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Hull or Sunderland – Where Should Frazier Go?

Manchester United accepted a bid from Hull for Frazier Campbell a month ago although talks were not to begin until our striker returned from the U-21 European Championships.

After spending a season long loan with Hull and helping them gain promotion to the Premiership, it is understandable why they were interested. Last summer they tried to sign him on a permanent basis but United used Campbell as part of their deal to get Berbatov, sending the young player on loan in London. Steve Bruce also came close to signing Campbell for Wigan before news broke that he was on his way to Spurs.

Now Bruce has come back in for Campbell as manager of Sunderland and had a fee agreed, but where do you think he should go?

He’s already made a name for himself at Hull and is popular amongst the fan base, which certainly should appeal to him. However, Hull escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth (after losing to a United XI made up largely of Reserves on the last day of the season), their manager is a bit of a cock and they won’t have lots of money to spend to bring in other talent.

Sunderland on the other hand have plenty of money and have been linked to lots of good Premiership players. Steve Bruce is a good manager and will have a lot of time for Campbell given their United connection and Sunderland stand more chance of moving up the table than being relegated.

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  1. Nikhil says:

    Ask him where he wants to go… If he were asking for advice, I’d say hand him to brucey… He has great ability to nurture talent.. Though, the flipsyde is with his habit of hopping clubs, its difficult for anyone to be sure how long fraizer can be in brucey’s tutelage..

  2. spacemanspiff says:

    Voted for Sunderland.
    I think its a no contest really. No disrespect to Hull, but Sunderland are a much bigger club than Hull with a good stadium and an even bigger fan base. Bruce is a decent manager and Frazier will definitely have a good run out in the team.

  3. Nectarine says:

    Sunderland it is then.

  4. Doherty says:

    Sunderland defo. Top manager and prob overall better team.

    I just watched a soccer am video from a few months back, and when michael Owen was asked who the best striker he has ever played with, he said without a doubt Rooney. Hopefully they can create a good partnership.

  5. Costas says:

    Sunderland. Look at what Brucey did for players like Heskey.

  6. United4eva says:

    Definately Sunderland. Brucie is a quality manager and in recent years he’s shown great motivational powers turning around players like Heskey and developing young unknowns like Valencia. Frazier would do good to join ‘em.

  7. phildo79 says:

    Ipswich – Keano is bound to sign him.

  8. phildo79 says:

    Actually, who cares?

  9. wakey says:

    Hull, selfish reasons though. Hull are paying 6mill, Sunderland 5mill

  10. MUFC the Religion says:

    not bothered at all.

  11. Nicky says:


  12. AIG ALEX IS GOD. says:

    i think sunderland.he wil develop well under bruce.

  13. aig alex is god says:

    sunderland ,bt who cares?

  14. Trevor says:


    I am sure that if United said to Sunderland its 6 mil or No deal they would pay it!

    We have no reason or advantage to loose out on 1 mil!

  15. Tony Starks says:

    Hull – but I would have preferred him to stay as a squad player

  16. Stephen says:

    The highest bidder.

  17. aig alex is god says:

    cnt we swap him for sme good prem player?or have a player plus cash deal.though neither sunderland nor hul have any such player who is even near united class.may be for ashley young wid villa

  18. davetian says:

    Well personally i dont give a flying fuck, I’d rather he went to whoever paid the most money for him. If he’s gone he’s no longer our concern, so fuck it. If i was Farzier, all things being equal, I’d go to Hull. He knows the place, Kilroy obviously rates him, and he’ll play more games i’d of thought. Dont reckon he’ll see much game time at Sunderlund what with there 700 squad members.

  19. Tony Starks says:

    I beleive the only players in the Premiership who are united class are in the other top four teams

  20. Trevor says:

    @aig alex is god

    You can only swap him with players from teams who want to sign him. Villa arnt interested!

  21. Devilton says:

    Whoever pays more.

    I think Sunderland are probably the better club and he will have a better chance of staying up and possibly developing. Hull will go down next season, and with perma tan as their coach all Frazier Campbell can look forward to is a half time rant on the pitch in the middle of december.

  22. King Eric says:

    Sunderland. The permatanned manager of Hull is a muppet. Stick with Brucie Frazier!

  23. aig alex is god says:

    @trevor.right mate but the problem we have is plenty of cash but no good players to spend it on so we have to look for such deals

  24. Kings says:

    Sunderland, because of Brucie and they have a better chance of staying up. On another topic, Benzema’s bigging himself up about rejecting United to sign for Madrid. Ok point made, no go fuck yourself you cunt.

  25. Kings says:

    sorry….. that’s meant to say, ‘now go fuck yourself you cunt’.

  26. Jim Carrey says:

    I’d rather Sunderland because all the reasons mentioned.

  27. Gudjohnsen says:

    Sunderland are more likely to pay him more…and Steve Bruce > Phil Brown.

  28. Radio Deadon says:

    it’s Sunderland and Brucey.

    By the way Huntelaar has apparently signed for Stuttgart from Madrid. So we have to assume that Sir Alex wasn’t even sniffing around him. Does this mean that Aguero is the possible big signing? Although Athletico Madrid have apparently saying its a straight cash deal or nothing to any clubs that might be interested. Deigo Forlan plays for Athletico so maybe Sir Alex is asking him to put in a good word? Fuck knows whats going on but it would be a good signing if it happens.

  29. Corea says:

    To stay.
    But i don’t think there is a chance.

  30. JimJones says:

    This may sound like total horse shit but I have from a very good source that David Silva has been house hunting in Madrid. Might stick a couple of quid on him making the move just incase he isn’t only shopping for a holiday pad.

  31. Trevor says:

    @aig alex

    I agree with you, I do like Young. I think he is a fantastic player and he would be a definate imrpvement on nani thats for sure.

    I do like park as he gives us energy, but i think he is a little lacking at times.

    Looking at the market, Real Madrid have snapped up all the major talent available leaving the scaps for the rest of us!

    With Man City having more money than anyone else we are competing in a silly market! In additon to that Chelsky as well!

    We cant compete with them 2 No matter what people think! Roman Abramabitch can put his hand in his pocke any time he feelslike it .. Although i think he is loosing interest a little! HAHAH

    With what is left on the market i dont know who would excite me if we bought them!

    The Inter striker Imabignose or however its spelt might be one that would do well for us i dont really know!

    The others like Young you are buying to mature as they have fantastic potential!

    If honest i wouldnt be supprised if we started the season with the squad we have now! Fergie is not stupid and is not going to panic buy just cause he has money in his pocket!

    If we started this season with what we have, & Nani and anderson improve and Valencia fits into the team and provdes chances for Owen, Rooney & Berbatov I think we will do well… in all Rooney and Berbatov have benifited from Ronaldo going as they are going to have more chances!

    So let the season commence!…

  32. sir_ryangiggs says:

    Hull. He wouldn’t get much of a chance at Sunderland. May as well score some goals at hull, establish himself as a premiership striker, wait for them to get relegated then move on.

  33. Gudjohnsen says:

    Sunderland are also said to be chasing Darren Bent and Peter Crouch. They already have Kenwyne Jones. The paycheck might be bigger at Sunderland but F.Campbell might get more chances at Hull…and the fans love him over there.

  34. denton davey says:

    Why not send him to Sunderland in a part-exchange deal for Kenwyne Jones ? Jones is big, strong, fast, and very good in the air. That would be a win/win for us and them.

    Also, make sure that there’s a “buy back clause” in any deal that’s signed.

  35. wakey says:

    @ Trevor & @aig alex

    Young could be a massive star for the future but as I have said before you are looking at £30mill+ and he isn’t worth anywhere near that. (As I have said before Real were quoted £27mill in Jan. Add United Tax plus the extra money due to him being English at an English club and it being an English club bidding, the fact they know we have so much money and you are well over £30mill)

  36. King Eric says:

    Kings – Yeah I noticed Benzema “bigging himself up” as well mate. Who the fuck does he think he is. Notice a fraction of what turned up to see Ronnie turned up to see this “Big Time Charlie”. Fucking arrogant cunt. Was not even top scorer in a 2 bit french league. He says he had kissed the badge! Already? Typical madrid twat. United are better off without this cunt.

    Rant over. I aint bitter just sick of hearing these ponces saying how it is their dream to go to the fascists. Hope he barely plays.

  37. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. Yeah he is a cunt. He kissed the badge and gave a huge thank you to parasite Perez for making his dreams come true. Pass me the sick bucket please. I’m glad that we didn’t end up signing him, we would have had another Ronaldo situation on our hands. Hope he has a shit time there, hardly plays and they win nothing while he is there.

    Madrid are nothing special as far as I am concerned. I have more respect for Barcelona than I have for that facist, immoral, fucking cunt of a football club. And whoever plays for them, or pines for a move to that club are fucking cunts as well. And it is because of how I feel about them that I do not want any of their cast offs, i.e, Huntelaar – Stuttgart are welcome to him. Bastard Perez said that he needs to trim his squad and generate some money after shelling out a vast sum – why the fuck should we do that cunt any favours by shelling out money on any of their players, to help him get some money back. Fuck off!

  38. King Eric says:

    Kings – Spot on pal. Like you mate I have alot more respect for Barca. They are very similar to United in the way they bring the kids through rather than throwing money at any cunt whose “dream” it is to play for them. Can almost understand Ronnie sayings it is a dream as Portugal is very close to Spain. But why the fuck is it a dream for Benzema and Rubbery who are both French? Cunts mate the lot of them!

  39. aig alex is god says:

    jst 2 words for ribbery and benzema.fuck off.they hve gne bcoz zidane has influenced them.i m sure

  40. SteRDLK says:

    He should go to Hull, hell get far more first team football.

    And why do people not care about where our youth products go? Am I the only one who follows the careers of our youth products?

  41. PG says:

    If he is any good.. then he should go to Sunderland. If he is crap, then he should sign for Hull.

    I hate Hull even more than I hate Sp*rs and that is saying something. That fake tanned goateed manager of theirs gets on my friggin nerve

  42. Dazjoe says:

    I voted for Sunderland but have just read in the Times that he’s signed for them for 3.5 million. Bollocks to that! Hull offered 6 million, we should have told Sunderland to come back with a matching bid or no deal! I know we’ve just banked 80 million quid, but since when did 2.5 million pounds become an inconsequential amount of money? Hopefully the deal includes add on’s like extra cash for appearances, goals, international games etc, or else we’ve dropped the ball on this one.

  43. Kshetrajna says:

    I was able to vote twice for this poll…in different days but still i could vote twice…just informing

  44. wakey says:


    Its supposed to be £5mill so if the Times are right it must be 3.5mill upfront and then 1.5mill in addons.

    I still think we should have charged them 6mill, they have supposedly been willing to spend silly money on Bent and Crouch so the extra million should have been in their budget, even if it was as part of addons

  45. BlackBabyJesus says:

    He shouldn’t go anywhere for £3.5m+1.5m :(


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