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I Don’t GET England Fans

This was written by a City fan about Wayne Rooney: I sit there awaiting with baited breath for him to receive a beautiful through ball that he then latches onto, and promptly puts it in the back of the opposing net.

The insanity of an Ingerlurnd fan. One week they will come to Old Trafford and chant “you fat bastard!” at Wayne Rooney until their hearts are content. The following week he will score for England at Wembley and the same people berating him days before are jumping for joy and chanting “Roooonehhh! Rooooonehhh!”

I’m not claiming there aren’t any United supporters who also follow England, of course there are, but there are plenty who choose to shun the national team for a whole host of reasons, and even some of our players have a similar attitude.

I’ll watch England if any of our lads are playing and will certainly cheer if they score. There are some English players who I think are fairly harmless and don’t have an opinion on, but there are far too many who I think are total cunts. How can you support a team when so many of the players irritate the fuck out of you? I had a hard enough time with Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of last season, so I’m not entirely sure how England fans do it.

John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry and Ashley Cole are wankers. They’ve all tried to fuck over their clubs and they all think they’re the big ‘I am’. I could speak at length about why just the thought of them makes me cringe but that’s not what this is about. The point is I strongly dislike them for how they behave, so how could I ever be happy to see them score? JT scores a header and the press are banging on about our very own ‘British Bulldog’. Frank Lampard scores a penalty and we’ll be reminded of the death of his mother and his ‘bravery’. St. Stevie scores and people start comparing him to our very own Sir Bobby Charlton.

Whilst we love Wayne Rooney the vast majority of Premiership fans do not. Quite the opposite. So given that he is the main man for England and their hopes of World Cup glory are firmly rested on his shoulders, how on earth do England fans cope?

If Rooney fucks up next summer, the press and rival fans will be more than happy to tear him to shreds. They did it with Beckham before they fell in love with him all over again. I imagine I can’t be the only one cringing when that mob start singing for Beckham to come off the bench given the way he was treated by this country’s fans after the World Cup 98. 

If Rooney does well, as he has been doing, he will be a god… until he puts on his United shirt again.

The City fan continues: I want to see him and them [United] fail on an apocalyptic scale, where women and children are crying, and cats and dogs are mating. However, as I said, swap his shirt to that of the Three Lions, and my position changes somewhat. Do I need help? Quite possibly so.

UNITED > England

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gooner77 says:

    @ Muggaz

    Also what happens when you live in another country is that you become more patriotic to your homeland. I bet if I lived in Australia I would become more patriotic towards England……

  2. unitedviews says:

    I’d like England to win the world cup; I really would. The country would be on a high and there’d be the mother of all parties that night.

    But I know that I care more about United than England because if United drop even 2 points in the league it takes me days to recover. If England lose a match or get knocked out of some competition I’m over it by the 2nd pint.

    There have always been players I’ve disliked wearing an England shirt: from John Barnes to Martin Keown to Chubby Frank Lampard. But the one I really hated, really despised was… Michael Owen. I’m still getting my head round that one.

  3. Sunny says:

    I am not interested in football, I am interested in Manchester United.

    If United players play for their national sides I root for those players only.

    My dad came home in 1972 from London having seen United play at the Arse. Wearing his United scarf he was beaten by those thugs and he came home and laid the bloodied scarf around my shoulders, I was 5 years old. I will never forget that. In school i was harrassed by Pool supporters thoughout the 70s and 80s. Yhen Fergie arrived and my life changed… United > all

  4. Ben says:

    I leapt from my seat when Rooney scored against Spurs. Four days earlier I punched the air the air when Grerrad headed home. I’m not as emotionally attached to the England team. Nor do I think they are as good as United. But refuse to support them?

    I know this gets mentioned on blogs and forums a lot but I think it’s an attitude held only by a small hardcore minority. In real life I don’t know any United fans with this attitude. My local where I watch United games that aren’t on sky is always full when England are playing. The same people will be there.

  5. willierednut says:

    I dont understand some england fans if my wee country northern ireland ever got to a world cup i think i wud cry wiv joy. I can understand why some united fans cant get behind england becoz the abuse our players ave got down the years, particurly becks, so i can understand scott’s point. ps looks like tevbitch is’nt going to make it for the derby lucly cunt

  6. ajopaul says:

    Well, will support any epl player who plays for England. yes would luv to see united players outshining. No harm in cheering stevie’s or lampards once in a while…

  7. Ben says:

    Oh, two more things…

    When Rooney scored for England he celebrated with Frank Lampard. if he can do that why can’t I support England? If someone who gives body and soul for Manchester United can put aside club differences then so can I.

    I would love you to explain your disdain for England to Sir Bobby Charlton. Or Bryan Robson. Or Gary Neville.

  8. PrahaladtheUnitedFan says:

    Off the topic, sorry, but that cunt Kenyon apparently has stepped down as Chelshite Chief Executive. Looks like they too realized he’s shit after the Kakuta fiasco!!!

  9. willierednut says:

    Of topic breaking news on ssn peter kenyon to leave chelsea on the 31st october wonder were he’s going? the bitters

  10. Suprah says:

    As a United fan, I will ONLY accept England winning the World Cup if a United player scores the winner in the final and a United player in the England team is given the Golden Ball as best player in the World Cup. Rooney will be enough for both occasions ^_^

  11. Xyth says:

    Off the topic, Peter Kenyon is leaving Chelsea after the splendid job that he did there. I am worried though they will try and poach Gill now!!!!

  12. Bebeto says:

    That’s my biggest gripe about England fans. They’ll reach an equilibrium during the run up to major tournaments, but you unequivocally know that all bets are off during the ensuing Premiership season.

    If they weren’t the same ilk prone to spewing every bit of monosyllabic verbal they can conjure, them enthusiastically chanting Rooney’s name wouldn’t be so irritating.

    As ever, football is brimming with hypocrites. Fans chant for the ball to be kicked out when it’s their player who has taken the bullet but also implore their own team to play on when the opposition is attempting it.

    The same twisted logic is applicable to the national team. They go out, it’s another two years before they’ll get another go. There is no conceivable benefit to continuing the adulation whilst there’s so long to wait. Fucking slate them.

  13. debaser says:

    Kenyon would totally fit in with the thugs at City

  14. redevil1878 says:

    Balls to the world cup, theres 3 better comps going on in europe and england and i dont like OUR players gettin damaged (and ineffective for OUR club) for a CUNTtry that is just itching to flog the fuck out of them wen they dont do so well.


    RED ARMY!!

  15. Doghouse says:

    United > England every time.

    I think I fell out with England a while ago as a team and I believe this happened when Beckham fell of his pedestal and the likes of Terry, Lampard, Cole and Gerrard really started to take centre stage. The team became lazy and disinterested and frankly an embarrassment. It’s not even about the results, it’s about the attitude. I don’t mind England losing but I do mind England playing shit football and not caring about it. I mean what sort of team do you build around Lampard? One that relies on the long ball and a diving colossus of a striker up front. What team do you build around Gerrard? Losers. What team do you build around Cole and Terry? Mercenaries. You want Terry to score off corners tape a tenner to the ball.

    For what it’s worth though I think there might be a change coming. I think the epic work rate of Rooney and some of his contemporaries such as Lennon is shaming the old guard, and I think that as more younger players emerge, and as more of them take their cue from Rooney, I think we might see an England team we can be proud of again, a team who feel proud to wear the shirts, not entitled to them, and who are looking to play their best game every game.

    I think it is no coincidence that when it is United players calling the tune for the England team, as it was when Beckham was captain, that the England team has heart and is worth supporting.

  16. Shimo says:

    I grew up watching Football Made in Germany, so internationally I support the Germans. Probably not a popular statement on a English club supporters website. I became a United supporter actually later, my first club was Hamburg SV as a 8 year old.

    Still, I love football. International football is fantastic, it truly is the beautiful game.So that is one reason to support it, because simply you love football and like competition and such you choose a side to support.

    Others support their national team because it makes them feel patriotic or they hate the other Argies or someone else and want their country to show them what for.

    When it comes to support, you tend to put aside dislike for a particular player or even style of management and support the team wholeheartedly. Take for example Banana on the boards, constantly harping about this player is not good enough and blah blah. Get behind the whole team irregardless of who you don’t think is good enough and SUPPORT them.

    England are playing some good football at the moment, so I enjoy watching them. I’ll root for them, including the wankers, when they aren’t playing Germany.

  17. says:



  18. Mark the Devil says:

    The turning point for me was when this two-faced country turned against becks after the 98 wc. Since then i’ve only got a passing interest and thats only because of the united lads. And come on you can’t expect any self-respecting united fan to cheer for stevie starfish etc! Its just not on.

  19. red rossa says:

    rooney should have played for ireland :)

  20. SteRDLK says:

    Yeah its hard to support players from rival clubs (and we have many), but I still want England to do well, just nowhere near as much I want United. Probably 4 main reasons for this

    A – I can attend United games
    B – United games take up the majority of the calnder year, England games rarelt take place, and when they do it interupts the club football.
    C – The FA are complete idiots who are blatant money grabbers. My love of the national team started decreasing when they stopped doing games all over the country.
    D – The media hype is sickening.

  21. King Eric says:

    Ben fair enough mate if you can do that. I just cannot get interested by Ingerlund. I don’t know about all United fans but I can safely say I aint jumping a bandwagon because United fans don’t like England. I just cannot bring myself to get excited over half the cunts in the team. Maybe my attitude is wrong and I should sort it for WC but just no interest. I actually find myself, and I said this a few weeks ago deep down wanting the other team so the media get off their silly high horse about them winning the world cup. Actually semi cheered when Croatia scored. I know Rooney hugs fat Frank but lets not forget Rooney aint a United fan. May get slated but is he or most players actually as passionate about their clubs as that clubs fans?

  22. King Eric says:

    Doghouse – “You want Terry to score off corners tape a tenner to the ball.”

    Spot on mate.

  23. RedDeviled Egg says:

    Holland’s going to be taking the World Cup anyway so there’s no need to fret over England.
    They’ll play as good as they can and it still won’t be enough

  24. Corea says:

    I don’t live in England and can not argue with Scott 100%.
    But. I will watch WC and wish success to some of the teams including England for some reasons.
    1. I hate some of the teams like Germany, Italy and don’t want them to win anything.
    2. If Rooney, Rio, Wes etc were happy I will be happy with them.
    3. Yes, it’s strange seeing Gerrard, Lampard play but summertime is really killing me.
    I think not every supporter in England hates Rooney but most of them do. And the reason for that is so very obvious. He is good, talented but what is more important he has guts and aggressive. You usually don’t adore this qualities in the opposition teams.

    The bottom line though is always the same

    United > England
    PS. Especially for someone who is not british. ;)

  25. Jones says:

    Try being Welsh.

    The only reason I ever went to watch them was to watch Giggs and Hughes when he was still a United player.

    The general attitude of the ‘Nation’ makes dislike the national team and like most of the posts I don’t like 99% of the players becasue they can’t be arsed so what’s the point. United > Wales.

  26. Kings says:

    The whole concept of England makes me cringe. I will only take a passing ineterest if our players are playing – I love them and that’s all that matters to me. If there are no United players involved I will not watch them. The second Rooney scores I will mute the T.V because hearing those cunt fans chanting his name is enough to make me want to vomit. The media are fucking cunts, crucifying Beckham after the 98 World Cup, especially the Sun doing effogies of him. 3 and a half years later they are licking the peanuts from his shit and are putting pictures of his foot in papers and getting people to buy them and put their hands on it to heal it – what the fuck! It is a continuous pattern with every forthcoming tournament, our players are the ones that hold the key to International success, but if all goes pear shaped it’s always the United players fault. Nothing to do with the fact that England will always be behind the likes of Brazil, Spain, Italy and Holland with regards to overall quality.

  27. King Eric says:

    Kings – Morning mate. Spot on. I remember that fucking foot that the Sun put in the paper for people to heal! Stupid cunts.

  28. jamiemufc1974 says:

    united>england every fuckin time! beckham effigies in 98, the phil neville penalty in 2000, the slaggin off of becks and personal abuse wearing an england shirt, the slating of rooney 1 minute, the adulation and chants of rooooooneh! the next! fuck em all!

    On a lighter note, roll on sunday! bring on them bluenose cunts! :-)

  29. Saad says:

    England for the world cup only if Rio is the captain and Rooney fires em to glory

  30. Tufty says:

    There are more United fans in the England Members club than there are fans of any other team.

  31. Scott the Red says:

    Tufty – given that there are far more United fans than any other in this country, it’s not a massive surprise.


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