himself after 100 games)

    Top top player, man of the match, and not even in his prime.

    As for Anderson, he did have a bit of an off game yesterday, but thats only based on the high standards he’s set for himself in the first few games of the season. Put it this way, that is his “worst” performance against Chelsea that I can remember, because he has never been outperformed by Essien, Lampard or Ballack. Maybe because they are far less mobile than Rameriez and Mata? Whatever the reason, I don’t see what the problem is with him having one off game against our biggest rival in recent years, he’s still only 23 and far from the finished article. Plus, with Fletcher”inho” and Carrick and Park and Giggs and so forth, we do not have to place the weight of the world on his young shoulders like Wenger would at Arsenal. Its a squad game and United shouldn’t ever be 100% dependent on any one player for anything. Thats why we have 3 of the best wingers in the league and 7 strikers. Also, don’t forget the absence of Cleverly. Anderson would be forgiven for needing his best partnership to boss the midfield against the Rent Boys, and they have shown the same energy and understanding since the start of the season. One bad performance doesn’t negate all that progress, or all of his natural ability (FFS)

    Lastly, when Carrick came on im sure he shut up a few people as well…. good game overall, but not the greatest performance from us, but then again it says alot that we still won at a canter. We can only get better and its still September. When you see the injuries to our strikers already the need for 7 of them starts to make perfect sense.

  28. What??? says:

    For the anal among you, I mean SUCCEED as in follow, not as in success ^
    no schadenfreude on my behalf! :lol:

  29. Gandalf says:

    Best of luck Ole to win the title. Scott, thanks for posting this article on how Ole is doing and do post updates if Ole wins the title or not.

    Ole becoming United manager is every supporter’s dream, I’m sure. Time will tell if Ole can do it.

  30. Zelh says:

    What??? – nobody said that one bad performance negates all the progress he made. At least that’s not what I wanted to say.

    He’s by far our best midfielder atm.

  31. MG says:

    Still my Solskjaer…

    On a different note apparently the chavs reckon 2 of the 3 goals we scored were off side


    The comedy of it me tells ya ;)


    Thanks to Cedars for yesterdays comments – never forgotten Cedars just been so busy…

  32. fergie is the boss says:

    What??? – if you or king eric listened to radio 5 live, you would have been shocked. One jurno saying he talked 2 a so called coach, and this so called coach called this the worst united side in 20 years LOL. This coach said there is no world class players apart from rooney, there is a lack of class. Who ever this coach is, no wonder he wanted to remain unnamed

  33. Kings says:

    Best of luck Ole.

  34. What??? says:

    @Zelh – I didn’t suggest anybody on RoM said anything about Anderson. I would have just named whoever I was referring to if that was the case. Didn’t even see your post mate, to be honest I haven’t read everything, I was just contributing to the different points of view on the game and Ole. Glad to hear you think he’s our best midfielder! Not negating the work-rate of Park, or the protection of Carrick, I’d probably agree that Ando is our top CM at the moment, but he’s definitely playing his best football alongside a young, fast, strong, skillful player like himself (Cleverly).

  35. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    I reckon Dwayne Ronnie will play this postion till hes 28, become a Alan Shearer (Poacher+predator) at 28-31. Then He will drop back to Centre Mid or attacking mid for rest of his career.

    Whether those things happen with us later in his career I doubt.

  36. scan74 says:

    keep it up ole all the best fella top man

  37. RedKonvict says:

    I’m sure the unnamed coach is kenny dogleash.

  38. WillieRedNut says:

    I reckon Dwayne Ronnie, is dog the bounty hunter. Furthermore, Dick York and Dick Sergent, were the same person. Sergent Dick? Ring any bells? :lol:

  39. ididnotzeeit says:

    Anderson top CM atm? Agreed. I really feel like he’s flourished with the injection of youth. While I won’t discredit the full pre-season he’s been able to participate in, I think he’s taken a look around him and said “shit or get off the pot.” This is his year. It has to be. He’s seen some of the old guard retire, namely, Paul Scholes, he’s seen Fletcher sidelined for what seems like ever and supposes his top competition for a starting spot in the middle is a legend who can’t play 30 premier league games and Michael Carrick who I’m sure he reckons he’s every bit as good (if not better and I’d applaud the mentality.) Nobody knew that Cleverley would step up the way he did but I get the feeling these youngsters are just feeding off eachother at the moment, knowing the history of the babes and the fledglings and figuring they quite possibly could be part of something special. Anderson’s been playing with bite and energy that we only got glimpses of in the past, games at a time. No one’s job at the club is safe anymore. What have you done for me lately? Absolutely incredible to watch at say 3-0 versus Bolton away, the screws begin to twist tighter.

    I think these young players are hungrier than ever because they don’t want to lose out on an opportunity to be part of the next generation, they want to be remembered by the boss and fuck me, they’re making a go of it. Wasn’t that long ago, a fit Rafael was a near auto-start at RB. When he’s healthy again, who knows. There’s now 4 incumbents waiting for the same slot. Incredible.

  40. What??? says:

    FITB – alright mate? Only a twat could say our side lacks class. Worst team in 20 years? What? With Nani, Young and Valencia on the wings? Hernandez and Berbatov on the bench? Welbeck is a better player than Carrol, Cleverly looks like the future of the England midfield, and we’ve got two of the best young keepers in Football. It would be pretentious to go through the whole squad but if THIS is the weakest squad we’ve ever had, than what was our strongest? People are just clutching at straws mate, like comparing Young to Downing, they ain’t even in the same League! Plus, when have we ever had a stronger defence than we do now? Evra, Rio and Vidic, plus the Twins, Evans, Smalling and Jones…. thats two back fours worth of top talent. I guess for non United supporters it must be tiresome singing our praises. Even if we lost at the weekend, our squad is easily the strongest in the country if not Europe. What we acheive this season is all down to performances, because our personnel are already top class and getting better.

  41. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Wolfie’s gone to the dogs since he changed his name ;)

    How about that new lass over at Tottingham Coldspurs?
    You know that “6ft7″ (6’3) togo-pogo stick !
    Yeah, I think he’s related to Michael Bay of Transformers.

    Got it !
    Manuel Eddy Bay (maiden name:Bayer), Tha lass was on the ball against Livepoop.

  42. WillieRedNut says:

    Papii – Gimme the loot! Wolf gone, fella! ;)

  43. fergie is the boss says:

    What??? – I want to know who was this unnamed coach that idiot ian maghary how ever his name is spelt from the sun spoke 2. He also said lets see if united go a goal down, we went 2 0 down at the CS against shitty and second half destroyed them

  44. FletchTHEMAN says:

    FITB We destroyed them with an U21 defense!! That really never played together. Good times!

    PS Great to hear Talkspurts over the moon about our 100 game winger!

  45. fergie is the boss says:

    FletchTHEMAN – can you imagine if this was arsenal, all the media would be in overdrive wank mode.

  46. myter says:

    guys may i know Magnus Wolff Eikrem news since he joined Molde under 20legend??loves to watch how he control our youth midfield few season before…

  47. Snoopy says:

    Great job, Ole!

  48. Iamblueandred says:


    Eikrem is the OM playmaker type that boosts Molde with the break-through passes. He has been among the best players the entire season even though he struggled greatly at the start he is performing at a reasonable level in the norwegian league even when he has a bad day. At his best he dominates the games. Scored only 3 goals but has a fair few assists and third-last on the ball touches. Molde has a history of bringing up a fearsome center midfield in terms of creativity in Norway. Berg Hestad, Hoseth, Rudi are names that stand pretty high in Norway and some of you may have heard of Rudi. The defensive fibers in Moldes midfield is lackluster, with the exception of Berg Hestad who in his later years (he is 36) has become more of a fighter than a all-round finesse player (box-box) as he once was.

    To put it sharply, Molde has one of the best CM’s in Norway even before Eikrem came back over the last couple of years and yet he has grown into his role perfectly the first season. He has a long way to go still, but has been generally hailed as the second best newcommer in the league this year by the public media.

    The chances of him dominating for a high-level european club are pretty slim but he will certainly remain a clever player that performs at a high level for many years by norwegian standards. Unfortunately he doesn’t fit in quite with the way our national side plays and his chances of showing himself off for major clubs will lie with Molde performing in the qualifiers for Champions League.

    As for Ole’s job it is well worth praise. He has sold the top scorer, Mame Diouf’s elder brother, halfway into the season (he had 12 or more goals at the time and is still high on the list as we approach the end of the season). He has made a profit through transfers, yet is going for youngsters with potential and making sure he has a team that can deal with injuries without losing too much quality. He completely revamped a right back to a ball-confident (and quick) CD to match a slower but dominating CD who also has an eminant passing foot. The attack consists of speedy wings and one target man who always seeks the space between the backs and CD’s. He has not blown the budget despite being backed by a finance giant in Norway and goes for young talents that are mostly national.

    So.. to sum it up: things are going far beyond our expectations as Molde is 100 years old with 7 silver and not a single league victory (but a few cup wins). EE (Exceeded Expectations).


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